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Review by: Eden Brown - Student (Jan 23, 2018)

"structure ... but still a lot of freedom"

Student Experience

At Caronport High School the students are friendly. The teachers are always willing to help with any questions. The teachers like to get to know you on a personal level, and they take time to ask how you are doing. There are quiet and comfy places to study. There is enough structure to keep things in order, but there is still a lot of freedom with assignments, and how class time is used. Also if your in grade 12 you can take a college course. Our school has a lot of sports to offer, even a hockey academy, and a provincial winning volleyball tournament. The coaches push you hard so you can improve, but they still care about you. Another great thing is that the teachers are very understanding, if you talk to them and tell them your behind in class.

School Leadership

I really respect the teachers and principals. Mr. Zacharias and Mr. Sowden are very friendly and I know they really care about all of us. Mrs. Ike is friendly, but doesn't seem very interested in getting to know us very well. Mr. Fehr (our guidance counsellor) is always telling us when there are more job opportunities, and is very insightful about the jobs we ask him about. Our principals come and sit in on classes and are very help and easy to talk to about switching classes. I wish that the leadership of our school would interact with each us individually and as a whole more often. I wish also that they would talk to us more and ask how our school and home life is going.


Some of our teachers such as Mrs. Crocker, and Mr. Sowden outline extremely well how they want projects done. Mr. Bell on the other hand outline what he wants vaguely and so it makes it extremely hard to study for tests and it makes it very difficult to write essays for him. English is my top subject, yet since he (Mr. Bell) doesn't outline what he wants, I cannot write well or perform well on tests. This ends up giving me a bad mark, and leaving me more confused about writing, instead of actually teaching me to be a better writer. One of our teachers named Mr. Sowden is very good at outlining what will make us successful in his class, where as the other teachers rarely talk out how we can do succeed with them. I wish the teachers would outline specifically how we can improve and what will be important to remember for tests. One of our teachers named Mr. Hoimyr is very good at keeping us ingaged in his class and making the class as exciting and interesting as possible.


The work that we are given is not to difficult. Although sometimes it can be confusing as to what the teacher actually wants. The teacher need to realize and understand our different strengths and weaknesses and adjust assignments accordingly. Our teachers are very good at coming up with interesting assignments. I find that Mr. Bell does not give us enough time to work on our projects, but he is also very good at understanding that we need more time, so he is kind and adjusts the due date. I think that we are being taught valuable lessons in English and math, and science. I find that we study some topics that are uncomfortable for some students, but the teachers are very understanding and come up with helpful alternatives.


My school offers a lot of sports. I play soccer and badminton. The coach is the same for both (Mr. Rod Appleby). He is great at not only growing us as athletes, but also as people. The teams are worked hard, but the coachs are not mean or harsh. There is also a local service projects that are available to do with the Chaplin. We can sort bottles and can for a missions trip, clean the mosaic place to support The Jeremiah House, or serve food at riverside mission. We are also offered a Europe trip and a missions trip. My brother went on last year's mission trip to Cuba and really enjoyed it. They also a vocal assemble each year which I have participated in and really enjoyed. I wish they would offer more art focused extracurricular activities. I also wish offered a youth group.


There are many really kind and friendly students at the school. This year we got a bunch of new boys from the hockey program and they are respectful and nice. We have students from all over the world, so we get to learn about other cultures on a day to day basis. The kind of students who succeed at this school are the ones who pay attention in class, do assignments on time, and ask questions if they are confused. The teachers are very willing to help the student succeed, but the many students here don't try hard at all. Many students rely on others to work hard for them. The students here are quite welcoming it is not hard to find friends. There is very emotional bullying, and no physical bullying between students.

School Life

If I was giving a school tour I would take them first The the gymnasium. We have quite a large gym that is open a lot of the time for just playing free sports. Next I would take them to the Barkman Arena. This is were our high schools hockey team practices, and above it there is a fitness centre. This fitness centre is free to all students, and has lots of great equipment. Then I would take them past the school office where there is always candy waiting for the students! I would also show them Briercrest's library which Is also free to all students. I would show them our study hall, which has comfy chairs, couches and hot chocolate. I would also introduce them to all the great teachers.


Although everyone is generally polite, there are very few students who actually take the time to ask how your doing. Only a very select few of the teachers will say hi by name of ask you how it's going.

School Location

Since we live in such as small town, we can often go away from the school in classes like physical education, and it is still technically the campus. We are allowed to leave for lunch or appointments very easily. The teachers are very laid back about us leaving. But we have gone to Moose Jaw a few time for classes like physical education to be able to do different things to expand our learning experience. Being in such as small down makes it easy to leave and come back to campus quickly. Running home if we forgot something or to the gas station if we are hungry is super easy. Students generally stay on campus during class hours but during our spares and lunch break many students go home.


The admissions process is quite long. There are tons of personal questions that you have to answer. These questions aren't hard but are quite lengthy. The best thing to do is just get them done as quickly as possible. The registering for classes is quite easy, and you can switch or drop them easily as well. If you are planning on applying, apply early and come check out the doors and school and get acquainted with the layout of the school and classes before school starts. Also it would be helpful to come to an 'Experience CHS.' You would get to meet some of the current students, teachers, and see the school. Also when you start school there are lots of teachers, admistrative workers, and EA's that will help you find where your classes are.

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