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ask a question What are the costs? How long in advance do I have to enrol to secure a spot? What kind of teachers do you hire?

get an answer School tuition varies on a few significant factors that you may like to learn more about in our overview on Private School Tuition here: http://www.ourkids.net/private-schools-tuition-costs.php... read more


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Decide what interests grab you and follow them where they lead you. Live in a place where you can fill your spare time with a canoe trip on the local lake, grab some friends for a quick game of touch football or go downtown with your friends. That's the boarding experience! Check it out!

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Bodwell High School
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Children's House Montessori - Lakeshore
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St. Peter's ACHS College School
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ask a question application requirement

get an answer We have an overview of the application process for private schools on our website here: http://www.ourkids.net/school/private-school-application-advice.php that may be useful...

ask a question Physical disability and gifted. Extra $ for support person?

get an answer Hi Thank you for visiting ourkids.net in search of a private school. Below is the answer to your question: Your...

ask a question Is it possible to home school kids with the montessori curriculum?

get an answer

The Montessori classroom environment provides a carefully prepared set up with all of the requisite material needed by each three-year...