"I enjoyed how even though this was an online course I could still interact with others and get feedback from both the teacher and fellow students..."

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Review of: Ontario Virtual School

Stephanie Sassi - Alumnus    (Nov 19, 2018)

Overall Experience

Ontario virtual school provided me with one of the best experiences. They cared about my marks and helping me in all the ways that they could. I was on a time limit to finish the course and they helped me in many ways to ensure that i would still do well in the course and getting it done during the short time period. They went out of their way to help and i appreciated it a lot. I was so happy i chose this school as my experience was one of the best I've ever had. I still to this day use what i learned in the course on an everyday basis. And the way the teachers helped me and went out of there way to ensure i would be alright after i was done the course was absolutely amazing.

School Leadership

Ontario virtual school had excellent leadership. They were given respect and also gave out respect towards the students. They made sure to respond to emails as soon as possible and provided me with additional help when required. The administration was quick to get all i needed to get done finished. They provided me with help even after i was done the course and communicated in the kindest way possible. They understood whenever i was stressed and ensured that i would be alright.


The teachers i had with this school were fantastic. They were very kind and accepting with every question i had. They would give me extra feedback to try and get me to do the absolute best. They were also extremely passionate about what they taught which i loved because it made me enjoy the stuff i learned about. Having a passionate teacher is one of the most important qualities and this is something all my teachers have had. The teachers I've had went above and beyond in order to help me complete the course within the time limit i had and make sure i was still doing as well as i could in the course. They helped me develop a love for what i was learning about.


All the courses i took within ontario virtual school were very helpful because i would use the knowledge i learned on an everyday basis. I was challenged to do the best i could which made me do better and better as time went on. Students were competitive to the point that it made me strive to do even better. Everything i learned was very useful and helpful. Whenever i was confused or struggling with something it was easy and simple to ask for help and better understand what i needed to know. I felt as if everything i learned was useful even to this day in my university experience. The lessons provided visual learning and also audio to help it better sync into your head. The teachers gave excellent feedback on assignments to show you how you can improve next time.


There were not any extracurricular activities that i knew of within this school. But when it came to the development of well-rounded students, the school did an excellent job. The teachers made sure to help in all possible ways and were very respectful. Although there weren't many extracurriculars, the school still did a great job on providing meaningful development and kept me interested and focused.


All students were very accepting and respectful. The feedback and discussions from other students were helpful and useful. All of my friends who have participated in courses provided from my school have all spoken positively about the school. All students were very helpful with peer questions and help. During discussions students were required to give feedback for other students. this helped the students give criticism to help make the students strive to do even better. Students were still respectful of others feelings during this time and made sure not to say anything rude or hurtful towards each others work. Many students I've noticed who have taken courses from this school were a lot less stressed out due to them doing there work whenever and wherever they'd like. This helped the students mental health and kept a positive welcoming environment.

School Life

Overall the quality of this school was amazing. I loved to complete my work on my own schedule which was what i loved most about the school. Most of my friends that have taken courses from ontario virtual school have loved this school just as much as i did. They were passionate about what they learned and they weren't as stressed because they were on their own time schedule. Everyone was extremely engaged in all they were learning about.


I took online courses from ontario virtual school so there was not much of a community to be in. I do know that the students and teachers online would still interact with each other which was very nice. Every student overall was very respectful of each others discussion answers and would help give feedback on how each person could improve. I enjoyed how even though this was an online course i could still interact with others and get feedback from both the teacher and fellow students without feeling judged or disrespected. The friends I've had who have introduced me to this school enjoyed their experiences just as much. My parents were proud of my progress and it was very easy to show them my marks and how well i was doing throughout the course.

School Location

I took online courses on Ontario Virtual school so there was not much of a location. I liked this a lot because i could do my work and learn from anywhere whenever id like. This helped me be much less stressed out. I could do my homework and my lessons whether it was just relaxing in my backyard, i was on vacation or any other place i felt like doing it. This helped me not become stressed.


there was not much of an application process for this school. As long as i had the mandatory prerequisites i was fine with starting whenever i wanted. i appreciated this easy process because it allowed me to complete the course base on my schedule as soon as i signed up for it. I found that this process was not stressful in any way. The teachers worked with me in order to ensure that i understood the process of the course and how everything worked. the Website was extremely easy to learn very quickly and was very well organized. The teachers were very kind as the emailed me welcoming me to the course and explaining all i needed to know. Anyone who goes through the process of signing up for this course should find it very easy and not stressful at all

University placement and counselling

Towards the end of my grade 12 year i was in a time limit to complete the course in order to keep my university acceptance. Ontario virtual school helped me in all the ways that they could in order for me to get the course done while still doing good in the course. They helped me by emailing my university and telling them the information i needed to get shared. The school also helped me with my stress. The guidance this school spread was amazing and helped me a lot when it came to my university placement. This school made the time limit i was in a much less stressful experience as they helped me and went out of their way to make sure that i would be alright.

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