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Summer camp programs throughout the city

The city of Calgary is home to a variety of exciting summer camps, ranging from day camps for sports, to educational, to artistic pursuits, and everything in between. Attending summer camp is an ideal way for kids to break up the summer months, to extend their education, and to make new friends who share their interests. Camp helps kids grow intellectually during the summer months so they stay active away from the discipline of school. Kids camp has been shown to have many long-term benefits for personal development. 

Both parents and children may have trepidation about attending summer camp, but it is so much better for kids to be spending time in a camp than remaining at home. It's precisely the "breaking out of your comfort zone" that makes camp so valuable. As Rick Mercer says, at camp, "you do things you never thought you would ever do." The whole point of attending a summer camp in Calgary is to grow in ways you can't when you're sitting at home in front of the computer or the TV.

When searching for a camp, you should consider whether it is accredited by the Alberta Camping Association (ACA). This provincial organization visits camps regularly (at least once every three years) and checks compliance with standards in all areas ranging from finances to safety to environmental standards. That said, many great camps are not members of the ACA, offering well-run, safe programs.

20th anniversary camp guide


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  • Cost
  • Relevance

  • Alberta Pioneer Camp
    Alberta Pioneer Camp is a Christian summer camp with two beautiful locations in Alberta. Get ready for exploration, adventure,creation, challenge, growth, skill development, and of course, fun!

    Rocky Mountain House; Calgary

    Traditional (multi activity)
    • Ages 7 to 17
    • Coed, Girls, Boys
    • Day, Overnight
    from $125/week
    Day, Overnight Coed, Girls, Boys 125 7-17 0 Rocky Mountain House, Calgary
    Pedalheads Bike Camps
    A premier cycling camp for kids aged 2 to 12 (from training wheels to trails) with locations throughout BC, Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Washington, Colorado, and Illinois.

    Alberta (9)

    Sport: Cycling
    • Ages 2 to 12
    • Coed
    • Day
    from $99/week
    Day Coed 99 2-12 1 Edmonton, Calgary, St Albert
    A superhero physical skills development camp for kids 4-9 including, 12 kinds of balls, paint archery bows, a balance beam, target tarps, a climbing wall, crawling nets, a ladder and daily obstacle courses.


    Arts: Fantasy/superhero
    • Ages 4 to 8
    • Coed
    • Day
    from $179/week
    Day Coed 179 4-8 2 Calgary
    Belka Summer Camp
    Iqaluits; Calgary SE, Saskatoon @ U O Sasks @ Winnipeg; Imman fellowship V.B. S. We cater for low-income children and youth by engaging them in sporting activities. - High Credits for ICT, Math & Leadership.


    Traditional (multi activity)
    • Ages 5 to 14
    • Coed
    • Day, family
    from $75/week
    Day, family Coed 75 5-14 3 Calgary
    Canada's #1 grassroots summer soccer day camps offer full day and half day sessions during July and August to boys and girls aged 5 to 13 years old.

    Calgary; Red Deer; Edmonton

    Sport: Soccer
    • Ages 5 to 13
    • Coed
    • Day
    from $109/week
    sessions & dates
    Day Coed 109 5-13 4 Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton
    Sports Camps Canada
    Our coed summer sports camps are geared toward kids ages 4-18 of all abilities and skill levels. From beginner to elite, there is a camp option for everyone. Improve Your Skills & Have SERIOUS FUN at Sports Camps Canada!


    Traditional (multi activity)
    • Ages 4 to 14
    • Coed
    • Day
    from $235/week
    sessions & dates
    Day Coed 235 4-14 5 Calgary
    Spirit of Math
    Does your child love math challenges? Spirit of Math’s summer program offers an intensive, yet exciting and fun week of math enrichment based on our unique curriculum.


    Education: Math
    • Ages 5 to 17
    • Coed
    • Day, Program
    from $54/session
    Day, Program Coed 54 5-17 6 Calgary