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Review by: Liam Tieszen - Alumnus (Feb 23, 2018)

"a great experience"

Overall Experience

Caronport Highschool was a great experience for me. I was homeschooled from K-10 and going to CHS was a good transition. It offered good education from caring teachers, and offered a lot of extra curricular activities. My favorite memory at CHS was being on the worship team for my grade 11 year. I made great friends that were amazing musicians. Even though its a Christian highscool, I feel it didn't prepare me for the questions others would ask. My spiritual life wasn't excelled but was rather dulled. I was disappointed in seeing a lot of other students not living a Christian life. I talked to many students about why they came and they were forced by their parents. I feel as though the application process needs to change

School Leadership

Mrs. Ike did almost nothing with interacting with the students. I didn't even know she was the principle till half way though the year. The two vice principles were amazing though. Shane and Derek were great role models who were active in the students lives. They were available when someone needed to talk to, and were a great team for the school. The other teachers were great too.


I loved the teachers. They were supportive in our learning and cared for us. One of my favorite classes was Mr. Peters math class. He joked around with us but taught us so much as well. Mr. Sowden did not have a huge impact on me, but I could see how he impacted others. My respect for these two are very great and I'm glad they were my teachers.


The academics were great. I learned a lot, the workload was balanced and enabled me to challenge myself. There were always those students who would get high 90s and still complain, making the average student not really like them. But all in all the classes were good for us all.


The extra curricular activities were amazing. The teachers took time out of their lives to teach kids sports, music, art, and drama. I specifically loved being on the worship team for my grade 11 year. We had an amazing leader, Kara Harms, who taught us so many valuable lessons. Sadly, in grade 12 we had no one to lead us, thus it wasn't as enjoyable but more stressful.


The atmosphere was nice. Most everyone got along, but some people had some pretty serious flack with others. Overall though I was friends with most people. Sometimes I felt alone but I always had close friends that stuck close by.

School Life

I loved living in the dorms; it was so much fun. I loved being. Door away from my friends and living with some college students. I made great friends in the college, such as Adam McNeil, Jayson Ens, and Jason Wednel. But a lot of kids hated being there. Often times they said it was a prison. They said their parents forced them to come and they didn't listen to authority a whole lot. This brought the positive atmosphere down. It ruined the experience for those who actually wanted to be there. I say you could revamp your application process so that only people who are passionate about going will go.


I did see the parents of my peers sometimes. They attended musicals and performances the students were in. I do communicate with my classmates now that I've finished high school.

School Location

With moose jaw so close, people went there all the time. I liked to stay in caronport because I wanted to have the opportunity to hang out. But a lot of people left the grounds every chance they got, saying it's a horrible place.


Admissions were fine, nothing too hard. I say be honest, and if you don't really feel like going, then don't go. It's a lot of money parents pay for their kids, and if all they do is sit in their room playing League of Legends all day, they are wasting their parents money.

University placement and counselling

There were lots of options for different schools. I decided to go to Millar and my friends supported me. Even though they joked about me being a traitor it was all fun and games.

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