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ask a question How much is the tuition for private school?

get an answer The cost of tuition varies greatly in Canada depending on many factors, including location, academic program, staffing ratios, facilities and amenities. There are small private... read more


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Decide what interests grab you and follow them where they lead you. Live in a place where you can fill your spare time with a canoe trip on the local lake, grab some friends for a quick game of touch football or go downtown with your friends. That's the boarding experience! Check it out!

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Mentor College
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Children's House Montessori - Windsor
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Kendellhurst Academy
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Oxford Learning Academy (Private School)
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Meadowridge School
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St. Peter's ACHS College School
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ask a question What opportunities are there for a child with speech apraxia

get an answer The easiest way to search for schools in your area with special needs support and other criteria that’s important to...

ask a question Why private schools and how to fund the education?

get an answer We have a few articles that discuss the benefits of private school here: Private schools vs. public schools: http://www.ourkids.net/private-schools-versus-public-schools.php Benefits of private...

ask a question When is the school expo for Toronto Mississauga Halton? for 2010?

get an answer Thank you for your question posted on the Our Kids Community: When is the school expo for Toronto Mississauga Halton? for...