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Types of Camps

A complete review of your camp options

The broad range of camps and programs available across Canada means there's a camp or program to suit every interest, strength and need—but how do you make the right choice for your child?

Kids who are mature enough may enjoy overnight camps, which can lead to meaningful and lifelong friendships in a safe setting that promotes independence and co-operation.

If you'd like to provide the excitement and rewards of camp, but your child isn't ready for an overnight camp, then don't worry—you have other options. Perhaps a day camp would be a better choice. There are plenty of different types of camps for parents to choose from; you just have to consider your child's needs and interests.

Some day and overnight camps are general, offering a range of different activities. Specialty camps, meanwhile, focus on a particular activity or skill, such as sports, computers, arts, language or adventure. Among these specialty camps are those geared towards kids with special needs, enabling them to experience the joys and excitement of camp like every other child.

Education summer camps

Education Camps

Extend learning during the summer months by participating in an educational summer camp!

» Learning benefits of summer camp
» Computer & Tech Camps
» Engineering camps
» French camps
» Leadership camps
» Math camps
» Robotics camps
» Science summer camps
» Super camps
» Zoo Camps
» Youth Empowerment Camps
» All Education Camps

Arts summer camps

Arts Camps

Arts camps encourage children to get creative and express themselves. Develop your (child's) artistic talents at one of these camps.

» Dance camps
» Drama & acting camps
» Fashion camps
» Music summer camps
» Film and video camps
» All arts camps

Day Camps

Day Camps

Away for the day and back home for the night — day camps offer a wide variety of activities and experiences to help children grow during the summer months.

» Day or residential camp?
» All day camps

Overnight Camps

Overnight Camps

Overnight at a "home away from home", campers typically live in cabins with 4-12 campers and a couple of counselors.

» Overnight or day camp?
» All overnight camps
» Wilderness camps

March Break camps

March Break Camps

Many day and residential camps offer week long programs to keep your children active and learning over the school break each March.

» Year round camps
» March break camps

Girls Camps

Girls' Camps

An all-girls environment provides strong role models and encourages girls to become whoever they want to be.

» All-girls camps
» Single sex vs. coed camps

Boys Camps

Boys' Camps

Camps just for boys offer curriculum and extracurricular activities targeted to boys' interests.

» All-boys camps
» SIngle sex vs. coed camps

Family Camps

Family Camps

Family camps help families enjoy nature together.

» Find family camps

Special Needs Camps

Specialized Camps

Focusing on your child's specific needs, these camps bring together kids who are all "in the same boat."

» Asperger's Syndrome camps
» Autism camps
» Camps for the blind
» Cancer camps
» Diabetes camps
» Disability camps
» ESL Summer camps
» Special Needs Camps
» Camps for troubled teens
» Weight loss camps

Religious Camps

Religious Camps

Faith-based camps encourage spiritual development during the summer months.

» Christian camps
» Jewish camps

Traditional Camps

Traditional Camps

The kind of camp we all remember, with canoeing and campfires, outdoor living and kids gathering to make memories to last a lifetime.

» YMCA camps
» All traditional camps


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