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Private Schools

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Today, more than ever, private schools offer a variety of alternatives.

Private schools are open to anyone seeking an alternative to traditional public schooling. Independent schools give children a solid educational foundation on which they can build their future.

Parents of private school students believe that private education offers these advantages:

  • Private schools offer parents much more involvement in their children's education. Parents are encouraged to participate within the school community and extend learning at home. Parents can pick a teaching philosophy they believe in.

  • Most private schools are able to offer smaller class sizes and teachers have more time with each student. Discipline and homework are a top priority and an aspect that directly affects your child and his or her environment.

  • Private schools and boarding schools are often more highly regarded by higher education institutions around the world. In many cases, independent schools offer IB, AP, or international exchange programs.

These are only a few of the advantages of private schools, as identified by parents. Your child is a developing adult finding their individual place in society. Choose an education that can aptly meet their individual needs.

Private schools offer choice! Challenge your children to their full potential in the dignifying environment of Special Needs schools or give your child a strong religious and ethical grounding in Christian schools, Jewish or Muslim schools. From pre-kindergarten to the last year of secondary school, private schools and independent schools are the premier choice for religious or non-sectarian education, whether that is in a coeducational or single gender setting.

More critical information about the private school option:
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Boarding SchoolsIf you're going to choose a private school, one of the biggest decisions is whether or not to choose boarding. For over ten years now, we have worked closely with boarding schools and associations like TABS. You can be confident that your child will thrive in the safe community of a boarding school, whether that is in Canada, the USA or Europe.

More On Boarding

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Montessori SchoolsMontessori schools are one kind of private school tailored to your children's unique needs. At a Montessori school, supportive peers and highly experienced teachers will encourage your child to explore his or her world and find out what kind of learner he or she is, all in a school setting. That's the promise inherent in Montessori education, one of the most popular choices when parents consider private education.

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Ecole Privees Notre ressource en ligne est le meilleur site de recherche d'écoles au Canada.

Cette ressource offre aux parents des renseignements à jour au sujet des écoles privées.

Préparez votre enfant à affronter le monde avec un ensemble de compétences. Considérez écoles privées pour l’éducation de votre enfant ou vos enfants.



Trouvez Les Écoles privÉes:

Les Écoles privÈes



Summer Camp Summer camps encourage children to extend their education throughout the summer months - or over March break. In Our Kids go to Camp, a nationally distributed magazine, we have compiled over a decade's worth of close coverage of the world of summer camps and March break camps. This includes advice on day camps and overnight camps, camp listings and information on a variety of summer camps. We are introducing a camp fair in early 2011.

We do list a number of camps held by private schools and suggest that a March break camp or summer camp like this can offer you and your child a glimpse inside private schools.




Find specific summer camps below:

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Educating yourself on the various private school options available will help you make the best school choice for your child....

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