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Topic: Academics

Layla Li - Parent   (Jun 02, 2020)

The academic level at Sunrise Montessori School adequately prepares your child for the next steps and beyond. The educators at Sunrise Montessori are knowledgeable with regards to the standards of each stage in a child’s academic life. All of the teachers ensure that they will learn what they need in order to move onto the next stage. My daughter learnt her phonetic sounds, numbers, colours, shapes and how to use the potty when in the Toddler Classroom. When she moved to the Casa classroom, she was fully potty trained! She also continued with her phonetic sounds, which allowed her to build words with the movable alphabets and even started with simple math. She also learned how to hold and pencil and eventually write with a pencil. She learnt about the world and its components (geography), science etc, and while learning she also made lots of friends while having fun. The academic level progressed with difficulty as she grew older and into the JK/SK program. She was constantly being challenged and learning from it all.

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Michelle Toh - Parent   (Jun 02, 2020)

They specialized in Practical Life, Math, Language, Culture, and Sensorial. I am impressed by the presentation of the classroom teacher where the children actually benefited from Practical Life. They use their motor skills to help coordinate their movements and this helps them to acquire independence. My child also developed their hand-eye coordination and the concept of sequencing. In Language, I saw how my child started to learn the phonetic sounds and eventually building the short phonetic words. Seeing him reading afterward amazed me. My child also learned verbs, adverbs, singular, plural, diagraphs, articles and etc. In Math, when I look through his workbook, I've seen what was taught in school. They learned about quantities, symbols, and also the combination of both. They used colored beads. Each color bead correlates with a number. The children also learn about the decimal system where they learn to do static addition, multiplication, and division. I saw how my child learned about the map of Canada. He will come home stating the provinces and territories.

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Ivan Li - Parent   (Aug 07, 2020)

My previous paragraph covers the academic success my son had with Sunrise Montessori. They're a great school. I would certainly recommend the school to any family, friend or even anyone that had any interest. I have yet to come across any weaknesses within their teaching style. What I did notice, which is something I admire about Sunrise, is the fact that they cater to ever child's needs. Some kids in the class were far more advanced than my child and some kids were much less developed than my child. There were many differences with the maturity of each child, yet they managed to focus on every child's development. In the end, every child was able to grow beyond the state which they started.

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Lily Ho - Parent   (Aug 07, 2020)

Sunrise Montessori School follows the Montessori curriculum, which encompasses practical life, language, math, sensorial and culture. Within Practical Life, my daughter has learnt basic skills (hand-eye coordination, concentration, sense of order, independence and fine/gross motor skills). In Language, my daughter learnt the phonetic sounds, which has helped her in building words and reading them. In Math, my daughter was taught the numbers, how to count and short bead stairs which allowed her to complete simple addition questions. In Sensorial, the children are provided with activities which will stimulate their 5 senses. One day, my daughter picked up both sunscreen sprays and told me, "Mommy, this one is almost done, very light". Within Culture, my daughter learned about her surroundings, for instance, the parts of the flower while we were at the park. These are just a few examples of what my daughter has learnt within the past year. All of the teachers are dedicated in what they do on a daily basis. Through this, I believe that my daughter will be prepared for her life's next steps.

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Angel Li - Parent   (Oct 06, 2020)

Sunrise Montessori School practices the Montessori Philosophy. This encompasses the five different avenues (Practical Life, Language, Math, Sensorial and Culture). There is also a drama center within the classroom. On a daily basis, the children are taught to be independent and well-rounded individuals. Their daily learning will prepare them for their next steps in life. Situated in Markham, they have a strong academic standard as well. Being an Asian parent myself, I find academics are very important. It is very important for my child to learn the basics and much more. The children are also taught to work in a collaborative setting. This is carried out by having group projects where the children will work together. I can say that I am very satisfied with what she has accomplished this past year.

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