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Richmond Hill, ON  |  Grades PS - 7  |  Shortlist


Review by: Miguel Veneziani - Parent (May 27, 2021)

"My son has improved in all aspects of his learning from counting to his ABCs and also just in his everyday vocabulary."

Student Experience

The teachers have been super helpful and very attentive to my son. My son has improved in all aspects of his learning from counting to his ABCs and also just in his everyday vocabulary. The school also provides very good in depth incident reports when the child has an accident, such as running into another child during play time. We also enjoy being able to see pictures and keep up to date on their daily activities on their social media outlet. I think my son truly appreciates the fact that they keep thing fun and entertaining for the kids in all aspect from the learning to play time. He always enjoys his day at play island explorers and comes home super excited to tell us about his day.

School Leadership

The administration have been very helpful and always are there to help in any way possible. They will try to accommodate you and help you any way they can. The have always been super attentive and have always responded to problems very professionally and appropriately. Play island explorers has always been fair in disciplining the children within the respectable limits. They use the timeout method when kids do something wrong, but i feel the have never misused it.


I am very happy with what I see about the quality of instruction the teachers provide during the school day. The teachers seem very passionate about their work and knowledgeable about the subjects they present to the children whether it has been learning their numbers or ABCs even learning how to write the school has always found new and intriguing ways to keep my son interested. I do believe they also provide constructive feedback and let you know if there's anything my son has had to practice more. My son has also been challenged at the play island explorers and has all the tools to succeed in his everyday challenges. Keeping him intellectually challenged and physically with daily exercise routine. Play island explores has met all my expectations.


Play island explores have always found exciting ways to challenge my son academically and have always kept him interested in doing so. They are always there to help as well if need be, I would say the only weakness I see is the program my son is enrolled in is only for 3 hours and sometimes I feel that it is a little too short of a time frame for kids to get the full benefit on the learning process, but play island explorers have always done a very good job managing their time. My son also does not seem to be affected by this it is just my personal opinion. I do feel my son will be well-prepared for the next steps in his academic life.


I enrolled my son in play island explorers preschool program, the program has been very beneficial to my son and very helpful but outside of the program he is enrolled in- there aren't many extracurricular activities. Play island explorers also offer various other programs as well as different camps for different breaks in the year such as summer/winter/ and march break.


My son got along with the students well and has never had any issues at play island explorers. We also were very happy to find out during the enrollment for the school the class size is on the smaller size which I feel allows for a better learning experience, and allows teachers to have those one on one moments with the kids whether it's to help with some of the academic stuff or just teaching them general things for their day to day living as well as right from wrong. The kids have always all interacted with each other and have also had class projects to accomplish together. The general atmosphere has always been very good never too much pressure on the academic part but just enough. They have always had a very good balanced program.

School Life

My son loves going to play island explorers, he is always excited to go and has never said he does not want to attend the day at school. He always talks about how much fun he has with his classmates and also his teachers. My son has always enjoyed the different projects the teachers assemble for the children from baking cookies with them to model solar systems involving all the children as a group setting. I think that play island explorers has a great program and are doing an amazing job, as long as they keep things fun and interesting the kids will always enjoy the academic side of the program as well as the play time side of it. Play island explorers has been nothing but good for my son.


The school provides all the opportunities for parents to be involved and gives you frequent updates. Also they notify you right away usually at pick up time if there has been any issues or incidents. They are also open to giving you any updates or information upon request, it has been a great experience working with them. All parents are welcome to be involved in the school life of their child at play island explorers, play island explorers also do different projects for the kids to bring home and show off to their parents things they have learned and even events such as Christmas cards for the parents, birthday cards made by the kids for parents and mothers/ an fathers day gifts for the kids to bring home.

School Location

In the summer the school does walk over to an open field and let the kids get some fresh air and play sports. I feel they have always done a great job on taking care of the children. The school is located in a busier plaza but has never really been a issue. The plaza just seems to lack in parking for all storefronts.

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