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Reviews of Resurrection Christian Academy

Guelph, ON  |  Grades PS - 8  |  Shortlist


Review by: Jody Hanna - Parent (May 27, 2021)

"The school gave him many tools that he can work with to help him in life."

Student Experience

My sons experience has been great at R.C.A. I have had one graduate and one presently enrolled. From what I see both boys enjoyed going to school. With it being a small school it is like a family. They truly care and have encouraged my guys. My guys love hands on and getting involved. Since it is a smaller school I think they get encouraged to step out of their comfort zone to try new things. They do not get lost in a system. But encouraging teachers come alongside them to help them try something new. Like leading the announcements and chapel or singing in a play. Seeing everyone get involved is contagious and fun. No one is left out!!! As a parent this is wonderful to see!!

School Leadership

For our family we really appreciate a Bible based school environment. The staff have prayed with me about my boys and events happening in the school. I know that the staff work very hard to work along side a family to help their children. No school is perfect. I personally have had no bad experiences in this area. If there has been a issue with my son they have talked to me and we have worked it out positively.


My 2 boys are very different. One struggled in his studies and one excels. For the one who needed help they were there to guide me to the resources that were needed. This was one of the reasons why we changed schools. I knew as a mom my son needed help. From here they guided me to get him tested. My son needed glasses and plus some extra help. One was eye training because he was not seeing right. This has been a huge life-changing event. He then could work on what was needed to improve his studies. Plus it gave him confidence in his studies. For both my boys they have had wonderful teachers who truly care for them.


Preparing for the next step has been met. My son started high school last year and the transition was smooth. I was nervous if he was truly prepared coming from a private school. The school gave him many tools that he can work with to help him in life. He is doing well in his studies. My other son is enjoying his studies. He needs teacher guidance to keep him on the right path and to be focused on his work. He is easily distracted. With time and maturity I am confident he will be ready to move on smoothly when that day comes. I am thankful for all the time and guidance and encouragement given to my boys and our family. It is a blessing to be a part of this school community.


This year has been hard for extracurricular opportunities. But in years past there were many opportunities. My guys Love sports and were excited for any sporting opportunity. Plus many other options playing a instrument, school plays, serving others, science and art fairs plus more. It was super fun. Since we are at home at the present they do have special times online. It is so special and so much work that goes into teaching. As a mom I always encourage my guys to jump into every great opportunity given. You will get so much out of it. With all the negativity out there I feel our school is a huge safe haven. We are so blessed to be a part of this Bible based school environment with so many opportunities in person or online.


The school is not huge. From our experience we loved the smaller class sizes. This has been great, they build strong relationships and everyone is included. For the time my boys were there they could get help when needed. This is huge when you need extra one on one time. I love that the older students can be mentors yo the younger classes. I feel like the school has a great family feel. This is amazing because as in life you need to work with so many people. Thus gives the students empathy, problem solving skill and a chance to make various friendships. My sons was the vice president on the student council voted in by his peers. He got the opportunity to work with other classmates to make positive decisions for his school. This was a great learning experience.

School Life

My boys enjoyed going to school. For this year I felt they were so prepared to safely have my son return during a pandemic and equally prepared once online. It has been a excellent year in uncertain times. My son is a very happy guy and is loving his time at R.C.A. Even during the ups and downs of this year they have made it it super fun. Lots of spirit days where they get to dress up, a badminton tournament. Being a leader as a patrol is a highlight for my son to protect his fellow classmates. Plus a great in school speech meet with videos to share with other classes. Since they found not all e together since social distancing. From school to transitioning home school life has been a smooth year.


As a parent that loves to be involved I count it a privilege to work in my sons' school. I enjoy going into the school meeting the kids and watching them happily learn. I have made many great friendships with other parents as well as the staff. I enjoy being able to help wherever needed in the school. I have always felt welcome. I was involved in many areas of the school from driving on field trips, leading a group on a field trip, cheering many sporting events, welcomed to come to chapel every week, month-end assembly, monthly hot lunch preparation and a excellent christmas musical. The school each year has a gala and a golf tournament as fundraiser. The school has many opportunities for parents and in my experience it was fun to get involved.

School Location

I love where the school is located. There are many opportunities for the students to walk to. Plus it's easily accessible. It is located on a busy road but I think this has so much exposure to the community to see the kids at play. Our school ventures out into the community for many fun field trips. They have always been a fun experience.

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