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Review by: Asaad Husein - Student (Jun 30, 2021)

"This school surprised me as its courses were a much better way for me to display my learning rather than..."

Student Experience

I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking for any kind of credit. I actually took grade 12 advanced functions and the way the course was presented to me was astounding. There are many things (not just tests) to prove that you are capable of showing your learning. There are things like assignments and Journals. This school surprised me as its courses were a much better way for me to display my learning rather than just a test where a possible mistake could happen even though you truly know the material but just made a small mistake. So again, I truly recommend this course and advise anyone to take it. One thing I do want to mention is that this course is mainly a very good slide presentation (i.e.: the information is presented via slide show). Personally this is not the way to learn but an amazing teacher of mine (Mr. Lem) provided me with sufficient videos in order to allow me to progress in the course.


I actually only had one teacher available to me as I took one course while residing in that online school. However, the teacher that I had was amazing, he always kept himself clear and concise while being very respectful towards me. I felt that I knew exactly what the teacher expected of me. This also occurred as many rubrics were provided by me. Not only that but the marks were laid out pretty clear in front of me so I knew exactly what to answer and how to try and get a level 4. My teacher empathized with me very much. I actually once talked to him about things I went through and he was very empathetic and helpful during that time.


Regarding admissions, I would honestly recommend an individual to try and go for early acceptance, the reason why I would say this is due to the fact that it can not harm you, it will only get you closer to your wanted major or preferred subject study in university. My experience with admissions was not stressful, however, it did take some time to complete, so I would advise someone to set an afternoon or one to two hours' worth of admissions to admissions. One thing that I did not know and regret was that early admissions do not really do anything bad to you, they are just a way of a unviserity to look at your grade 11 grades in order to determine if you are eligible for the major; however, if your grades don't cut it in grade 11, then the university will be patient and wait until they see your grade 12 marks. This is honestly what I wish I new before.

School Leadership

Yes, the school leaders/principle are very well presented and well put. What I mean by this is they are very respectful and respected. There were many instances where I asked questions to the principal who is probably the busiest out of everyone and I was given a response that was very polite and beneficial. One thing I do wish they could improve on is to respond quicker, however, it is not their fault as the app that they use (moodle) currently does not provide notifications. However other than that the school leadership is on point and is well presented.


The work is very easy once you have completed all the work that is assigned to you. Of course, there were one or two assignments that got me thinking, however that is what is expected from a university-level course. One thing I do have to comment on is that this course is very work-heavy; although it is easy, it requires a lot of time and effort for you to finish. However, this could be regarded as a good thing as this school provides a variety of different learning methods reaching from tests all the way to assignments and journals. I honestly believe that the way this school presented may possibly help me in the future. The reason I say this is due to the interesting assignments that were provided to me by the school. For example, at the beginning of the course, I was very surprised that I was asked to connect polynomials with real-life scenarios. This was new to me and I have never seen this interesting and frankly, very good style of teaching before. The only drawback to the course taken was that the way one learns is through slideshow presentations. Although this is good for some or many individuals, it was a struggle for me. However, I was provided by the school with many videos that I was able to benefit from and get my understanding through them.

School Life

I am not sure about the school as I took the course online, however, there was an app that we used which was called "Moodle." This app is interesting and it was a completely different software from what I was familiar with. One of the things I would first say about the app is that it is easy to get around and very easy to contact the teachers in it. If you are using a computer to access the app, then there will be a text box on the far right of the screen in which it will allow one to text his or her teacher. One thing I would recommend is to try and use this app while on your computer. The reason I advise this is because it is much more to access and to view lessons using it.

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