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Roundtable Q&A Discussion About The Country Day School (2022)

The Country Day School alumni, current students, and parents shared their insights on the school’s culture, values, strengths, and weaknesses. Hear what Jose Torreabla, Carly, Priya had to say about the school.

Highlights from the Q&A discussion

Jose Torreabla — alum

Jose, alumnus of CDS, shares his appreciation of the school, highlighting its diverse opportunities and supportive community. He is currently pursuing a double major in computer science and business at Western University, and anticipates his forthcoming role as a software engineer at Goldman Sachs.

  • What I really enjoyed about my time at CDS was the opportunity it gave students to engage in lots of different extracurricular activities, not just in an academic sense. I was fortunate enough to get involved in academic, athletic, and artistic clubs, which served me well, especially in the business side of my education. Participating in plays and developing public speaking skills has been hugely helpful post-secondary.

  • What sets CDS apart from other schools is its ability to provide a rich and varied experience across multiple dimensions, including academics, athletics, and the arts. Unlike other schools that focus on one particular area, CDS excels in offering breadth and depth in each of these areas. Having personally been involved with these pillars, I can attest to their high quality and the excellent experiences they offered, making CDS a unique entity in the educational space.

  • One of the things I appreciated about CDS was the availability of Advanced Placement courses. I took advantage of this while I was at CDS, which gave me a cushion during the transitional period to university. I could feel the difference in the first year of university, where some of my peers were learning things for the first time, but I had already covered some of these concepts at CDS. This made the transition smoother, and I am still appreciative of it.

  • Coming into CDS purely for the high school period, 2013 to 2017, was a significant personal development experience for me. Initially, I was a bit shy and never saw myself joining a student leadership group. But being involved in the grade representatives and student council transformed me in a good way, allowing me to participate in various events and fostering positive personal development. I am very grateful for this experience, which I carry with me now.

  • This nurturing environment is not everywhere, and that makes me grateful for my time at CDS. The school is accepting, welcoming people from all walks of life and fostering interaction between genders, which is crucial for later life. The school is supportive, it provides guidance not just through counsellors but also through teachers and coaches, which ensures that students always have someone to turn to for help or discussion.

  • To the current students at CDS, I’d encourage them to try different things, even academically, and don’t be afraid to fail. For me, venturing into computer science, a field I wasn't initially interested in, changed the trajectory of my life. I urge students to take advantage of the support system CDS offers and not to shy away from failure, as it can lead to discovering new interests and learning valuable lessons.

Carly — alum

Carly, an alumna of the Country Day School, shares her views on her enriching experience since joining in Grade 7. Now at UBC Sauder School of Business specialising in Organisational Behavior and Human Resources, she appreciates CDS's nurturing environment, the opportunities it offered, and the supportive community that encouraged personal growth and pushed her beyond her comfort zone.

  • I think one of the biggest things about CDS is just how much the staff cares. It's something that I really appreciated while I was there, and the fact that all my teachers were able to cater to my learning style stood out to me. I'm a fairly visual and kinesthetic learner, so I like to touch and move things around. I don't recall a class where we didn't have accommodations for that, which is something I don't experience as much in university, making it more challenging.

  • I would say the opportunities that CDS offers are just amazing. There's something for everyone. The quality, whether it's sciences, sports, or arts that you're interested in, is all available. I've had the opportunity to travel in almost every aspect of those. I've travelled with sports teams, went to Peru for an outdoor education trip that gave me a different perspective on life, and also travelled with the music department to Germany. These experiences have given me a broad range of amazing life experiences that I will take with me for a very long time, if not forever, experiences I wouldn't have had elsewhere.

  • Speaking to people my age who went to other schools, they just don't have the same experiences at their schools. This is something I will always appreciate about CDS, because I grew significantly as a person during those experiences.

  • If I had to describe CDS, I'd choose the words enthusiastic and adventurous, because the school embraces all kinds of people and is excited to interact with different personalities. The teachers are eager to explore various opportunities with you. The environment at CDS is understanding and supportive. Whenever I struggled in any area, teachers would reach out without hesitation to assist me, helping me thrive throughout my time there.

  • One of the surprising elements that families I've spoken to find about CDS is how much it pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have always been fairly outgoing, participating in plays and public speaking without issue. However, the music department recognized my fear of singing solo, a fear that was challenged when I was asked to sing the Canadian national anthem at an assembly. Despite my nerves, the supportive community encouraged me, which is a testament to the personal attention and individual growth that the school encourages.

  • I would encourage newcomers to get involved with the community. CDS offers a myriad of clubs and activities to explore. If you're commuting by bus, you're encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, a push that led me to discover my love for softball, among other things. Taking advantage of both the academic and extracurricular opportunities CDS offers will help you find passions and interests you might not have expected to enjoy. Even engaging in courses that might not seem directly relevant can offer enriching experiences and perspectives.

Priya — current parent

Priya, a parent at the Country Day School, shared her perspective on the school's inclusive environment, varied extracurricular activities, and the nurturing approach of teachers, emphasising its role in her children's well-rounded development and successful transition to university.

  • I have loved each and every moment of the school, even before my kids started here. We are in our 7th year. My younger son started in Grade 6, so we got the Junior School experience, middle school experience, and high school. My older son is in first year medical school at Queen’s University at the moment. Because I'm such a fan of the school, I was asked to sit on the board of directors two years ago, which is a privilege and an honour.

  • The school has far exceeded my expectations. I wanted my children to be here, and the only way they were going to be able to come here is if you make busing work. I appreciate that the staff goes above and beyond to make sure the school works for families. We were looking for a school that offers education with balance.

  • My children were exposed to a variety of activities, which has truly shaped who they are. I really do believe the experiences my kids had at the school encouraged them to thrive. The smaller school environment meant the teachers knew who they were and could personally encourage them to try new activities, even those that were out of their comfort zone. This individualised attention truly helped them grow and develop in various aspects, including art, culture, travel, science, and technology.

  • The welcoming and inclusive nature of CDS is one of its many amazing qualities. It feels like a big hug from a grandparent, creating an environment where everyone, including my child who joined in Grade 6 with a lot of anxiety, was embraced and encouraged to participate in various activities. This inclusive approach ensures no one is left behind, fostering different learning styles and accommodating everyone.

  • The range of activities available at the school is, indeed, overwhelming but in a good way. Whether it's arts, science, debating, robotics, or other extracurricular activities, there's so much for the children to experience. It offers them opportunities to explore new interests, sometimes even leading them to discover passions they were unaware of.

  • The close-knit family environment at the school, facilitated by small class sizes, means that teachers and administrators are outgoing and genuinely care about students and their families. They are aware of situations in extended families and are always ready to provide support when needed, making things much easier for families during challenging times.

  • The transition to university was not challenging for my children, thanks to the teaching style at CDS which fosters self-direction and encourages students to step out of their comfort zone. This approach prepared them well for the academic and extracurricular challenges they faced at university, allowing them to take on various roles and opportunities seamlessly.

  • When we were looking for a school, it was crucial that the institution mirrored our family values. CDS encourages hard work and continuous improvement rather than just focusing on the final marks. The school is also actively involved in community activities in King Township, fostering a sense of community involvement and responsibility in students.

  • The holistic approach of CDS to education was a perfect fit for us. We wanted our children to be well-rounded individuals, and the school’s philosophy aligned well with ours.


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