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Come and see what Toronto Prep can offer your child. Visit to talk one-on-one with faculty and have a guided tour by student volunteers. No RSVP necessary.

Located right in the heart of mid-town, Toronto Prep School offers a different approach to teaching for students grades 7-12. The curriculum is rigorous and at a high academic level, but is taught in a very positive and inclusive environment. “It takes a village to raise a child,” says Fouli Tsimikalis, Vice Principal. “So, we’re involved in everything, with all of our students.” Although they are surrounded by a bustling city, they’ve created an intimate space designed to lift students up and realize their full potential.

Dedicated to developing the whole child

Academics are top priority at Toronto Prep, the important role extra-curriculars play in child development is not lost. Students can choose from a wide variety of sports, from Basketball, Volleyball and Hockey to Mountain Biking, Ultimate Frisbee and Bowling. They are at the competitive level in all athletics, being apart of both the Small Schools Athletics Federation (SSAF) and the Toronto District Colleges Athletic Association. In addition to sports teams, Toronto Prep also provides each student with a GoodLife Fitness Membership they can use on campus as there is a GoodLife on the main floor of their building. With this, students can balance a healthy work and exercise balance from a young age.

If athletics are not where a student’s passion lies, there are just as many clubs for them to choose from. Chess Club, Photography Club, Debate Team, Music Club, Model UN and even Tea Club are just a few options available. These extra-curriculars act not only as places for students to further explore their interests, but as social mixers. It gives a common ground in which friendship can be built upon.

Opportunity to explore special interests

In keeping with the theme of variety, Toronto Prep also offers an array of specialty classes. Each discipline has a list of specific classes for students to explore. There’s Media Studies, Fashion and Textile Design, Sports and Entertainment Marketing for the Humanities, and Business Leadership, Presentation and Speaking Skills, and Economic Issues for Math and Sciences. Here, students can explore all of their academic interests before their post-secondary careers even begin.

The key to Toronto Prep’s success is its values and the educators that put them into action. They are committed to provide a rigorous academic curriculum, in a structured and encouraging environment that puts emphasis on respect, hard work, personal responsibility, integrity and leadership. Their goal is to prepare students for personal and professional success beyond high school. To not just graduate and go onto post-secondary, but to thrive and succeed in new environments.

Toronto Prep School
250 Davisvill Avenue
Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario
Event date: November 25, 2017
Time: 11:00 am - 02:00 pm
Contact: Fouli Tsimikalis
Website: www.torontoprepschool.com

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Fouli Tsimikalis

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