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Review by: Krence Dizon - Parent (Jun 09, 2022)

"I find that the academic program in Signet Christian School is very balanced."

Student Experience

My son loves Signet, he loves his classmates, the teachers and the lessons. This school has a very enriching Christian learning environment and community. As parents, we love the fact that all staff take the time to know each child. My son loves to play with kids from all grade levels, he's grown to love academics and physical activities. I know that my son has a good experience at school because he would often come home to talk about his teachers and classmates. My son is able to tell both me and my wife all about his activities at school and what he is currently learning. My son would often ask to stay longer after school to play with his friends, which tells us that he loves to spend time at school. He's grown to develop his focus on learning and communication during his short time at Signet Christian School.

School Leadership

What stands out about the school leadership and administration is the staff's focus and care for the children. All teachers and admin staff are all caring and nurture our child's early development. Staff are very fast to address any issues that come up. Communication between Parents and Staff is seamless. Parents are fully aware of all school activities, current curriculum and all-important notices to be addressed. Signet Christian School has very strong leadership that foster a loving environment. Student and teacher communications are strong as well.


The teaching at Signet is impeccable, my son started the school year struggling to read, write and do math. Just a few months into the school year, the teacher gave us (parents) advice specifically on what to work on to improve my son's skills. My son greatly improved in his short time at Signet. I could see now my son has the joy for learning. He's even working on advanced-level workbooks. The teachers all have personalized recommendations and advice about how to help our son improve in his school work. Together, us parents and the teachers partner to help our kids to learn. I feel that the teachers here at Signet are all closely involved in the student's learning. Signet specializes in the Abeka curriculum which is far superior to the current curriculum taught in public schools. This was one of the reasons why we chose to send our son to Signet.


The school's strength is definitely its academic program. I find that the academic program in Signet Christian School is very balanced, with Math, Reading, Writing, Bible, Physical Activity and Music Curriculum that is based on the Abeka curriculum. This Curriculum with the help of teachers helps build the academic skills of Kindergarteners. Another strength of Signet's academic program is its focus to teach not just academic skills but also practical skills that are especially helpful for young learners. My son has learned many everyday skills that are essential to his stage of development. My son has learned strong interpersonal skills, and the school's culture has cultivated strong spiritual formation for young kids through Bible lessons. Signet has a very caring and nurturing atmosphere, staff and children all communicate and work together.


There are many extracurricular opportunities offered at Signet. My son would often talk about all the sports and games he played and experienced at school. He's also able to express the importance of teamwork and communication through the sports and games they play which is essential. We do feel that there could be more extracurriculars to be offered in the future.


My son is attending Signet. If you have any doubts please go and see Mrs. Dume and she will put you at ease. I am blessed to work with the teachers and to see the student body in this school. The student body is very diverse. small class sizes offer a good teacher-to-student ratio. What stands out about the general atmosphere of the student body is that students cooperate and are very friendly to each other. The students know each other by name, a very healthy student body culture, and they all get along well. Never had any issues regarding the students. My son would often talk about all the friends he made at school. Very positive and safe student body. Students play and interact well together.

School Location

Signet Christian School is conveniently located near Bessarion Station and at a major intersection. Very easy access in the center of the city. School can be easily accessed via car and public transit. This is one of the reasons why we made the decision to send our son to Signet. Both I and my wife can take turns sending our kid to school due to its excellent accessibility.


My son loves Signet Christian School very much – from the teachers to the students to the challenging curriculum. Signet integrates compassion into their teaching standards, emphasizes the importance of values, and builds leaders through each of their classes and lessons. The community is another strong aspect of the school, all parents work well and communicate via the School chat to solve and offer recommendations regarding school initiatives. The School's social media also helps to showcase the School's strong community. We feel a strong sense of community through the communication channels offered by the school. We never feel left out or miss any opportunities to participate in upcoming school events. All are very enthusiastic to offer each other support. Signet Christian School has a very strong Christian community, there is a strong emphasis to represent Christ in every aspect of the community.

School Life

Though it is a small school, it allows for a lower student-to-teacher ratio, giving children more confidence when asking questions, engaging in group activities, and opportunities for one-on-one time with the teachers. Teachers are passionate about seeing their students succeed. They are so great about sharing moments of pride they see within your child – their good behaviors and achievements; and they know the importance of getting the parents involved should an issue arise, and do it in a very respectful, approachable manner. Signet brings out the best in every child by tapping into their individual strengths while creating an environment of kindness, responsibility, and leadership. Our family is so grateful for our Signet family. Great student life, all students excel and are well developed for practical life skills and spiritual foundation. Great team – great school!

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