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Topic: Teaching

Andrew Gonzalez - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

The teachers at St. Jude’s Academy are always looking for ways to challenge the students in an attempt for students to get the most out of their education. I believe that this is a challenging, but rewarding experience. The learning support team has aided in helping my child overcome his academic difficulties. Another aspect I love about St. Jude’s Academy is the small class size ratios that they have. A major reason why I switched my son to a private school was because of the large classroom sizes where students would receive less individualized attention. At St. Jude’s, students get more individual support, with more one-to-one help. The teachers also have teaching assistants to help the students get the most out of their education.

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Jenny Chai - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

We are extremely happy with the quality of instruction that our son is provided by the teachers at St. Jude’s Academy. The feedback we received throughout the term and more recently, in his first report card made it clear that our son is well-observed. The report card comments related specifically to our son rather than the generalized statements that we often find in “feedback” we’ve received from other institutions in the past.

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Lyne El-Husseini - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

The teachers at St. Jude's are one-of-a-kind. Professional and supportive, they make every student feel worthy at the school. They believe in each one of us and work hard to make us reach our full potential. Since the classes are relatively small, every student gets the full attention they require in the class. All the teachers are very dedicated to the school and their work, hence the extra help offered by them at anytime. We are all treated with respect regardless of what grade we’re in, and that creates a very healthy relationship between the students and teachers. There were some subjects that I disliked in the past but I’ve learned to love them this year all because of the teachers' engagement, humour, and friendliness.

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Orlando Scarlett - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

St. Jude's academic staff is very well-learned and flexible in the way lessons are conducted. Teachers acknowledge that different students learn at a different pace and adapt classes to match everyone's needs. Personally, I love to be challenged and the teachers are not hesitant to present me with tricky questions to ensure I am engaged in learning. The classroom is not very bureaucratic, and the ideas of each student contribute to the progression of the learning process. The teachers, especially in the scientific department, are not dogmatic; rather than implying that they know everything, they encourage students to challenge their beliefs and explore more empirical academic resources. One of my favourite aspects of the teaching style at St. Jude's is the hands-on approach to learning. We frequently have outdoor educational excursions and we conduct our own experiments to test even generally-accepted facts. I will certainly miss my teachers upon graduating as they have vastly contributed to my development not only as a student, but a person.

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Farah Ahmad - Alumnus   (Feb 23, 2018)

St. Jude's Academy teachers brought back my faith in teachers again. At St. Jude's Academy, the teachers, devote a great amount of effort to the student's daily teaching activities and in helping their students improve in every way possible. They have an amazing energy and a great sense of humor that I had never experienced before coming to St. Jude's Academy. They all have a real passion for teaching, and it shows through subtle contamination of energy among the students while in class. The students were connected, and we bonded to make class great, light and enjoyable together! The relationship between the students and the teachers is a mix of Formal and informal with mutual respect from both ends, which was one of the things I liked about the school. That being said, the teachers at St. Jude's Academy always remained open and receptive to comments and questions all day and year long. Also, the effectively communicated and constructive feedback that I received from my teachers was one of the ways that I was able to improve myself. This supportive quality did not stop the day I graduated, but, in fact, two of them are still very supportive and continue to have a positive impact on my academic and personal development. These are the ones that I consider my champions, and I'm always keen to stay in touch with the St. Jude's community. St. Jude's Academy teachers are truly gifted. It was just incredible to see the different approach to teaching.

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Yousra Al Mograbi - Student   (Jan 24, 2018)

The teachers at St. Jude’s Academy are very supportive and kind, you can really feel that they are helping you from their heart and only want what’s best for their students. I definitely feel that the teachers want what’s best for me and that they try to push all their students to the extent of their abilities. They have qualities such as kindness, organization, preparedness at all times, humor and much more. These are qualities that students will need to take with them to university. The teachers at St. Jude’s prepare us for university regardless of how hard it will be. They treat us all as equals and make us feel that we are all important, this allows us to create appropriate relationships between the student and the teacher.

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Rola Abunowara - Parent   (Jan 24, 2018)

The teachers and supporting staff at St. Jude’s Academy hold a special place in our hearts. My son is currently completing his second year at SJA and absolutely adores the staff. The teachers are deeply committed to giving the students the best educational experiences, while challenging them to do their very best every day. Walking down the halls with my son during his first year at the school, I was shocked to see that all teachers knew the names of the entire student body. This was heartwarming to know that he would be in a caring and nurturing atmosphere, that acted as his home away from home. The educators at SJA are always willing to offer extra help and support if they find a student struggling with any part of the academic curriculum, but are also respectful of children’s sensitive nature when they are feeling lost or confused. Teachers create lessons that embrace the diverse learning styles of students. Field trips occur a few times a year, per grade, and are facilitated through the collaboration of the instructors, enabling enrichment of the curriculum.

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Hazel DeFrancesco - Parent   (Jun 02, 2020)

The IB program is definitely what attracted us to St. Jude's Academy. And, now that my children have been completely immersed in the IB world, we know it was the right decision to make. There are some amazing and outstanding teachers at St. Jude's Academy who have constantly demonstrated their passion and knowledge year after year. They have shown compassion, respect, and what hard work really looks like. My children will remember these teachers forever and look back on the lessons they were taught inside and outside of the classroom. They are the guiding light for some of the newer teachers at the school. I always feel like I can go to any teacher or faculty member at any time if I have any concerns.

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