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ask a question We have 2 daughters aged 10 and 8 yrs studying in IB schools in Grade 4 and 3 respectively. Due to my regular trasnfer within south east asia, I would like to send my daughters to study in Canada. We bought a house in Toronto, Mississauga near Eglinton West. Please can you suggest a few private schools which are in close proximity from our residential area for easy commute. Thank you.

get an answer Mississauga and Toronto have a number of great private and independent elementary and high schools. Have a look at this map of private schools in... read more


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ask a question I am transferring our son from public to private school. Is there a waiting period before he can start playing sports?

get an answer At most schools, your son should be able to join sports right away. If the season has already started and...

ask a question Hi,how much is the tuition fee for kinder

get an answer A school's tuition varies depending on a number of factors including where it’s located and what type of school it...

ask a question Looking for spanish immersion or spanish bilingual program

get an answer You may like to start by browsing schools with Spanish instruction here: http://www.ourkids.net/spanish-programs.php - we recommend contacting the schools of...