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Richmond Hill, ON  |  Grades PS - 7  |  Shortlist


Review by: Bryan Saito - Parent (May 27, 2021)

"In just a few hours in the morning my kids learn so much, and I know they are getting exactly what they need in..."

Student Experience

I absolutely love this school! I have two kids that attended this school. Between the ages of of 4-6. They love their school. They are in the morning program where they teach the kids academically, do fun activities, have physical play indoors and outdoors, and have a healthy snack everyday day. We are so happy sending our kids there, and are sad that this is their last school year with them because they will be in grade one next year. They have learned so much by their wonderful teachers, and my daughter knows how to read, print, and has made such great friends. We will definitely be coming back for their other programs throughout the year, and look forward to many years with this centre. All I can say is any child who attends this place will love it!

School Leadership

The director of this centre has been amazing! She is always thinking of the kids and parents and making sure everyone is safe and happy. If we have any questions or concerns she will address them right away and fix any issues we may have at the time. We have not had any issues with our kids. But if we have a question of any kind she will email us within a few hours if not sooner. We love all the teachers as they are always so happy and love teaching the children.


My kids have learned so much at Play Island Explorers. The teachers work very closely with the children and teach them so they will love learning. They make activities fun and engaging and the kids are always learning something new. I highly recommend this place for any children between 3-6 years of age for their morning program. They have a small group and work according to the child’s level to make sure the child is learning at their best. I wish they had a class for higher grades as I would love to keep them in this school. My children love to read now, and are always talking about what they did at school today. They can’t wait to go back, and have connected with so many kids. They love their teachers!


I am very pleased with how they teach the children learn how to write, read, draw, speak clearly, and stay physically active with free time at the end of the day. In just a few hours in the morning my kids learn so much, and I know they are getting exactly what they need in those hours they attend. When I pick the kids up they are always smiling and don’t want to leave. It makes me so happy to see how much they love their school, friends and teachers. We feel our kids are ready for grade one and to be honest they know a lot more then I expected, we are so glad we found this place. They are a new place and just so thankful for everything they have done for my kids and me as well.


My children love to draw and paint. They are always bringing home paintings that they have created at school. They also work on group projects which we are able to see on their Instagram page. The school posts what they do so we as parents are able to see what great things the kids are doing since we are not able to enter because of the new restrictions due to this virus.


The centre works with a small group of children. This way they are able to teach each children based on their academic level. The children are very kind and sweet from what my kids tell me. And they absolutely love their teachers. The owner is also the main teacher in the preschool/kindergarten room, and she works side by side with another Teacher, my kids talk about how they love them, and want to always go back. They talk about them all the time. This makes us so happy that they already love school, and their learning experience has been beyond what we expected. Their philosophy is to make learning fun, and they truly make it the best learning experience for the children. My kids love to learn and want to know more and more.

School Life

My kids love to go to school everyday. They get upset with me if they cannot go because of an appointment or something came up and we couldn’t take them that day. They look forward to going everyday, and love to see their teachers and friends. My kids used to be so shy, but ever since they have been attending this school they have become more confident, and independent, it just makes us so happy to watch them grow and become happy individuals. I can’t say I would change anything as they have done such a great job with our kids, and you can tell that they do this for the kids, and love what they do. I feel safe sending my kids there, and know they are in great hands.


At this time since they opened the pandemic just started and so lots of things changed with parent involvement and limited interactions with people outside the centre. I’m sure if things were different there would be more parent involvement for their programs. We are satisfied with how they communicated with us on a daily basis and they would let us know if there were any problems, and email us of any changes. They also posted daily the activities they would do so we could see how their day went, and how our kids are at school. We are very satisfied with how they were involved with us, and have no concerns regarding parent involvement. They did what they had to do during this time to keep everyone safe.

School Location

The neighborhood is beautiful, and safe. The are able to go for walks around the area where there is a large field and nature surrounding for the kids to explore safely. The kids love going for walks and playing outdoors. They would also have scavenger hunts for the kids and have them look for things in nature to make it educational. My kids love it!

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