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Review by: Lubna Koya - Student (Mar 10, 2022)

"Ontario Online Schools proved to be incredibly useful and effective."

Student Experience

Ontario Online Schools proved to be incredibly useful and effective. The teacher would promptly react to your emails and guarantee that all of your queries were answered. The lessons were well-organized and simple to grasp. Throughout the duration of the training, I always felt supported. Something I found really useful was the ability to choose when we want to conduct the lesson as well as how much we want to do for the day. In this manner, my online course and other schoolwork did not stress me out. As a result, I was able to improve my time management skills as well as other abilities. I strongly advise anyone interested in taking a course at OOS to do so. OOS will always make sure that their students come first.

School Leadership

I have a great deal of admiration for the teachers at Ontario Online School. My teacher, in particular, would be there to assist me anytime I needed it and would respond to my emails practically immediately. If I was confused about a particular subject or had a question, I would contact my teacher. He would respond almost immediately and explain the issue I was confused about in great depth, as well as address my questions in great detail. I was never left in the dark about anything since my queries were always well-answered and I received the greatest support.


In my perspective, the speed at which we moved for my course was excellent. I was able to juggle all of my tasks and complete everything on time. One of the many things I appreciated about Ontario Online Schools was this. I was free to select when and how much work I wanted to accomplish for that course. The teachings were really clear and simple to grasp. The units were simple to learn and understand. The quizzes at the completion of the lecture were extremely beneficial for extra practice and guidance before the unit summative test. My teacher seemed to have reasonable expectations for us, which I appreciated. I didn't feel pressed to do a specific amount of work or perform very well in the class. It was made very clear at the start of the lesson that the emphasis is on learning and understanding the content.


The class was ideal for me. Everything was simple to understand, and the modules and lessons were all well-organized. The quizzes and assignments were excellent preparation for the unit test. I was able to better grasp the classes with the help of the quizzes and assignments. I studied University Advanced Functions in Grade 12. Almost everything I learned in the lesson will undoubtedly be useful to me in the future. Math is something that we will continue to use in the future. This course taught me the value of math and how we will need to apply it in our daily life. There were questions in our homework and examinations about real-life scenarios. This really made me think about how math is all around us and how I should look at things differently and more mathematically.

School Life

I would be unable to conduct a physical tour of the school because it is an online institution. Because I am unable to provide a physical tour, I would demonstrate how the website functions and how to access your course. I would next demonstrate how each unit is separated and how to access various course resources. The Ontario Online Schools website is fairly simple to use. The course itself was easy to navigate and well-organized. It is quite simple to locate the submission folder for your tasks. I'd also show them how to turn in homework and take quizzes. It was occasionally tough for me to submit my work into the assignment files. I finally figured out how to submit my work after several tries.


The admissions procedure was simple and uncomplicated. It is simple to accomplish from a laptop or even a smartphone. The admissions procedure necessitates the submission of only a few papers. If someone approached me for advice about applying to Ontario Online Schools, I would encourage them not to worry because the process is simple and straightforward. When I applied for Ontario Online Schools, I found the application procedure to be quite simple. It took me roughly 5 minutes to complete. The majority of the applications needed you to fill out basic information such as your name, email, address, and so on. You also required a photo of yourself so the teacher could recognize you. The admissions procedure was straightforward and uncomplicated. After completing the process, I realized how simple it genuinely is.

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