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Topic: Students

Jacqueline Tam - Alumnus   (Jan 24, 2018)

When I was there, our student body consisted of 160 students from around 80 countries. This intentional diversity created for the perfect place for us to explore living together and overcoming cultural barriers. The students at Pearson are generally very motivated, enthusiastic about learning inside and out of the classroom, discussing and debating, supportive of each other, curious about the world, and excited to try new things. Idealism is definitely a common trait, though there is most definitely a good mix of personalities at any given time. The socio-economic background os the students is across the scale from people coming from refugee camps in parts of Africa and the Middle East, to people coming from wealthy families in the global north. Pearsonites create extremely deep friendships that last lifetimes, enduring different time zones, thousands of miles of separation, and years apart. The fact that we all go through the very intensive experience at Pearson College together binds us so tightly together.

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Lorraine Pundyk - Parent   (Jan 31, 2018)

The student body at UWC is outstanding. The school accepts students from all over the world. They study together, eat together, adventure together and plot how they are going to change the world together. It truly is a united force to confront the world's challenges head on.

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Thea Ryan - Alumnus   (Jan 30, 2018)

I remember feeling that the students' sense of gratitude and awe for having had the amazing luck and profile to attend the school made for a really special environment. There was no typical student. I was most drawn to those who were trying to focus on the present moment and fully appreciate the experience, as opposed to those who were looking forward so much that they couldn't be present in the moment. I respected students who put community culture before academics. This included working very long hours on extracurricular projects, performances, and passions. The school had 160 students from over 80 countries, so it was a very diverse mix, both ethnically and socio-economically. The dynamics were like they were anywhere: people gravitate towards people they like! An open mind, a willingness to be wrong, and being awake are my top recommendations.

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