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Topic: Community

Andrew Gonzalez - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

St. Jude’s Academy definitely welcomes parents into their community. They host various events throughout the year such as science fairs, BBQs and their annual Christmas concert. I appreciate the school opening their doors frequently to see how my child has engaged within the school community. St. Jude’s Academy also has parent-teacher interviews where I have discussed my child’s development with his respective teachers. His teachers have been very welcoming and we frequently have discussions with each other when I see them in the morning when dropping off my child at school.

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Jenny Chai - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

Although we are new to the school, it does seem that that there are many opportunities for parents to be involved in the life of the school. Each class has a ‘bake sale’ and parents are encouraged to bake with their children. There are school trips, BBQs, competitions and presentations that happen on a regular basis. We are very excited about the upcoming Christmas concert and we are looking forward to seeing what the different classes have prepared.

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Lyne El-Husseini - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

The community at St. Jude's continues to expand in many ways. The school feels like home to everyone. With colourful classrooms and shared tables, teamwork and sharing are two important qualities that are highlighted at the school. This has contributed to so many friendships that keep getting better. People that have already graduated often come back to visit the school to help out and they reminisce about the good experiences they had at SJA. This proves how much of a “home” this school can be for people. From the Headmaster to the teachers and staff, everyone is supportive and encouraging, so there is no way for someone not to feel like this school is home.

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Orlando Scarlett - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

St. Jude's prides itself on community involvement, and integrating all the members of the school. The staff is actively involved in helping the students, and we as students connect very well. When a student is enrolled, he or she is placed into a house, where there are community building exercises such as house games. The house games we partake in build a great sense of community. All students from K-12 get to know each other. Administration encourages teamwork, and this shows among the students. We are involved in our external community. The school takes on many humanitarian projects, such as donating to Syrian refugees, and contributing to several charities. Personally, St. Jude's is like a home away from home. I am sure this feeling is common among other students. We feel encouraged and motivated in the morning to go to school, and bond with members of our second family.

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Farah Ahmad - Alumnus   (Feb 23, 2018)

My class, class of 2016-2017, was the first graduating class from St. Jude's Academy. As a result, we did not engage with any alumni. However, the following years are engaged with the alumni, as some other students and myself still visit the school and support it. Parents are encouraged to be part of St. Jude's Academy community and to attend musical or theatre performances. Furthermore, St. Jude's Academy has a parent guild that hold meetings regularly that parents are encouraged to be part of for the improvement of their child's experience at St. Jude's Academy. Also, these meetings cover any concerns or issues that the parents wish the school to solve. I am still in touch with some of my closest friends at St. Jude's Academy. We see each other a lot and we talk on a regular basis. It is a community that still supports.

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Yousra Al Mograbi - Student   (Jan 24, 2018)

Everyone at St. Jude’s is supportive of one another. The accepting and affable teachers and students interact a lot with each other to increase the school’s spirit. The small community makes everyone closer to each other no matter what grade or age. Everyone has something to contribute to the school. In return, respect is given to all of us as well. Everyone is heard, appreciated, and loved. We grow as a family at SJA and we make friends that last a lifetime, which is what high school is all about. Everyone I know that has left the school has looked back with gratitude for being a place where positive energy, excellent education, and a comfortable environment was offered.

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Rola Abunowara - Parent   (Jan 24, 2018)

Parents work alongside the staff and administrators to successfully plan many of the events at SJA. Some examples include the Bake Sales, the Science Fair, the Book Fair, and many of the movie and dance nights. As a parent, it was lovely being able to meet, and personally get to know the other parents at the school. I remember after our initial tour at SJA two years ago, I connected via telephone with another mother at the school, whom I had never met. I wanted to get an honest opinion on the school. Her outlook then, is exactly what mine is now – I would highly recommend St. Jude’s Academy for any parent who wants to give their child a strong education, that combines a nurturing, but challenging, environment.

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Hazel DeFrancesco - Parent   (Jun 02, 2020)

I think for the most part, parents at St. Jude's do have a common goal for their kids. Which is, to provide them with a quality education that will prepare them for the real world. It is this common goal that makes this school and its community special. There is plenty of opportunity for parents to be involved in different aspects of the school. I think it is up to each parent to decide how much or how little they want to be a part of that. I can walk through the school and one of any number of teachers there will stop me and talk about my child's latest accomplishment or have a funny story to tell me. Whether they were in his/her classroom or not. This makes me feel like I am part of the school.

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