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Review by: Kyron Hoimyr - Alumnus (Jan 23, 2018)

" ... many opportunities for students"

Overall Experience

I loved my time at Caronport High School. I came into the school at the start of grade nine and I really wanted to hate it. Going to this school was not part of my plan, I had intended on hating the school, then after my grade 9 year go to the school I had wanted to attend in the first place. Then I graduated in 2012. Safe to say things did not go the way i had planned/ My time here was unreal. Basketball tournaments, football games, Sadie Hawkins Skate are some of my best memories from this place. It has been over 5 years since I graduated, but these memories are remembered fondly and friends I made here are still some of best friends to this day.

School Leadership

The schools leadership seemed to be like most leaderships, they planned events, ran for office and did there thing. The main exception was our leadership tried to led the school towards God. I usually enjoyed the chapels where it was SLC led because often our president spoke and it was a neat perspective to hear from someone we had elected. The administration seemed to be fine. The one vice principal had his office on the main hallway and was easily approachable. You could always see what he was doing he was a great guy to talk and joke (respectfully) with. We had other principles and I am sure they did a great job but they were not seen much so they were handling the behind the scenes things more I guess. I think I would have appreciated seeing more of them, even just walking the hallways from time to time. They would make an appearance at chapels but I think their words would have landed better if there was more a relationship with the student body.

University placement and counselling

I believe we had an a teacher who took on the role of helping students with the transition to university. He was good, he had encouraging things to say when i told him my university plans but I only had one conversation with him and I do not think his position was well advertised. so i do not believe many students knew of his role and did not take advantage of this opportunity. Better advertisement would have been good. We went through a few career aptitude tests but i think we should have gone more towards something more practical. These tests due offer some value but a lot of the job prospects are outlandish and I believe spending more time focusing more on universities and where certain degrees could lead would have been more beneficial.


On registration day my mom just dropped me off and had to go. It was almost overwhelming for a grade 9 student but i feel like the admission teams runs it very well. I had one of the officers aid me in my day. She told me where to go, I had a lot of things that i needed to change in my schedule and without her assistance i would have been in trouble because i would not have known. She defiantly helped in this stressful day. After my first year the rest of registering for classes was a breeze. The rest of the application process seemed quite straight forward, it was just registration day grade 9 that was stressful and i believe they have a great team to aid in this.

School Location

The school can definitely feel like an island but i think that it is a good thing. The town has everything you need and if you ever need things to do you can drive into moose Jaw. Moose Jaw runs are a good time with the boys. The neighborhood is safe and the community enjoys the high school. Usually large crowds at the sport games. students often would walk around town doing whatever and unless they did something really bad they never got in peoples way. Rarley was a ruckus started. For students living in the dorms they offers great support and community for those living there. Commonly they have college students lining among them and they can build into the high school boys and are great role models for them.


I was very happy with the teachers (one was my dad so can't say anything to bad). I never considered myself a good student with English nor history but i felt that the instructors were very good and encouraging enabling me to do much better than i could have done anywhere else. I was challenged and pushed to do better in all my classes. Teachers were all very approachable and wanted to make sure you understood the material. Everyone knows math can be a dull subject, but the teacher they had for math was hilarious, he made going to math a delight. A lot of students favorite class was math all due to his teaching. His lessons were clear and the class had a great time due to his since of humor.


The strengths of this school lies in the teachers care and love for their students. they genuinely care for you and do what they can for each student to excel. In the areas of paper writing and sciences i felt prepared for university. I felt the transition in the sciences was fluid, university definitely was harder but the foundations from high school enabled me to do transition smoothly. Our instructors did very well at teaching proper format in writing papers which is huge at university. However the drawback was the work load transition was very difficult to adjust to. High school you are told they were preparing you for university but the amount of work was quite different. Maybe high school should have been more difficult if one is to be adequately prepared for university.


From an athletic point of view i felt that Caronport high school had many opportunities for students. At this school they arranged for practice time to not interfere with other sports so you could play multiple sports. They really wanted you to be able to participate in as much as you wanted. A lot of my fondest memories are from my time on sport teams. At this school you are also able to be a part of the college's Christmas musical which is a neat opportunity as a high school student to be a part of such a large production. The school encourages students to pursue their interests and it enables students to pursue their interests from sports to arts. Students were instructed to take participial and applied arts classes and these classes whether it was learning to cook or working in the shop, since the school was smaller everyone had the chance to try something new.


The student body was small but that was one of Caronport's bonuses. Since the school was smaller just about everyone knew everyone and people were quite friendly. There wasn't the typical high school stigma towards grade nine students. Sport teams didn't have the typical hazing but they encouraged athletes to have a better and healthier relationship with one another. Instead of the younger athletics being scared of the seniors they look up to them and sometimes make long lasting friendships with them. The typical student had a wide range of interests which gave an unique ability for students to connect in a variety of settings. Since the smaller setting of the school enables students to pursue a wide range of things. People have more than one value and due to the nature of the school people are able to pursue them.


Parents are welcomed to attend school life, they are invited to sports games, and there are events out on for them to attend as well. The alumni experience i have had as a student has been with regards to sports teams. alumni would come and assist coaching on the sidelines in football games. It was a neat experience because they had insightful things to say as well as it was very cool to see students coming back, it shows how they loved the school. As an alumni it has been cool to be able to come back and be apart of things. Also at the end of sport seasons there would be a banquet for the team and often times alumni would come back and occasional speak and it was again very cool to see alumni coming back showing how good the school is.

School Life

Students overall enjoyed going to school there. This is made evident by the alumni returning to events. The teachers made classes fun to be a part of, they created an environment that people wanted to be a part of. The quality of life at caronport i believe was quite high. Students were only stressed around exam time and that is something that cant be helped. The leadership team planned events and school wide games for the student body to be a part of which helped raise moral, "gotcha" was always a crowd favorite. the school would become passionate about this game and everyone had a good time, even when you lost, I know because i lost pretty badly one year but the hype of the game made the whole school excited for the game, and being part of the spectators was engaging.

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