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Review by: Maia Fawcett - Student (Jan 31, 2018)

Encouraging peers and teachers

Student Experience

I really like caronport high school. I have many encouraging peers like my friends and also my teachers. One thing that I wish could be changed is the how many cliques and groups around that have inside jokes and such. It's not very fun being outside of them and I would have noticed throughout our school quite a bit. I wish I knew how trusting the teachers are when I arrived. Because they were so nice but I was too scared to talk to them much because of random reasons. One thing I would like to see change in my school would be the L.I.T's that we have to write every month or more. I don't know a single student who likes them and I also don't know a teacher who does. I'm sure they could find some other way to collect data on our skills than making us write LIT's.

School Leadership

The staff at caronport high school is amazing! I really enjoy their teachings and I would say I definitely respect them because of that. They are really good at not only caring about your education , but also your personal life. If I ever had a crises of any kind I'm sure I would feel comfortable talking to anyone of my teachers because they are just that supportive.


I think our teachers ask enough of us to make it a good challenge but not too hard that it is impossible to complete. Yes I feel that I know what the teacher are expecting of me because they make it really important to emphasize those types of goals. When my teachers talk about success I think know what I'm completely capable of success and it won't be all that hard because they can agree on the plans I have laid down for myself.


The work is a perfect inbetween this semester. I've learned a lot already because of that. Yes I believe I am learning useful tools for the future because the teachers make it a priority to teach useful, day to day stuff.


Yes I take part in a dance team that the school has and bolleyball there. No I really like the activities offered at my school. And yes I believe the students have enough to do with all the amazing extracurricular activities that are offered.


The students are where we might be having the most trouble. I know lots of people who are really struggling through the year and who can barely wait to get the year over with. Lots of negative attitude goes around also. It feels like a city because it's pretty crazy and intimidating to be around. Lots of people want to be in charge also which doesn't help all the time. The students who do the best at school are the ones who get past their lives and focus on others. I know lots of people that complain and use very sarcastic times and who are just really struggling and even start experimenting with things because they can get past themselves. But those students who are, are doing amazing and are an encouragement to everyone around them. In the school I think there are many standards to meet and expectations so I don't think absolutely everyone feels included.

School Life

The school life is awesome. I would probably take them on a tour to my favourite teachers classroom because she is just really awesome and a really great encouragement in and through my life.


I have lived in caronport my whole life so I'm used to seeing the halls of the high school so that helps make it feel like home. However, I don't think everyone would feel that way because of the high standards set so that is why some people might not feel as appreciated as someone else would. Just because they might be at a different standard than the other person.

School Location

School location is awesome for me because my house is just near by. It's close enough that I can just walk home for lunch even though I only have a 20 minute time slot. Almost all the time I stay on campus because caronport is 15 minutes away from the nearest place for anything else to do with entertainment and I don't have my license to drive anywhere. But I bet if anyone could they would.


The first time I remember doing lots of paper work and reading hand books and such but the next year wasn't bad at all. Mainly because they already had most of my information so all they had to do was get me to renew my transcript which I did very easily

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