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Roundtable Q&A Discussion About Webtree Academy (2021)

Webtree Academy alumni, current students, and parents shared their insights on the school’s culture, values, strengths, and weaknesses. Hear what Siwa, Arian had to say about the school.

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Siwa — alum

Siwa graduated from Webtree Academy in 2020. During her time there, she was the vice-president of the student union and felt connected to the school’s close-knit community. This was primarily due to the small class sizes that allowed teachers to give each student one-on-one attention. She appreciated that the teachers and staff were approachable, kind, and always available to answer questions. Siwa is now studying at Ryerson University, pursuing a career in nursing.

  • “I appreciated how understanding [Webtree Academy] and the staff there were during my time there. In my experience, when I was drowning in a lot of work, our teachers would be very considerate of our workload, and we felt comfortable enough that we could talk to them. I recall that they would extend our due date if we needed it to help us manage our stress as much as possible.”
  • “My perspective on Webtree [Academy] personally did not change. I still believe that they're very considerate of their students’ struggles, and I have also realized that my university experiences are very similar to my experience at Webtree Academy. For instance, the professor would also extend our due dates if we ask for it in advance, and they're just as considerate of our stresses, just like Webtree Academy.”
  • “The teachers [at Webtree Academy] were very friendly. They were very interactive with their students, and they were also caring. They were approachable and easy to talk to. In my personal opinion, when teachers are easy to communicate with, I find it makes me want to learn even more, and I will not hesitate to ask any questions.”
  • “I would define [Webtree Academy] as considerate, friendly, and hardworking. … The [teachers and staff] at the school are caring and think about the students’ stress while trying to find a way to help us manage it. They're also very friendly and approachable because, as a student, you can easily go up to the staff and the teacher and talk to them freely and comfortably, without hesitation. They're very hardworking because from my experience there, I can see the staff and teachers always strive to improve the environment for the students.”
  • “I do wish that [Webtree Academy] had shorter class periods. I recall that the class lengths were a little bit too long, and I found it too extensive, which made it difficult for me to concentrate while sitting in a class for a long time. Though I disliked the class length [at Webtree Academy], I did find it very beneficial for my experience in university. University classes last about two to three hours, so I did think [Webtree Academy] prepared me very well for that.”
  • “I think it would be very surprising to find how small the classes are because Webtree [Academy] does have a limited amount of students per classroom. This allows the students and the teacher to interact with one another even more. It helps the student get more individual attention and the help they need.”
  • “One thing that I remember doing a lot is going on multiple field trips [with Webtree Academy]. One specific trip that stood out to me was our visit to Ryerson University. We had the opportunity to visit the campus and sit through an architectural class and witness how the classes work. This particular visit actually helped me prepare me for the university experience and helped me make my decisions about the school I wanted to go to.”
  • “[Webtree Academy] prepared me very well for university. I recall being in Webtree Academy, and I remember the work that they provided us. They provided us with an extensive workload that was very detailed. As I moved on to university, I realized how similar this workload was to Webtree [Academy].”
  • “[New students at Webtree Academy can be assured] that they’re being admitted into a very understanding community that will ensure they succeed. [Webtree Academy] has a lot of resources that will help them out, so they should make sure to use those resources.”
  • “I had a lot of help [applying to universities], especially from the administrators of [Webtree Academy]. I recall debating between going to nursing and many other [programs]. I actually didn't even have nursing in mind. So I remember going to the admin and asking for help. [The Webtree Academy administrators] did some research with me, and we found out that nursing was a good choice. … We found out that Ryerson [University] was the best choice for me, and that was why I chose Ryerson [University].”

Arian — alum

Arian graduated from Webtree Academy in 2021. He learned to enjoy learning during his time there and felt encouraged to be himself. He appreciated that his teachers could address every student’s questions and concerns because of the small class sizes at the school. Because of this, Arian felt prepared for university and could get into the school of his choice. He is now studying at Centennial College, pursuing a software engineering and technology development career.

  • “In the past, school, to me, was more like a day to have fun with kids and build relationships, rather than study for science and literacy. I used to get excited when I went to school to visit my old pals, but the school environment was not appealing to me. I would avoid work and nap, or watch football games, or just get irritated by school tests. Attending Webtree Academy, I found that I was no longer bothered by assessments and the work in class. Webtree Academy Academy classes were lively.”
  • “Studying at home was very challenging, but with the help of my teachers and staff at Webtree [Academy], I didn't find it as much as of a chore. [Webtree Academy has] one of the most knowledgeable principals I've ever seen.”
  • “I think [Webtree Academy] attempted to unite [students] with their true selves, rather than trying to turn us into physicists or mathematicians. They would try to get us extremely close to our wishes and goals. … The attitude of harmonization, including collaboration, is heavily promoted there. Students are encouraged to work together with one another, and staff, to achieve success. … We encountered incredibly literate and understanding instructors who somehow inspired us to keep going.”
  • “[Webtree Academy] is diligent, dedicated, and leaves the students with a sense of fulfillment. Suppose we observe the school as a single character, and compare it to a real person. In that case, we may say that this person has specified the number of goals for themself, and has worked hard to achieve them most efficiently. When they become exhausted, they would take a break in this approach, but because of their commitment to itself and its body parts, it could proceed on their adventure. … Eventually, after overcoming all hurdles and adversity, our hypothetical individual achieves the position it deserves, resulting in a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.”
  • “My parent's first reaction to my explanation of my experience at [Webtree Academy] was, ‘wow, really?’ Each class [at Webtree Academy] has a total of four to five students, and the teacher pays special attention to each student. [Having] small class sizes means that [teachers] have a sufficient chance to discuss all of the concerns and problems with the students. This allows every class a semi-private approach, which is truly excellent.”
  • “Thanks to the unlimited resources for learning at [Webtree Academy], as well as the wise advice I received, I am now able to get a job at a highly paid professional programming company, which was a very important goal for me.”
  • “Webtree Academy allows [students] to organize their schedule the way that is most comfortable for them to achieve their goals. [New students at Webtree Academy should] use all the resources at their disposal. … As soon as they interact with the staff, they will find themselves free to ask any questions they may have.”
  • “[Webtree Academy] Academy has big resources. [The administrators there] really helped me get admission to any university I desired. I'm really thankful.”

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