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Topic: Academics

Nadia King - Parent   (Sep 12, 2019)

Our children attended The Giles School but have subsequently moved to another school. As the students learn and operate 2 years above their grade level and can speak 3 different languages (English, French and Mandarin), my children had no difficulty being accepted and transitioning to their new school. Their new teachers remarked how educationally advanced they were, that they were not afraid to try something new and their work habits were already well-developed for their ages. As the children are exposed to public speaking and performing in front of the school from the beginning, they do not shy away from standing on stage and presenting a poem, a song, dance etc. in front of others. This is a skill that will serve them well as they grow up. Thank you to the Giles’ faculty for providing my children with a solid, superior educational foundation!

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A Cheung - Parent   (May 21, 2020)

The academic program is well-organized. The teachers started with basic skills and moved on to knowledge and skills that are more solid. For instance, Grade 1 students learn about coins, telling time, short stories in French, etc. which is appropriate, meaningful, and practical for them. These are applicable in students’ real-life experience and thus they can be easily and regularly connected to. Another strength of the academic program is that it seems to be flexible and adaptive. The teachers and the academic program coordinator seem to have shown a high level of awareness to monitor the students’ learning progress as well as the community updates. Accordingly, new materials such as the science of soap and worldview for different countries are introduced to students to widen their horizons. We find such a strong academic culture and atmosphere enhances our child’s academic development effectively.

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Lianne Assal - Parent   (May 21, 2020)

The academic program at The Giles School can best be described as advanced and rigorous. The academic program is what attracted my family to the school in the first place and it has surpassed our expectations. The curriculum is drawn from around the world so that the children are given the best education possible. The children are learning at several grade levels above their current grade in school. They receive regular classes in three languages: French, English and Mandarin. I know that each and every day my children will be challenged. The children thrive at this school. Despite the challenging nature of the academic program, the effective teaching methods enable the students to move through the program with ease.

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Lauren Dade - Parent   (May 21, 2020)

The Academic program at The Giles School is very strong. When my older child applied to her secondary grade nine schools, she was accepted to all that she applied to (including UTS, SC, BH), and I attribute her academic success to her learning at the Giles School. Subjects are taught in a thoughtful and caring way, and the children learn to an advanced level. Children are still sent home with work that is appropriate to their grade and current abilities. Parents have a chance to see what their child is learning and how their child is progressing. The Giles School is open to all children, but it doesn't mean it is a perfect fit for all children, so this environment may be more challenging for a child who struggles with their learning. All areas of French, English, Math, and Science are very strong (children are typically grades ahead when assessed on the Canadian Test of Basic Skills). Children learn public speaking, both in French and English, through preparing and presenting individual speeches, as well as through formal debate in the upper grades. The best of worldwide teaching approaches and materials are used across subjects. I'm in the area of education, and whenever I have tried to bring Vice-Principal's attention to a new teaching approach or curriculum, she is already familiar with it! It is a small school, and although it is more challenging to offer a breadth of Arts classes, they manage to bring in specialists to teach Art (focusing on indigenous topics or environmental issues for example), Drama in French, and there is a regular music program. The children learn how to read and play music, but it is certainly not an "arts" school, and sometimes the focus on the instruments change from year to year, so my children played different instruments over the years, including ukulele, recorder, guitar, drums, saxophone, trombone, and violin - so exposed to many instruments, master of none. We were happy to have the continued inclusion of music and arts within our children's learning experience, even with the variability. My children said the music learning went from beginner to high level, depending on the musical knowledge and expertise of the student.

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Golnar Elgammal - Parent   (Jun 02, 2020)

The Giles School provides a very well-rounded academic program. In the first few years, the kids are fully immersed in French, which allows them to become fluent extremely quickly. I was initially concerned about my son falling behind in English because of the strong emphasis on French, but with the introduction of English class in grade 2, there were no issues at all. The academic program has a strong emphasis on subjects like Math and Science but does not neglect Music and Arts. The Giles School has a great Music program with a very passionate Music teacher. One of the things I value the most about the Giles School is the fact that, while they provide all the support and care a student could need, they also place a great deal of responsibility on the children. Children learn early on to stay organized, prioritize their work, to figure out how to get the help they need. I find this an invaluable aspect of the program that is sure to help the students later on in life.

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Brenda Lee - Parent   (Jul 14, 2020)

For grade 6, we did make the decision to move my son to another school in the hopes of transitioning him to a slightly large school environment. He lasted 6 weeks before we made the decision to return him to Giles. The educational curriculum at Giles is second to none. It's a great balance between the core subjects and the "extras" that make the school unique. My kids also really enjoy the Mandarin and the music program, as well as a special subject introduced in each term; robotics, leadership, financial literacy, etc. By introducing these special programs throughout the year and not all at once, it allows kids to focus on one at a time and really reap the benefits without feeling overwhelmed. And with classes being small, and kids getting lots of individual attention, the kids are able to advance further through the curriculum and with more depth.

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