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ask a question I'm looking for a montessori school for my daughter (6 month old) in the Vaughan area. I'd appreciate parents input on schools in the area who have their kids going to a montessori school. Thank you!

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Columbia International College
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Country Day School
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St. Michaels University School
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Toronto Prep School
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Richland Academy
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Dwight School Canada
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ask a question How do I find a private or independent school?

get an answer Making a choice may seem daunting, but it's manageable—if you're prepared to invest the necessary time for your child's future...

ask a question How can I find out the quality of education offered at a school I am considering for my child? Are there there any websites offering reviews or performance evaluations?

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Private and independent schools in Ontario have the option of participating in province-wide EQAO testing, which then usually results in...

ask a question documents needed for international student

get an answer You may be interested in learning more about private education in Canada here: http://www.ourkids.net/canadian-private-schools.php with additional information on transitioning to...