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ask a question My husband and I are interested in single sex classes. Do any of the schools offer this type of learning environment?

get an answer There are many all girls and all boys schools throughout Canada. Here is a comprehensive list of all girls private schools and all boys private... read more


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Richmond Hill Montessori & Elementary Private School
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Little Scholars Montessori - Centerpointe
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Bond Academy
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ask a question Which schools are "all boys schools"? Are public schools addressing the learning differences between girls and boys in their elementary years and beyond?

get an answer You can view a list of all boys schools and filter your search through our

ask a question What is involved in the application process? How do I apply?

get an answer There may be variations among private and independent schools, but no matter the paperwork or the process, schools want to...

ask a question My child earns Bs and Cs in public school. Will he adapt to an academically challenging private school?

get an answer It depends on the school. This is one example of why the right fit is key. A child who was...