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Review by: Farhana Hanslod - Alumnus (Aug 21, 2020)

"...academic program at Ontario Online Schools Network has prepared me tremendously for university."

Overall Experience

My overall experience at Ontario Online Schools Network was nothing but amazing, exceeding all my expectations of what it might be like. The environment of online learning may seem scary and nerve-wracking at first, however all the teachers make you feel comfortable and well equipped. I liked how they were constantly present and up to date with marking assignments. They were always there to answer questions if you were unsure about something or needed help on anything. The site was easy to navigate and tech-friendly for anyone that maybe new to working with technology. There is nothing I would change about the school, it really helped me with my education and learning.

School Leadership

Students and teachers were both highly respected. The environment made it comfortable to talk to your teachers about anything and vice versa. From the moment you join everyone is welcoming and kind to you. It definitely helps students who may lack confidence to approach their teachers or peers about anything, Ontario Online Schools Network made you feel at home. Any problem you may have they were quick to respond appropriately, which helped ensure a positive school environment. They made sure to constantly communicate and reach out whenever.


The teaching at Ontario Online Schools Network was fairly straightforward and easy. The quality of instruction was good with constant lessons and discussions or assignments after. The dynamic between teachers and students was formal. Teachers were always there and supportive of whatever you needed help with. Students were also there for each other. Teachers were genuinely passionate and knowledgeable about the subject they were teaching. You could tell they thoroughly enjoyed what they were teaching from their creative lessons and assignments. They communicated effectively and constantly. They were always providing some kind of feedback and advice to students. The teachers helped many students and I regain a love for learning from the teaching styles they incorporated with technology. They always challenged and pushed you to do your best no matter what. All the teachers left a positive impact not only academically but personally.


The academic program at Ontario Online Schools Network was very straightforward and easy to understand. The lessons were posted for the course unit and a class discussion or assignment would follow up. All the instructions and guidelines were clear. The academic culture and atmosphere the school cultivated was very opening and supportive. Everyone was supportive of each other and were willing to help one another out. Students were there for one another in class and contributed to teamwork. Students and I were not only appropriately challenged and supported academically but also personally on our learning skills. I feel as the academic program at Ontario Online Schools Network has prepared me tremendously for university. It has definitely helped me prepare for coursework and course load. It's also helped me with my own time management and responsibility with work.

School Life

The overall quality of student life at Ontario Online Schools Network was great. Having it being an online school made it easy to work at my own pace and time still meeting deadlines. It helped regain my love for learning as much of the course material was relevant to today and it was all online which made it easy to navigate and access. Students were generally happy and passionate to learn. They were constantly engaged in all class discussions and assignments. The courses allowed the students to interact with one another and share their own opinion and knowledge of content learned during school. Everyone was constantly supportive of one another and provided constant feedback or constructive criticism. There wasn't a time I felt like I couldn't ask for help.


For anyone who plans on applying the application process is fairly easy and straightforward. The admission officers I worked with made sure it was the right fit and it definitely ended up being just that. It was not stressful at all and the school had people to help with any questions you may have. Along with alumni who were present to help with any questions or stress students may have facing with admissions. I would recommend getting use to working with technology and learning in an online environment to get an understanding of it before. Other than that everything is fairly straightforward to understand and is tech friendly to work with. I also recommend reaching out to alumni for any other advice.

University placement and counselling

The teachers were there to help with the university applications and making a choice as to which university to go to. Although I joined the school after the university applications were done, they were still there to help with recommendations and giving advice as to which school to go to. I felt I was always given great advice and appropriate guidance, early enough, to still make a decision. I was helped with applying for scholarships and even given reference letters to attest to that. The environment definitely helps prepare you for university and gives you an idea of what's to come. All the teachers were willing to share their experiences of their time at university. They were tremendously supportive and were there for any final decision.

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