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REVIEW OF The York School BY student, Angel mnyuku

  • Date of Review
    March 09, 2022
  • Grades
    Gr. 11 - 12

(5) Student Experience

Our school has a good environment it has several classes, a library for the student who likes to read, and a cafeteria. To be in Lasalle College High School is so much a pleasure because we are able to meet with different people from other countries. regardless language can be a problem. We are able to exchange and learn about other people's cultures. I do like the school, since it prepares us to have good teamwork, being a good critical thinker, has good confidence to stand in front of people and speak. Even though there is a language barrier, I wish I knew about the school activities. It's fun to participate in them. The school needs a little change in insisting students to learn on speaking more English, so it will be easy to communicate and engage with other students. it has a good structure more studying space. There are also games like pool table, to help a student refresh their mind.

(5) School Leadership

We do respect the school leader cause they are the ones that straightened us to be good students. We adhere to every rule provided by them. They teach well, giving us homework to test our understanding ability on the subject. They sometimes give us critical thinking questions to test ours. We are good at solving problems. I wish they would also test our social responsibilities, so we can be able to live in harmony with the society around us.

(5) Teaching

The teachers don't ask a lot from us, it's how we students react. The teachers just need us to do provide the assignment on time. It's hard to know what the teachers are expecting from me sometimes, they might expect me to be someone who I never imagine I would be. Talking about success, they imagine me being someone great because they see the potential I keep on a subject. Sometimes they give me hope to keep going, even though the subject seems hard. I find it really encouraging, It helps me work harder on a subject. They play a great role as teachers, they not only teach but also act as advisers and encouraging. The teacher imagines me as a surgeon because they see how hard I work in science subjects.

(5) Academics

The works are average, not too hard or easy. What I am learning might help in life later. We study how to be Global citizen in social studies. It prepares me to be a person who is active in the community. In school, we learn the core competencies ( critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, personal awareness, social awareness, social responsibility, personal and cultural identity). We need all these core competencies so we can be able to engage different people in the future. We need personal and cultural identity, we going to meet different people it is important to respect each other culture. Moreover, the school has a strong academic program. It prepares peers who are going to be the next future leaders. We also learn how to balance life: we shouldn't spend much time working so much and forgetting we also have life.

(5) Extracurriculars

Yes, there was a time when we had tennis competition with other schools like Columbia College and St. John's. But since there is a new Corona disease it's hard to engage in this team again, we have to keep social distance. I wish the school could offer more clubs like basketball, it seems the student is interested in this. It's hard to please every student, a huge percentage of them get to do what they want, but others don't get to do that. Because of the current situation of COVID, it's hard to get everyone to do something.

(5) Students

The students at Lasalle College High school Vancouver are so charming and they are quick to make friends. I was also a new student at Lasalle. I felt lonely at first but it took two days to become friends to everyone. The students even try to communicate with each other through the language barrier. We do activities that create good teamwork so we can know each other better. I sometimes tell myself Lasalle students represent a city with laughter and potential on doing something good in the future. Still, there are students who fail to speak fluent English but they still try to communicate with each other so they can learn English. It's good to see how other students try to break the language barrier.

(5) School Life

I will probably give them a tour in one of my fauvorite classes, one of the class is mostly like English. Looking at the wall, there is a lot of posters made by students, expressing their life in different ways. I chose it because looking at the poster it makes me feel like even though we come from different backgrounds, lifestyles, we all are studying in one class, leaving everything in the past. Engaging with each other, telling each other about our world view. It's so beautiful having a lot of posters in class. The other place I would take them is another class more like science and math. Also looking at the wall there are a lot of posters made by students but as a team. Us working as a team shows that regardless of the language barrier, we can make something happen.

(5) Community

The school feels like a home to me, sometimes I can't wait for the next day of school. I am happy at school, I have good friends, good teachers, good environment. it is rare to find me bored at school. Sometimes I find it hard to think that I will have to leave behind the school, friends I had. Those things make me feel like school is like my little home where I engage with my friends we tell each other what we did through the weekend, commenting on what to eat for the day. Having someone to assist you in your studies, is just a little version of home. Everyone feels included because we are taught to live as a family, without having to discriminate against others.

(4) School Location

The student tends to stay inside the campus most of the time since the regular class goes from 9:00 am to 4:40 pm. When they feel tired they sometimes play pool or table tennis which all are inside the campus. But when it is time for lunch, students sometimes go outside of the campus. Either to buy food or just to get fresh air.

(5) Admissions

The admission to me sounds pretty fun. I was too excited knowing am going to study in a new school, meeting new people. My advice to anyone is to be ready to meet charming people, a good environment. Recalling my own experience, I was too focused on getting into the school, everything to me sounded fun. I didn't know we use more technology things to study. At first, applying to the school, I never imagined am going to meet more technology. I didn't find it any stressful as it was pretty fun to me. I just want to say to everyone out there who plans for admission, even though English can be hard for some people, know that at Lasalle we communicate as one even though we sometimes don't understand each other. But we try to treat each other as a family and keep more focus on bringing down the language barrier.


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