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Wajiha Fatima Syeda - Student   (Nov 22, 2018)

Ontario Virtual School is an online school, thus most things are done from the comfort of your own home or library or a cafe. This to me, came as a great blessing. As an adult student, I often had to juggle between work and school and it was almost next to impossible to do that with a traditional class setting. The great thing is, you can do your work ANYTIME. Be it 1 AM, or 1 PM, you set your own schedule and class time. In my opinion, the students who do best are the ones who know how to plan a schedule and then, follow that plan. Self-motivation and determination is BIG factor for success in Ontario Virtual School. Students who are not motivated or just cannot get out of bed unless there is a scheduled class time may struggle with the setting. Thus, the right mindset will do the trick!

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ricky Randhawa - Student   (Jan 15, 2019)

Once again, this was online so I didn't physically interact with anyone. However, for my math class there were discussion boards. In these discussion boards I felt the students were nice and helpful. Sometimes if I had questions I was able to receive answers there. I was also able to provide other students with help if they ever needed it. In my opinion I feel anyone that likes to work at their own pace are best suited for this school. It gives you the ability to do just that. I just wish I had known about it earlier so that I could have done summer school here. This would have been better than waking up early in the morning and sitting in a class room for hours.

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Preet Birdi - Student   (May 22, 2020)

OVS is an online school allowing you to work at your own time and speed. This is very beneficial for students that have to juggle school work, extracurriculars, those who have a part-time job, and other responsibilities. This way, whenever the student gets time after a busy day they can work on their OVS course assignments. You can make your own schedule as well. One thing that is really important to be successful is to have self-motivation. With OVS being extremely supportive you get some motivation from them. Also, the right mindset is also very crucial. You have to be very productive and efficient as to how you work. Students who do not have self-motivation or the right mindset tend to struggle. Overall, everyone does feel included.

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Sarah Finkle - Student   (Oct 06, 2020)

It is hard to describe the students due to the fact that it was an online school but there was some interaction with the other participants in the forums for decisions they had set up. The forums were places where you could discuss a question the teacher had proposed with the other students to not share your opinions but to engage in a friendly discussion about different ideas. You would start by stating your opinion in a well-written blurb that you would then post to the forum discussion for that question and then respond to another person's post by agreeing and adding your own personal beliefs. It was a very safe community and I got no sense of bullying or mal intentions, I would definitely recommend it.

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