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Grades Preschool TO 12 — Toronto, ON (Map)

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Interview with Prestige School - Toronto Campus PARENT, Sangita Puri

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Each school is different. Prestige School - Toronto Campus's Feature Review excerpts disclose its unique character. Based on discussions with the school's alumni, parents, students, and administrators, they reveal the school’s distinctive culture, community, and identity.

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Our Kids Feature Review

The 50-page review of Prestige School - Toronto Campus is part of our series of in-depth accounts of Canada's leading private schools. It provides a unique and objective perspective on the school's academics, programs, culture, and community.

  • Prestige's School's small, close-knit school community works closely with families.
  • The school's student body is diverse, both culturally and linguistically, something that is rightly seen as a strength of the offering.
  • It has a strong foundation in core academics, with ample opportunity for student enrichment.
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Our Kids Feature Review video

Learn about Prestige School - Toronto Campus's unique and defining characteristics through this informative video.

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Roundtable Q&A (2020)

Watch our Prestige School - Toronto Campus Q&A discussion with Stacy (Alum), Mila (Alum), Marina (Parent) to gain fresh insight into the school’s culture, values, and strengths.

Alum, Valeriia Tverdokhlibova (2020)

Watch our alum interview with Valeriia Tverdokhlibova to learn about the unique experience of attending Prestige School - Toronto Campus.

THE OUR KIDS REPORT: Prestige School - Toronto Campus

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