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ask a question Had a question for the group. Which school is better in Mississauga. Is it Sherwood Heights or Northstar Montessori? Any response really appreciated.

get an answer Both Mississauga private schools operate on different philosophies. Northstar Montessori School is based on the Maria Montessori method of education where students are given the... read more


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ask a question If Montessori allows the kids to learn at their own pace, how does it ensure kids choose a variety of activities, not just their favourite? Will montessori grads adapt to a traditional school environment?

get an answer In the elementary program, a teacher along with the child creates individual education plans specific for the child that details...

ask a question What is a Waldorf School?

get an answer Reflecting the beliefs and teachings of Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher and scientist, the first Waldorf School opened in Germany...

ask a question Help for ADHD

get an answer To start, we have have several articles on the benefits of ADHD schools: http://www.ourkids.net/blog/benefits-private-schools-support-for-adhd-22493/ You might also like to use our...