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Many kids today struggle with weight loss and fitness boot camps for kids have been shown to help alleviate the problem. Getting into shape can be a painful process for overweight children and kids' fitness boot camps anticipate this, help children work through this and eventually lose weight and triumph over their weight issues.

Fitness boot camps

Jill Baxter runs a fitness camp for kids in Ottawa where kids learn nutrition, get active and gain through pain. As she says, these kinds of boot camps are definitely "not a joy ride," and kids learn that fitness requires work. Indeed, as one young camper has put it: "I was in tears almost every day at first... but I lost 29 pounds by the end of camp and had a blast doing it."

Fitness boot camps are tough but they do work.

What fitness boot camps teach
Camps listed on this page apply a broad focus that goes well beyond exercise. These camps teach nutrition and put it into practice in meals and meal preparation. Camps take a holistic approach to dealing with weight issues, one that includes diet, proper nutrition, exercise and weight management and monitoring. As with boot camps of other kinds, the focus in recent years has shifted from outward discipline to ownership by the individual teen or child.

These camps also avoid the quick-fix-mentality and will often last throughout the summer to fully engage children in weight loss management and change habits. On a daily basis, lessons are learned and relearned on eating right and exercising. Far beyond an old school boot camp mentality, children gain knowledge and confidence to last a lifetime. As one counselor says, "Habits don't get changed in one week."

Above, we apply the phrase "fitness boot camps" a term broadly used to describe camps that focus on fitness (for both kids and adults). Not all camps listed here would necessarily call themselves "boot camps." However, all of these camps certainly do focus on weight loss and fitness for kids and teens.

302 Harris Road, Ferndale, New York(USA), 12734
New York  •  Thousand Oaks  •  Texas
Weight Loss Camp located in AZ, CA, GA, NY & TX. Featured on MTV. Great weight losses, portion controlled meals, nutrition and cooking classes. Cheerful program, beautiful grounds, extensive activities. Since 1968.
Camp Specialties:Weight Loss Program [view profile]
  • Ages 8 to 25
  • Overnight Camp
  • Health/fitness

RR#3, Campbell's Bay, Quebec,
Focusing on weight loss and healthy lifestyle, this camp features hikes, water adventure and more. Combines education & activity.
Camp Specialties:Weight Loss Program [view profile]
  • Ages 12 to 25
  • Overnight Camp
  • Health/fitness

3625 Weston Road Unit 1, Toronto, Ontario,
Kids Martial Arts Camp for March Break and Summer with two martial arts classes each day, including games, activities, field trips, and more!
Camp Specialties:Weight Loss Program, Martial Arts [view profile]
  • Ages 3 to 12
  • Day Camp
  • Sports

5720 Forgets Road, Wyebridge, Ontario,
Unique camp with only 30 kids each week for personal attention. Organic meals, Yoga, meditation to improve self esteem. Outdoor fun with high ropes, rock climbing & hikes in nature. Day trips to natural settings. [view profile]
  • Ages 10 to 17
  • Overnight Camp
  • Health/fitness

2640 No. 8 Sideroad, Burlington, Ontario,
A unique Wellness Camp in a Retreat setting. Featuring Yoga and Pilates, Outdoor Excursions, Hands-On Cooking, Coaching for Confidence & Emotional Intelligence, Meaningful Expressive Art, Fun & Lots of Giggling. [view profile]
  • Ages 7 to 12
  • Day Camp
  • Health/fitness

108 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, Ontario, L5G 1E3
Mississauga kids camp focused on martial arts training, including karate and jiu-jitsu. The camp also includes arts and crafts, outdoor activities and field trips. [view profile]
  • Ages 5 to 13
  • Day Camp
  • Sports

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