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Westmont Montessori School

"We have found the teachers to be highly invested in students and our kids."

Marc Manieri - Parent   (Jul 28, 2022)

We have 2 children at Westmont Montessori, 6th and 7th grade, ages 11 and 13, respectfully. The children absolutely love this school. We just relocated from the States (Orlando, FL). This was a brand new school for the girls and we can all say that Westmont has welcomed the girls in a very thoughtful way and they have made great friends with great kids quite quickly. This is what they appreciate the most: being at a school with like-minded kids who are open-minded and love learning, as well ... View full review

"I LOVE that the kids go to school in a forest."

Michelle McClure - Parent   (Feb 14, 2022)

My children love this school. They adore their teachers and have a sense of pride and ownership of their educational experience. My eldest loves that he gets to choose which work he completes in a day, mostly leaning towards math. He also finds it natural to work with another person to solve problems and likes to choose someone with similar interests to work with. My daughter loves to challenge herself and try new things. She likes that she can ask for more complex work when she wants and her ... View full review

"The Westmont teachers and staff are highly dedicated and committed."

Peter Scott - Parent   (Feb 14, 2022)

At Westmont, my daughters have felt safe, nurtured, and valued as individuals. They appreciate the freedom to explore what they are most interested in and to express themselves and their interests in so many unique ways. They value the incredible commitment of the teachers and love every one of them. They are excited to go to school and often want to stay longer. They love how they are encouraged when they develop an interest in a topic and are given the resources and attention to pursue it as f... View full review

"Our experience in academics has been phenomenal."

Joslin Nelson - Parent   (Feb 14, 2022)

My daughter is always thrilled to attend Westmont - she literally runs to school every single day! She loves the inclusive, caring and holistic environment: an environment that fosters peer learning and peer support like no other. She strives in an environment where she gets to make so many decisions independently leading to her playing a major role in how her education plays out. The Montessori philosophy fosters independence and free will allowing my daughter to reach her fullest potential. I... View full review

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