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Review by: Emily Alexander - Student (Jan 24, 2018)

Good role models

Student Experience

at CHS its a really wonderful atmosphere. the teachers are kind and care about your well being and education. they are willing to help you if you have troubles. the christian environment helps alot too. having a background of Christ in the community really helps you to feel included when you get there. if i could change something about the school it would be the strict dining schedule. they feed you well in the cafeteria but sometimes the high school kids get whats left from when the college kids ate before. overall, living in the dorm was a great experience. i wish someone would have told me that we would have to put covinent eyes on all of our electronics. in the dorm they did it to monitor activity on students devices but the program crashed my devices so i had it taken off. other than that, it was awesome at CHS.

School Leadership

the teachers are all very good role models for the students. they enforce good habits and behavior and really care about the kids. i think they do a good job of offering help and giving help where its needed. they are very understanding to things going on in your life even with the rules staying met. when i hit my head, they were very gracious to me in all i did. personally, i wish i knew more about the teachers and their backgrounds. also, some teachers also give very hard to understand criteria for assignments. it makes a lot of kids ask way more questions. i went to a counselor for my anxiety at the beginning of my first year. i didn't continue on with it because i felt like i couldn't talk to them. they were very kind people but i didn't find their information helpful to use and such.


depending on the teacher, their expectations vary. some of my past teachers were really easygoing in their personality but strict in there questions and criteria and others were serious in personality and didn't expect much for work. i don't think that teachers at CHS ask enough of the students. comparing it to my past high school where i was previously at, the workload was cut down by 3/4. i was surprised when i came here the first year and all i had to do was complete a couple textbook assignments for math and i was done. Even though the workload was changed drastically, i still got the highest percentage I've ever gotten in math. its what they cover in the course that really counts. sometimes i'm unaware what my teachers are expecting of me because they don't make themselves clear on what they want to be done on assignments. my teachers talk to us about succeeding and they relate it to Christianity. this is good because they want you to continue on with a christian faith after you leave school but for some people its not relate-able.


i think the education I've received at CHS is the best education I've ever received. it has explained much more and has even helped me understand and succeed in math more than i ever have. since everyone learns differently, the teachers try to teach every subject in a way that is easy to understand for everyone. they have no problem helping you out by explaining it in a different way. i think this is why i succeeded in my courses. the areas we cover may not be the exact things we need for later in life but they teach you the basics and then cover where you will use them in life. they have christian ethics as a whole other class where they teach you how to continue in life with your faith.


i was apart of the fine arts club. we got together 1 friday a month usually and ate pizza and showed off our artwork to each other. we also went to art events put on in surrounding areas. i wish the school offered more clubs like culture clubs (languages) and even clubs like cooking clubs or quilting guild clubs. the SLC is a very big club that contributes to many areas of the school, they have even made it into a class credit called leadership. the people in SLC are confident in speaking and leading. not all people are like that though. there are many sports teams that have very good coaches. there is a worship team and there's other extracurriculars like college ballet etc. . in a sense, there is a lot of options for clubs.


the students at CHS are kind and helpful for the most part. when i first came to dorm, everyone was so nice i thought they were hiding something. it was unbelievable to see a lot of students interacting with each other. there's not particularly any big cliques at CHS. you will find that the talkative people talk to the other social people and there are a few people that are quiet that don't speak to anyone. every school has some kind of bully, but in CHS the bullying isn't noticeable in people when they talk to you. its there but only in some places. just like the bad habits kids. the school is really small compared to bigger sized schools. in CHS there is roughly 150 students. it feels like a small town atmosphere indeed.

School Life

if i had to take a group of people around the school i would take them to see the school itself first. i would take them here because lots of the school aspect happens there and seeing that its connected to the college is cool. there is a thing called experience briercrest where visitors can come in the spring and they are shown around the campus and they are allowed to sit in some classes going on to get a feel for the place. its a great experience for people who are thinking about coming in the next school year. they show you where you would stay in the dorm and where you would eat, where you would go to school, and the other areas on campus that you could spend time at.


although i do miss my family, i always have someone to talk to when i'm lonely or homesick. there is lots of great support from the community as well. they raise money to go on mission trips and the students are allowed to go too. every sunday we have to go to church and the whole community shows up. its really amazing how all of caronport is christian. i feel included in some situations but i feel alone sometimes too. it depends on what people you hang out with and what opportunities you have. i went to riverside mission with some other people and we helped feed the less fortunate. im happy to see my friends and i find myself wanting to see my friends more than i used too. it gives me happiness now rather than annoyance.


the process is laid out seemingly well. there are forms you need to fill out too. i remember having to fill out a form for application to get into the school. it was basic stuff like my name and number, address, why i wanted to go there, and if i had any background in Christianity. my parents had many forms to fill out and sign and send in and i don't remember my mother ever stressing about it. over the phone, the front desk lady was very helpful as to what we had to do to apply. the school does this thing where if you have gone to CHS or Briercrest before you can get scholarship money for college. all you have to do is recommend CHS/Briercrest to a person planning on applying and if they apply, then you get $500 if i remember correctly. my friend was able to get this money because i applied.

School Location

the campus is very beautiful on its own but moose jaw is where a lot of kids go. some go to buy groceries for themselves in the dorm or sometimes they go on a mcdonalds run. i know a lot of students who are content to stay in caronport and go over to their friends house. caronport is a small enough town that you can walk all the way around it for a walk or walk throughout it. they have a walking track thats nice. theres lots of trees too. i personally like to stay in caronport because i dont have a car to go anywhere and my grandma lives outside of caronport. thats where i go when im bored. many kids will walk around town with friends as well. the school is at a walkable distance from anywhere in town.

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