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Review by: Holly Patton - Parent (Jun 24, 2020)

"OCS really looks at finding what works best to help your child thrive in their areas of interest, it’s not just a one size fits all approach"

Student Experience

My son and daughter are currently attending Orangeville Christian School. My son and daughter have commented on how kind and caring all the staff are at OCS. This school allows children to enjoy the freedom of playing in the yard and having such privileges as sledding down the hill in the wintertime with a sled. Their previous school never allowed children to play off the tarmac. As a parent I feel very blessed to be a part of this beautiful community school, the knowledge that my son and daughter have gained has been tremendous because it offers so many opportunities for your children to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

School Leadership

They handle situations quite appropriately and with kindness. There will be situations that come up, but the staff seems to always handle things really well. Always with a caring heart and with compassion. This school always takes the time to try and foster everyone’s opinion about whether to change a school logo or sharing a student’s birthday or staff ‘s birthday as well. If we have run into an issue we don’t hesitate to share our feelings with the principal and staff, they handle things with care and understanding.


My children have gained so much in such a short time. All the staff is very compassionate about their roles as teachers. If there’s even a day where one staff member is away sick, another teacher will jump in for that day and will teach a class that day very effectively. This is something that really impressed me at OCS how everyone is a real team player. The staff at OCS take the time to explain where your children are academically and problem-solve to find ways for your children to excel and do their best in their areas of interest. They truly want all children to thrive and learn in all subject areas. My son and daughter have achieved so much with assistance from their EA support, if they had not received that support they would not be where they are now.


I feel they handle life’s next steps quite well, and are very understanding about situations that arise and handle it appropriately. My son and daughter struggled in their academics, but OCS really looks at finding what works best to help your child thrive in their areas of interest, it’s not just a one size fits all approach, they really take the time to understand and see what is best for each of their students. Large classrooms at their other school made them feel uncomfortable and pressured. At OCS, its smaller classrooms and more time being spent on students that need more additional help, sometimes it even involved a resource teacher to help along with this process. I hope other parents can see the difference between a Christian School Education and what a public school education is. Your child gains so much more, I see the difference it’s made in my children, they enjoy school now and have enjoyed learning more about the lord, that makes all difference to your children.


The school has lots of variety for all kinds of students and balances sports with other extracurricular activities very well. This year my son joined cross-country running and he went to the school meet and had a fabulous time. He has always enjoyed running and is a team player as well. There is plenty to do for every child in the school, only if they wish to participate in sports. I hope some year they bring baseball as a sport to the school, my daughter really enjoys it!


My children got along fairly well, considering my son is on the spectrum and my daughter has learning difficulties. Socially this area is harder for both of them, but I feel the school handled things very well for them. Next year my daughter wants to sign up for chair stacking duty and this year she was in her class play with the role of a bird, she really enjoyed that. Behind the scenes there, was some in-class bullying that did cause some anxiety for my son because he is on the spectrum. But I think he handled himself fairly well, the school was there to support him during those times. In any school, this will always be a problem, but I feel OCS took the time to hear our concerns and helped us find the right solution to the problem.

School Life

The overall feeling at OCS is a very positive experience for my son and daughter. My son and daughter have really enjoyed OCS this year. From day one we have always felt such compassion and understanding directed towards our children from all the staff. They take the right approach to hearing what all the students are feeling and are constantly making improvements to make everyone feel at home when they come to school at OCS. That shows me as a parent that they care and they try to understand what most of the children need and they try to help foster that need. What I like most about OCS is they look at every student has something special to bring to their family community school, you don’t see that in every school.


They provided quite a bit. My husband and I have met a few parents, but haven’t connected with too many families yet, I think because we are new to the community at OCS. Next year we are hoping to connect with some more families. The volunteer opportunities give families that chance to meet more people, and I did enjoy meeting some other parents through those experiences this year. With covid-19 this year, unfortunately, a lot of parents did not get to fulfill the remainder of their volunteer opportunities, hopefully, next year will be very different. I will say that going to OCS does make you feel that you belong to a school family community, it is nothing like a public school setting. It has made a big difference in our family on so many levels.

School Location

They did venture off quite well. The community of the school is very inviting, we’re looking forward to next year!

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