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Reviews of Ontario Virtual School — Community

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Stephanie Sassi - Alumnus   (Nov 19, 2018)

I took online courses from ontario virtual school so there was not much of a community to be in. I do know that the students and teachers online would still interact with each other which was very nice. Every student overall was very respectful of each others discussion answers and would help give feedback on how each person could improve. I enjoyed how even though this was an online course i could still interact with others and get feedback from both the teacher and fellow students without feeling judged or disrespected. The friends I've had who have introduced me to this school enjoyed their experiences just as much. My parents were proud of my progress and it was very easy to show them my marks and how well i was doing throughout the course.

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Wajiha Fatima Syeda - Student   (Nov 22, 2018)

Since Ontario Virtual School is an online school, the interaction is considerably less compared to traditional school setting. However, the interactions are very welcoming and warm both with teachers and students. Most interactions with students are on discussions that are posted as part of the course. Participation in these discussions makes a very interactive environment and makes student-to-student communication better. It helped me as I learned so many different approaches from my fellow classmates towards a certain topic. This always made learning more interesting and the discussions helped me remember things more. The communications are very respectful between students and everybody feels included and appreciated for their input. Participation in discussions are a key component at OVS to successfully complete the course and get the credit.

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ricky Randhawa - Student   (Jan 15, 2019)

It was an online school so I was able to do the class work from the comfort of my own home. This was great because I wasn't in a stressful situation. Aside from that you miss out on the experience of a real school. In which, you can go out to lunch, have classes with your friends, and a whole bunch of other things. That being said, this is best for sometime who wants to ease their workload. The benefit of online courses is that you can logon and do your work at any time that works for you. You're not required to wake up early in the morning and make some sort of commute. You can wake up and do your work, or you can even do your work at night if you prefer.

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Amrit Sandhu - Alumnus   (Jan 16, 2019)

Parents are indeed welcome to be involved in the life of the school as well. They are encouraged to stay in contact with the instructor to be kept up to date with the progress of their child (student) that is enrolled within a course. The communication channel would be e-mail and they would be encouraged to send questions regarding possible places for improvements and what tasks should be done for that week. This is great because in regular schools, parents and teachers only interact once a year due to parent-teacher interview night, but OVS allows for constant interactions between both parties which is greatly appreciated. I have kept up with certain individuals from Ontario Virtual School, we talk almost constantly, at least once a day and meet up for social events at least once every two weeks.

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Harsh Pall - Alumnus   (Jan 17, 2019)

One thing that I will not forget is that this school helped me in so many ways. Parents were welcomed to be involved in the life of the school and I have made some great friends here who I’m still in contact with and I also made friends with students at my university who went to Ontario virtual school as well.

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Rachel Downard - Alumnus   (May 24, 2019)

Since leaving OVS, they have been great at reaching out and checking in on past students/alumni. It makes me feel as they care about what I have accomplished since graduating. It is nice to feel like I am more than just a number and have been involved in their school environment. I have also had the opportunity to keep in touch with past alumni from Ontario Virtual School since leaving. It is so nice to see others succeed along their paths and know that our choice of joining Ontario Virtual School was worth it. I have successfully graduated from university and Ontario Virtual School played a large roll in my acceptance into University.

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Anne Balayboa - Alumnus   (Jan 21, 2020)

The teachers and the admin staff were very helpful and kind. I believe that they all are very communicative with each other so that the students have an easier time getting through the courses and dealing with any formal paperwork. The admin staff and teachers are very accommodating and friendly. I am over 18, so I enrolled myself into the school but parents are definitely welcome. The parents have just as much access to the admin staff and teachers as the students themselves do. In terms of other students, I had no interactions with anyone besides my teachers and the admin staff. I am sure that if I did have interactions with other students, that it would have made my experience more interesting.

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Pvitar Rai - Alumnus   (Mar 25, 2020)

One thing that I will not forget is that this school helped me in so many ways. I have made some great friends here who I’m still in contact with. I also made friends with students at my university who went to Ontario Virtual School as well. Parents were welcome to be involved in the life of the school. I was over 18 when I enrolled, so I enrolled myself in the school but parents were definitely welcome to be involved. The parents have just as much access to the admin staff and teachers as the students themselves do.

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Preet Birdi - Student   (May 22, 2020)

OVS being an online school, there aren't many people to talk to physically but the staff and teachers are so sweet it feels like you are talking to someone you have known forever. There is a discussion within the course which allows for interactions with other peers. Discussions allow different perspectives on topics that can apply to other things as well. This makes learning much more fun and interesting and helps one recall/remember things more. Conversations are very respectful and professional which makes everyone feel that they are involved and that their opinions matter. Overall, discussions are a key part of OVS to be successful in the course along with developing certain skills that are crucial for the real world.

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Prabhdeep Kaur - Alumnus   (Aug 06, 2020)

OVS is an online school therefore, there are less chances to physically meet different teachers and students but even being so it provides opportunities to interact with instructors and other faculty through emails. All the staff members are very cooperative and respond to every email in very respectful way. In order to make a classroom environment there is a forum where all the students get together on a single platform to discuss their own veiws. One of the best discussion topics that I liked in my course was 'careers in the feild of mathematics' which enlightened me about different programs and pathways. Each student enrolled in the class provides different and valuable points. This is a step of OVS which makes study more interesting and encourages to interact with fellow classmates.

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Sarah Finkle - Student   (Oct 06, 2020)

There was contact with the course teacher and a little with the students via the forum but the course also gave you time to hang out with your friends and have fun (though for me it was not possible to do that because I took this course back in April so public health guidelines were such that I must stay home). The forums were a great way to interact with people though in a constructive and informative way by answering questions that the course's teacher proposed and responding either critically or with encouragement, it was a nice touch that really gave it a different element that other online schools don't always have.

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