Reviews of Rowntree Montessori Schools (RMS)

Brampton, ON  |  Grades PS - 8  |  Shortlist


Topic: Students

Zayne Thawer - Alumnus   (Jun 14, 2018)

The student body at Rowntree Montessori Schools is relatively small, which creates an environment where most of the students know all the others. In terms of the general atmosphere of the student body, there was always a sense of being part of a tight-knit community that shared similar values, such as responsibility, hard work, humility, and respect. These values were demonstrated and advocated for by the school leadership, and taken to heart by every student that attended the school. As a result of Rowntree being a private school, the socio-economic background of students tended to be upper-middle class or above, however the ethnic backgrounds were very diverse. On the whole, the student body got along very well with there being nearly non-existent instances of bullying and disrespectful behaviour.

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Melicia Roberts - Parent   (May 24, 2019)

The diversity in the student body at RMS is a great representation of various ethnicity, which makes this institution a great place for students to thrive. The interesting mix of students also fosters an extremely accepting and open environment for my child to remain himself as he is challenged and encouraged to do his best. I can’t really picture any student that doesn't fit in at RMS. I love the friendly House League competitions that helps all the students to collaborate and build comradery to achieve a desired goal. I think the students are given the opportunities to build lasting relationships with their peers as they traverse this particular season of their lives. My child fits in perfectly and find his own niche of friends with common likes as he grows in his own. As an institution, I believe the student body stands out with their common passions and growing intellectualism.

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Salima Gilani - Parent   (Dec 04, 2019)

RMS has small class sizes, there are 9 students in my daughters class which means the teachers can cater to each child individually. When my daughter needs assistance one of the teacher is always ready to help I have witnessed the older kids at RMS help the younger kids whether it be during field trips, for academics or for concerts. This teaches responsibility and empathy. The kids are not only interacting with their class mates but others within the school as well The kids are great at showing school spirit and also competitivenese through the varioue challenges the school organizes such as spirit day, math bowl, soccer tournament etc. My daughter shows great pride in being an RMS student and I have noticed others in her class do so too

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Tolu Oke - Parent   (Dec 04, 2019)

The student body is very impressive. I particularly love how the senior kids are involved in helping out the younger kids e.g. helping them out of their parents cars and escorting them to their respective classes as well as overseeing the pick ups of younger students at the end of school day. The atmosphere of the student body is one of confidence, leadership, mentorship and looking out for one another all in a very respectful manner. You can see the spirit of oneness, genuine positive interaction, empathy and respect of each other's personal space among the students while they carry themselves with a level of self-confidence and self-worth that is worth applauding and emulating. Kudos to RMS for making sure all students embodies this culture at all grades.

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