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ask a question My niece is in Grade 8 currently, what could she do now to give her a good opportunity to get a scholarship to a private school?

get an answer The best thing your niece can do is to start researching scholarships at private schools. There are scholarships available for all kinds of abilities and... read more


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ask a question do all or most schools have sports facilities what catholic schools do you recommend in the calgary area what type of scholarships do you offer

get an answer Each school has a wide range of extracurricular activities and programs available, including sports and sports facilities, so you may...

ask a question We can claim all our child's tuition as a medical expense, but come tax time, only a paltry 15% actually gets deducted. On paper we're classified as high income, so no government help, but frankly most of what we make is going to our child, so we need a break. Is 15% the best we can expect?

get an answer The Financial Post wrote a good article on this last year that addresses that question: http://business.financialpost.com/2014/03/29/when-private-school-is-a-valid-expense-for-tax-purposes/ The disability tax benefit in...

ask a question Looking for a school that can support my son's challenges

get an answer Hi Alision Thank you for visiting ourkids.net in search of a school that will support your son’s challenges. We would be...