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ask a question Are private and independent schools more effective in dealing with issues like bullying?

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Decide what interests grab you and follow them where they lead you. Live in a place where you can fill your spare time with a canoe trip on the local lake, grab some friends for a quick game of touch football or go downtown with your friends. That's the boarding experience! Check it out!

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Meadowridge School
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Rotherglen School - Meadowvale Elementary
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Robert Land Academy
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Giles School
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Oxford Learning Academy (Private School)
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Forest Hill Montessori School
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ask a question Benefits for kids going to private school instead of public school?

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ask a question Schools that accommodate children with adhd

get an answer You may be interested in browsing the schools we work with that support children with ADHD, here: http://www.ourkids.net/adhd-schools.php For a more...

ask a question Learning assistance options.

get an answer To start, you may be interested in learning more about schools that support children with learning differences here: http://www.ourkids.net/learning-disability-schools.php For a...