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Topic: School Leadership

Andrew Gonzalez - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

The administrative staff at St. Jude’s are very kind and supportive. They are always quick and efficient in answering my questions and are very helpful and understanding to my situation. The principal and vice-principal of St. Jude’s are always looking for ways to improve the school while attempting to address any issues that occur. I have not had any issues while at St. Jude’s and I am very comfortable in leaving my child in this fun and safe environment.

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Jenny Chai - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

Our son’s teacher has been great at demonstrating a great balance in disciplining and guiding his behavior when he or his schoolmates act out (which they do at times.) Issues are dealt with immediately and appropriately and we, as parents, are kept informed. The teachers and administration are easily accessible to discuss any issues or questions that we have. We have also noticed that our son has been encouraged to adopt and practice certain valuable life traits, which pleases us a great deal.

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Lyne El-Husseini - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

At St. Jude's Academy, the administration team is outstanding. Everyone is always ready to assist and help at anytime. Teachers and guidance counsellors are always available to talk and help academically and mentally. The level of discipline is remarkable, I have not encountered any situation where someone was disrespectful to anyone else. The school leaders incorporate values and education together to ensure that all the students are future global citizens (which is what the IB program offered is all about.) A positive and energetic environment seems to flow naturally at SJA. The students feel a sense of belonging to the school. The parents are also a part of the leadership; many of the families help in organizing extracurricular programs, meal plans, and sports teams.

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Orlando Scarlett - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

All levels of staff at St. Jude's genuinely care about the student population. This translates into a very measured approached to leading that is readily noticeable by everyone. The culture within the school assimilates that of an upside pyramid, with staff acting as a support system for students. The teachers have an open door policy and students have mentors in each and every teacher to turn to for academic and personal support. As a member of the varsity soccer team for the third consecutive year, I am still amazed by the fact the headmaster finds time into his busy schedule to attend several soccer practices. The school also affords students a lot of freedom without compromising discipline. We feel like we have a voice, and our desires are always acknowledged, if not met.

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Farah Ahmad - Alumnus   (Feb 23, 2018)

St. Jude's Academy has a consistent high expectation and ambition for the success of their students. The school is focused relentlessly on improving the teaching and learning quality and the students' experience. St. Jude's Academy administration team and staff treated every student equally and always promoted rich opportunities for learning both within and out of the classroom. They were integrated into our community and this made them all approachable. They were listeners and always wanted to help to ensure the continual student improvement and school improvement. They were friendly and respectful and always responded to problems appropriately when informed. St. Jude's Academy administration staff treated disciplinary issues in a very polite and respectful manner and always took time to listen before proceeding with any sanctions or informing the parents. Communicating with the parents was appreciated by the students, as the school was always able to do it effectively. Furthermore, the privacy of the student in question was also respected, when dealing with an issue that impacts the schools' community at large. St. Jude's Academy administration team were basically loved and respected and played a very important role in the improvement of the school's community.

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Yousra Al Mograbi - Student   (Jan 24, 2018)

At St. Jude’s Academy the teachers, head of school and administrative team are inspirational. When students see that they have the right leadership skills it only makes us want to be like them –leaders. They are always ready to help and to be there for students in need. They are kind, educated, and much more. These are qualities that a good leader has, and from what I have seen these past two years, all St. Jude’s teachers have these qualities within them. They each express it in a different way, which is great to see because we learn in different ways to lead and how to lead the right way. Parents are also part of helping students build their leadership skills; they have made a parents guild which allows parents to plan events for the students and get involved in school events.

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Rola Abunowara - Parent   (Jan 24, 2018)

The administrative members of SJA work together to make the school a truly enriching setting. The Principal, Vice Principal, teachers, IB Coordinators, and all the support staff are outgoing and approachable. As a parent, I never felt a problem was too small or insignificant to approach any of those listed. Any questions or concerns are treated with the utmost respect, regardless of whom I spoke with. The staff work alongside parents to inspire the greatest educational experiences for the students. The student body is diverse and celebrated. Many staff members take part in leading the various extracurricular activities the school offers, which include sports teams, dance, yoga, or piano lessons to name a few.

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Hazel DeFrancesco - Parent   (Jun 02, 2020)

In the past, the leadership at the school has been inconsistent. However, the changes made for the 2019/2020 school year have been phenomenal. I feel well connected with what the school has planned and what activities and learnings my children are going to be undertaking. There is now a sense of community and a positive direction that I feel will make this school successful. I am confident that if the school continues with the current leadership in place, the sky's the limit for St. Jude's.

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