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ask a question How much is the tution fee? Is the yearly fee paid in advance? Can we plan the entire education budget for the coming years? How much money would be needed?

get an answer To start, each school’s tuition varies depending on a number of factors including where it’s located and what type of school it is (ex: traditional... read more


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ask a question what kinds of additional resources are available to children who need extra help?

get an answer To start, we have information on tutoring and education programs here: http://www.ourkids.net/education-programs.php. Many schools have specific support programs or initiatives...

ask a question Does the school have wi-fi?

get an answer As more and more schools implement different forms of technology in the classroom, such as laptops and iPads, many of...

ask a question What does the school do to keep the students engaged?

get an answer In general, each private school has a range of programs, specialities and extracurricular activities available to continuously inspire students, so...