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Topic: School Life

Andrew Gonzalez - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

My child has really enjoyed going to St. Jude’s Academy. He has told me that St. Jude’s Academy is a fun place where he has made many new friends. I believe that the school has done a good job of balancing the implementation of the curriculum with having a good time together. Through school events and extra-curriculars, it seems that students have a good time getting along with each other. I would encourage prospective families to inquire about things such as school events, policies, academics and such before making their decision about enrolling their children in St. Jude’s Academy.

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Jenny Chai - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

Our son seems quite happy with student life at St. Jude’s. There are a variety of activities (international day, science fair, Terry Fox Run etc.) where he gets a chance to interact with the rest of the school including learning how to work with and learn from old children.

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Lyne El-Husseini - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

Each student is placed in a house at the beginning of the year in which we participate in activities to interact with everyone and build a better sense of community. I love the idea of being close to everyone there because I know that every person is going to positively impact my life. I never thought that going to school or working on my education would be fun until I joined this school. St. Jude’s is very well maintained, and all our needs are met. Students feel emotionally, mentally, and physically comfortable because of the school's lifestyle. It's an honour to attend a place where I can work on expanding myself, while I feel safe, meet great people, and get a top-notch education.

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Orlando Scarlett - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

The school community is very tranquil, and fit for learning. When we are not in class we socialize with peers in the common area, play sports on the sports fields, or read in the library. In spring or summer, we often enjoy the outdoors. We were all placed in houses when we were admitted into the school, and houses often compete throughout the school year. There are multiple house competitions which vary in nature; some are academic, while some others are sports-related. This adds to the buzz and excitement within the school, with each house challenging for the title each year. As the school grows, I expect the school life to grow with it. For now, however, there is an aura of learning and connecting within the school.

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Farah Ahmad - Alumnus   (Feb 23, 2018)

The number of hours I spent there are some of the most vivid memories that I have. It is quite surprising to me the fact that I spent more time there than at home. I loved being there for a couple more of extra hours after school for extracurricular activities. I loved being there talking to my teachers about anything. I loved being there because I was surrounded by students who were passionate and helpful in every way possible. I loved being there because I felt it was just like home. I believe my classmates and other students did enjoy their time. St. Jude's Academy is always up to the task when it comes to improving student's life and their experience. The year that I was in St. Jude's Academy, the biggest struggle was the slow internet. However, as soon as the student union mentioned it, the school dealt with the issue. As a grade 12 who was applying for university and trying to maintain high grades, I certainly felt some stress. However, the stress did not impact my social life. Instead, it made me closer to the teachers and my friends, who were always there supporting an helping as much as they could.

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Yousra Al Mograbi - Student   (Jan 24, 2018)

St. Jude’s has made a fun and interactive environment for the students by putting us each in a house at the beginning of the year. You’re in this house for as long as you’re at St. Jude’s, this helps us build friendships with the other students in the school. Every Friday, a house leader has to come up with a game for all us for play and compete against each other. It’s a fun way to end the week and it helps us come together as a school.

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Rola Abunowara - Parent   (Jan 24, 2018)

St. Jude’s Academy allows its students to be surrounded by caring staff, and parents. It is not uncommon to walk down the halls and see parents helping children, other than their own, unpack their bags, or simply help them on days they are missing their parents. My son is always greeted by other parents and kids from older grades. The school has two gyms, an auditorium, a music room, and a science lab (to name a few). The campus offers a large soccer field outside, where students play and parents chat after school, during the nicer-weathered months. They run around laughing and playing tag, while solidifying eternal relationships, and building their self-confidence.

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Hazel DeFrancesco - Parent   (Jun 02, 2020)

Overall, my kids do enjoy going to school. If I have an issue, I always feel like I can go to the teachers or principal and I feel that I am being heard. I can't control what the school does or what decision they ultimately make, but I do feel that I have a voice. I think the best way to see if St. Jude's is right for you and your child, is to have them attend an actual day at the school. They can see other students at the school and see how a typical school day will actually look like.

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