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Review by: Karen Blair - Parent (Mar 12, 2018)

"excellent parent-teacher communication"

Student Experience

My 15 year old daughter graduated from Olivet. I have two boys that are currently enrolled. My children are able to express themselves and be heard. Teacher -Student communication is excellent. They are listened to with empathy and opinions are valued. Lots of social and environmental issues are discuss along with academics. They get great help to complete assignments.

School Leadership

Olivet teachers have excellent parent-teacher communication. I can drop in any time and talk with the principal or any of the teachers and discuss any situation. Their dedication to the children is top priority not only academic development, but how important they believe character education is. They promote leadership skills in the children. My children are treated fairly in any disruptive situation. Problems are communicated effectively and appropriately. I like the face it and fix it consequence format that the children are able to write discuss and sign along with the parents.


I love the teaching method at Olivet School. Children are not loss in an overcrowded class room. Each individual students are able to get the attention and help they need. Teachers are very knowledgeable about the curriculum. They communicate effectively with parents and children when assignments are due. The children have responsibilities throughout the school Eg. Raising and taking down the Canada Flag. They get a good deed sticker and are encourage to be kind to one another. There are teachers with counselling skills at Olivet that are able to help with any problems.


Feedback are positive and my children feel supported in all academic areas. I am able to talk to my children teacher at any given time. We work together to improve my son's academics and he is now getting high grades. Children take home a homework agenda that parents can check up on the work that is completed or not completed. Each child at different level learn in a fun playful way how to do math and other subject. They do major projects which are displaced inside the school. Parents and students are able to see them. Olivet School meet the Ministry of Education academic requirements. I feel that my children read more because at Olivet they feel safe, comfortable and are encouraged. They have comfortable areas in the class room and are surrounded by books. Time is set aside each day for quiet reading time. Olivet have an incentive monthly reading program which my children enjoy. They go to the creek and learn about nature and participate in different environmental activities. My children are learning positive life skills along with the great morals that they are taught at Olivet. I am reassured that they will be prepared for life's next journey.


At Olivet there is a lot of extracurricular programs. They take field trips to different plays. They are encouraged to experience different cultures in our society. They participate in Jump Rope for Heart. Fill a shoe box with gifts Christmas program to name a few. There are many fun programs that the children enjoy. At Olivet the children go skating for gym. They are able to learn or catch up on their skills. They have yoga and have done swimming.


The student body is small. My Children are very comfortable with each other. Every one are really great friends. The teachers, parents and students have great personal relationships. The students are extremely polite and manner able. The spirit of the students are fun loving and happy. They are growing up with values and respect for each other. The dynamic between students are great. They don't feel left out when playing. They don't have to compete for others attention. They don't feel bullied or threatened. They attend each others birthday parties. They enjoy being at school with each other.

School Life

School life is great at Olivet. Sometimes my children don't want to leave the school premises. We are allowed to stay on the play ground after school and the fun continues. Parents talk with each other while the children play. We feel safe and secure with each other. My children love going to school. They want to see their friends and teachers. They don't want to miss the days activity at school. They learn in a safe, friendly environment and the teaching techniques are fun. They keep up to date on some issues in society but not too much to overwhelm their childhood. They lower the flag when we mourn a life of a fallen hero.


"It takes a village to raise a child." At Olivet I feel that I am supported as a parent. Olivet has helped me in many ways to raise my children to be positive role models in society. The teachers always listen to any academic problems my children have and we work together to come up with the right solution for each child. We look at them individually and not limit their success. At Olivet I don't feel that they are generalized. They are seen as individuals and are not put in a box and their abilities are not limited. Parents have opportunity to volunteer in many different outings and be a part of the school. One of the great thing also Olivet pays for your police back ground check. Their is no limit to a parents voice and opinion to get involved in the school activities. We organize bake sales, picnics, Santa Claus parade and more. We are a small, friendly and welcoming community. If a parent is busy with work and home life, you can count on a teacher or parent to help you out with your child/children.

School Location

The location of the school is good. It is gated in a great neighborhood. In the city but have lots of green space for the children to explore safely. The children have a creek that they can learn about the environment. They have pumpkin carving and are able to decorate the green space at Halloween time. At Olivet Halloween is celebrate with tasteful non scary costumes.With a fire station nearby the children interact with the fire men and learn about their skills and are able to go in the trucks.

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