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ask a question We'd like to read about the Montessori schools in Montreal and Quebec in general. There are no real Montessori schools here but they all say that they are certified Montessori schools!

get an answer The Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA) is the primary regulating body in Canada for accredited Montessori Schools. Schools that wish to be accredited by... read more


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Dwight School Canada
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Metropolitan Preparatory Academy
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Children's House Montessori - Windsor
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St. Michael's College School
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Children's House Montessori - Lakeshore
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Bond Academy
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ask a question My child is diagnosed ADHD and has other learning difficulties. She has been homeschooled, but we know it's time for classroom style learning. Will private schools accept her?

get an answer Absolutely, private schools offer tailored individualized educational experiences to accommodate many different students and styles of learning, including schools that...

ask a question I have a student from Australia who has passed grade 11 and would like to enroll in grade 12. Will he be given credits for 10/11 and would he need to do provincial exams? Does he need an ICES evaluation to validate credits offered for grade 10/11?

get an answer In general, depending on the school, an entrance exam or other testing may be required. Grades from previous years may...

ask a question What does the school do to keep the students engaged?

get an answer In general, each private school has a range of programs, specialities and extracurricular activities available to continuously inspire students, so...