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Reviews of Rowntree Montessori Schools (RMS)

Brampton, ON  |  Grades PS - 8  |  Shortlist


Topic: Overall Experience

Tatheer Abbas - Parent   (Aug 17, 2021)

My child's experience as a student in Rowntree Montessori Schools has been nothing but PHENOMENAL! For the first time when he stepped inside the doors of the school, he was extremely worried, nervous and shy but the principal made him feel at home. She talked as if he had been there for ages. I always saw my son going to school with extreme excitement! Not that he never got in trouble but the way he was guided, helped in boosting his confidence. The school caters to nearly ALL the needs of my son. There are various activities like STEM Project, Arts Festival, Speech night, Math Competition that he was engaged in, to help him refine his learning skills. Teachers not only focus on academics but work habits and ethics too. My son has usually been engaged in hands-on activities and best of all the majority of the projects are prepared in the class so I, as a parent did not feel burdened by project work. Administration and teaching staff are prompt towards my concerns or queries and never have I ever seen any frustration or agitation when an issue was raised, rather they always made sure I was listened to and tried to accommodate the requests or resolve a concern, etc. The school is also connected with other schools in many ways such as the International School Partnership (ISP) in the I am a Scientist group which helped my son to learn more about the environment making him conscious about taking care of the surroundings. Of course, when he gets in trouble or when he does not concentrate on his work he does feel disappointed and because he has traits of introvert he tends to close himself in a shell but I appreciate his teacher who is always highly alert and guides him to shine again. Never once has she ignored his silent cry for help! She reads his face and acts according to make him feel that he can be himself instead of closing up. My child is treated as an individual and his needs as a person and learner are taken under consideration. My son feels Appreciated, Guided, Happy, Loved, and Safe in school. What more can a parent ask?

Salima Gilani - Parent   (Dec 04, 2019)

My daughter has been in RMS since prep-one. Our experience with the school has been beyond excellent, from the moment she gets to school we can tell that she is excited and ready to learn. Rowntree offers an amazing STEM program which she loves but most of all she loves her teachers. My daughter also loves the free play time where she is encouraged to play with Montessori materials, read or do artwork. Its great to have this time for her to do independent work. The teachers at RMS are the best, they have helped instil so much confidence in her and encourage curiosity amongst the kids which in turn helps build a love for learning! The teachers have helped me as a parent identify my child's learning style and reinforce positive learning methods at home.

Tolu Oke - Parent   (Dec 04, 2019)

My child's experience at RMS Academy campus has so far been an exciting one. My child generally sees learning as fun and is always excited about any opportunity to learn new things and this is the kind of environment RMS Academy campus has provided him. He comes home daily talking about all the new, exciting stuff that he learnt or new places that he visited on field trips. He definitely loves his teachers, the subjects taught and his classmates. He also loves how most of the staff know him by name and always welcome him with a smile every morning. The school has made an avid learner even more interested in learning and I applaud them for this. As for disappointing moments, he hasn't had any yet!

Melicia Roberts - Parent   (May 24, 2019)

Rowntree Montessori School (RMS) has become my child's second home. The academic and intellectual development I have seen so far in him is exhilarating. My child has always been outspoken; however, his teachers at RMS has been doing a formidable task honing his social and emotional skills. The numerous activities my child participates in due to RMS' ongoing participation to train the students to be socially responsible citizens is one to laud the teaching and administrative staff for. My child's growth and refinement of cultural, sporting and artistic interests are way beyond his years. I am impressed with my child's overall experience thus far at RMS. It is always an interesting time as I listen to my child unpack his daily activities each night at the dinner table.

Zayne Thawer - Alumnus   (Jun 14, 2018)

I was a student at Rowntree Montessori Schools for almost 10 years, and in that time the biggest feeling that has stayed with me is the sense of being part of not just a supportive community, but a caring family. Every teacher, administrator, and staff member worked tirelessly to ensure all the students had an enriching school experience where we felt safe, valued, and, above all, like we belonged to a family. Rowntree Montessori Schools provided me with the foundation I needed to succeed academically, socially, and athletically along my journey through high school and university. One specific example of this is when I transitioned from RMS to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme in grade 9, and while I heard that this would be a very difficult academic transition, I did not find it difficult at all because of how well RMS trained me academically. From personal experience, I can confidently say that RMS gave me the tools and resources to reach my full potential, and as a prospective student, you can expect the same!

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