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Topic: Overall Experience

Victoria Ma - Alumnus   (Nov 24, 2021)

Because of the pandemic, I started to know about OVS. To be honest, OVS is the first virtual school I have ever enrolled in. Therefore, I was nervous and a little afraid. However, OVS took my breath away. I realized how virtual school can be so informative and the teacher can also be so supportive. Besides that, I also realize how great the concept of virtual school is. I learned a lot from OVS, not only from the academic aspect but also from the mindset aspect. Now, I am more independent and open-minded than before. I think that is the attraction of OVS. I appreciate my experience in OVS which is like a beacon to my path, so I no longer wander. OVS is life changing!

Juanita Rangel Galvis - Student   (May 03, 2021)

I think Ontario Virtual School has a great student experience. I loved the fact that it was flexible and I could adjust it to my needs, even more because my schedule was full and there were days where I could take four classes while others none. I do wish I could have talked to other students that took my same class so I had a more realistic experience, but I also enjoy working alone so it was easier for me to concentrate and get good grades because I didn't have to depend on others. Finally, my english is not perfect and I took the chemistry SCH4U so I thought it was going to be harder but the teacher used simple vocabulary and the subject vocabulary was explained throughout the course.

Sarah Finkle - Student   (Oct 06, 2020)

Though Ontario Virtual School is an online school it is very well structured. The school itself has lots of different courses for students from 9-12. I did a grade 12 International  Business course and I really enjoyed it. I found the course material to be engaging, with lots of different techniques to help me learn the material such as slideshows, videos, and textbook reading. There were also lots of assessments in different formats that were really fun and interesting. There were assignments that were quite different from each other and they really made me use my resources, for we needed to make a crossword for the unit and in another one we tracked a cargo ship. There were also some forum questions in which you would answer a specific question and then chat with your peers about the different responses making it feel like a real school. There was great communication between the teacher and I. I had some technical difficulties when trying to submit some of my assignments but the teacher was very understanding and helped me with a workaround. Overall I would definitely recommend this course and the school to anyone who wishes to further their education.

Prabhdeep Kaur - Alumnus   (Aug 06, 2020)

Ontario virtual school provides a friendly and co-operative environment making it no less than a family where instructors are dedicated and devoted to shape the future of uncut gems. The online classes provided by OVS allows learners to complete the syllabus at their own pace with comfortable time limit. The way of communicating with instructors through emails develops writing skills as well as etiquette of formal writing which is not only useful during the course but also helps throughout the life. OVS is the best platform for the students who are graduating and wish to upgrade any of the subject required for the admission to certain program of a university.

Preet Birdi - Student   (May 22, 2020)

Ontario Virtual School has been an amazing experience. There is not one thing that I would change about it. I was so used to traditional schooling however, when I started at OVS I encountered helpful and supportive teachers, an easily approachable system and staff, and work that was at the right level where it challenged me but made me successful. Everything on OVS is easy- from accessing your work to asking help if anything goes wrong. The structure of the work is great. One thing I wish I knew about the school is the teachers require 24 hours to email you back and 48 hours for work to be marked however my teacher was quicker than that.

Pvitar Rai - Alumnus   (Mar 25, 2020)

Ontario Virtual School is one of a kind. It offers various benefits such as nice teachers, amazing staff for OUAC questions and more. If you put in work, it truly pays off and they value hard work. If I were to do it again, no doubt I would attend OVS again! I needed to upgrade some grade 12 courses and I thought that this school would be perfect for that. The school offers many courses for all high school grades. The lesson plans are all there for you and there is a lesson count to let you know how many you have left to complete, which is a handy progress tracker. I do feel like the courses prepared me well for my next steps in life. There were just a few lesson glitches but most of it was fixed as long as I let someone know about it.

Anne Balayboa - Alumnus   (Jan 21, 2020)

I needed to upgrade some grade 12 courses and I thought that this school would be perfect for that. Since it was online, I was able to complete the course at my own pace and they gave plenty of time to complete it (1 year). The teachers are very responsive and helpful with any questions or concerns I had. The school offers many courses for all high school years. As well, they give you a choice between an e-book or a physical book that they mail out to you. The lesson plans are all there for you and there is a lesson count to let you know how many you have left to complete which is handy. There isn't much I would change about this school because everything is fairly accessible since it's all online. There were just a few lesson glitches but most of it was fixed as long as I let someone know about it. I do feel like the courses prepared me well for my next steps in life.

Rachel Downard - Alumnus   (May 24, 2019)

Ontario Virtual School was an excellent step in my educational pathway. It gave me the opportunity to study at my own pace while challenging me to take steps to critically think. Completing Grade 12-U Bio through OVS prepared me for a Biology course I took in my first year of University. I felt prepared and could also use my old notes to help me as I progressed in University. Throughout the course, I really enjoyed the balance between the theoretical lectures along with the visual and graphic appearances of the course. This allowed me to understand the material in multiple methods to gain the most from my experience in the course. A prospective student should expect to feel welcomed and in control of their education at OVS. Creating a timeline that is manageable and works best for me, was huge to my experience.

Harsh Pall - Alumnus   (Jan 17, 2019)

Ontario virtual high school was the best high school I attended, teachers were so helpful and able to understand me. This school helped me achieve my goals and attend the university of my dreams. My experience at Ontario virtual school (one i'll never forget) when I needed to finish all my courses immediately because the deadline to apply for university was near, is that they marked my work really fast and the teachers here helped me and gave my feedback on what I needed to improve in order to get my grades up.

Amrit Sandhu - Alumnus   (Jan 16, 2019)

My experience at OVS was relatively great. The flexibility with how students could learn the course content whenever they pleased was a feature that I found greatly beneficial. Being in complete control of your own learning would offer intrinsic motivation for students and as a result, they would be more motivated to learn the content better. The only thing about OVS that I would change is to increase the number of practice problems available, so students could be better prepared for the individual tests. OVS did indeed prepare me for my life's next steps, I'm still using the knowledge I gained from the course within my university courses. Students should expect to receive a mark that reflects the amount effort they put within the course. People have the wrong perception about online schools, they are in no way easier than classes in school, its the same curriculum and content, so a future student should take it seriously.

ricky Randhawa - Student   (Jan 15, 2019)

I enjoyed the Ontario Virtual School. I took 2 courses during grade 12 here and I was working at the time. My final year was very stressful. Taking courses online helped a lot because I was able to work at my own pace. I took English online and I had a much better experience with OVS than I did with my high school. Since I was able to work on my own pace I was able to dedicate more time to specific things. I was able to work during winter and spring break, and really get a lot of things done. I highly recommend OVS to any seniors looking to ease their workload. This also provides the added benefit of having more time to participate in extracurricular activities.

Wajiha Fatima Syeda - Student   (Nov 22, 2018)

Ontario Virtual School has provided me with a very valuable learning experience. The best thing about OVS is the amount of content and material provided for self-study. The course is done online entirely so clear material is something very important for students. As a student, you often get stuck on a few things, but I was VERY pleased with quick responses from the teachers who often were willing to explain things from scratch. If there is one thing students need to keep in mind is that self-motivation is necessary when it comes to any online course. With that being said, with the efforts of both the student and teacher, it will be a very pleasant experience for sure.

Stephanie Sassi - Alumnus   (Nov 19, 2018)

Ontario virtual school provided me with one of the best experiences. They cared about my marks and helping me in all the ways that they could. I was on a time limit to finish the course and they helped me in many ways to ensure that i would still do well in the course and getting it done during the short time period. They went out of their way to help and i appreciated it a lot. I was so happy i chose this school as my experience was one of the best I've ever had. I still to this day use what i learned in the course on an everyday basis. And the way the teachers helped me and went out of there way to ensure i would be alright after i was done the course was absolutely amazing.

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