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ask a question Coed or single sex school?

get an answer Brain science is a common factor that comes up in considerations of single-sex versus coed schooling. According to experts, up to 80 per cent of... read more


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ask a question Will I be able to get funds to educate my two kids under 8 to educate them in private schools? We are new immigrants and just looking for a job.

get an answer Approximately 1/3 of Canadian boarding school students receive financial aid, so your family is not alone. Every school has different...

ask a question Do some religious schools also accept students from another background? And if so, how does the school help the student fit in?

get an answer Absolutely, many faith-based schools accept students from different backgrounds and make every effort to ensure that those students feel comfortable....

ask a question which schools have the smallest class sizes? How can I get my kids into our school of choice?

get an answer The easiest way to find a school with small class sizes is to use our Advanced Search tool here: http://www.ourkids.net/school/school-search.php...