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ask a question Is there a specific listing of schools in the lower mainland that are focused on learning disabilities?

get an answer There are many schools available in most areas of British Columbia (indeed all of Canada). You can find a school by using the map... read more


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Little Scholars Montessori - Fallowfield
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ask a question I have a student from Australia who has passed grade 11 and would like to enroll in grade 12. Will he be given credits for 10/11 and would he need to do provincial exams? Does he need an ICES evaluation to validate credits offered for grade 10/11?

get an answer In general, depending on the school, an entrance exam or other testing may be required. Grades from previous years may...

ask a question I am looking for two months summer private or public school or day camp for english language for foreigner beginner (9 year old boy) child in Vancouver.

get an answer We have information on our website devoted to camps for English as a Second Language (ESL) listed here: http://www.ourkids.net/esl-camps.php, which...

ask a question do all of your schools have gymnasiums? if not, which ones do not? and where do they go for gym class?

get an answer Most private schools do have their own gymnasiums and athletic facilities - if they don’t, they generally have access to...