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"The teachers are very hands-on with their students even though they are not physically there in person."

Sera Bryce - Student   (May 03, 2021)

I absolutely love Virtual High School. It is an online school that allows the students to progress at their own pace. For subjects where writing is involved the teachers will most of the time allow you to create a draft through which you can have the opportunity to get feedback and then you can submit the final version of that specific assignment. I love how VHS gives access to an online tutoring program that's free of charge. VHS and the online tutoring program really helped me get good marks ... View full review

"Teachers and guidance counsellors at Virtual High School are always at your disposal when looking for extra help on your college admissions, assignment inquiries, and tasks..."

Zeina Jabr - Student   (May 03, 2021)

Virtual High School offers courses that are not only flexible and time efficient, but extremely fun to complete and give students the complete freedom of when they would like to start and end the course at their own time schedule! My experience at Virtual High School has been nothing but pleasant and wish to change nothing about the structure of the course content and assignments. Every assignment is analyzed to the dot by teachers and staff members at VHS to make sure every student is capable t... View full review

"...with the free tutoring I can get help with answering my questions with the press of a button."

Cassidy Moulton - Student   (Mar 18, 2021)

Virtual High School is a amazing online private school that has all of its class work online right at you disposal for anytime you want to work. Virtual High School allows students the opportunity to create their own pace as to how fast or how slow they want to finish the course. In my experience so far there is nothing that I would wish to change about the school, but the one thing I wish I knew before I started was the free tutoring. I had always been worried that there might be questions I do... View full review

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