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ask a question Is there one resource to rely on detailing the strengths of each school? I am looking for a school that preps you for an American University as well as for British University, any recommendations? And is there a school that helps and promotes entrepreneurship to its students?

get an answer Unfortunately, there is not one sole resource. Many of the online or print publications, like “Our Kids Go To School,” provide a first step in... read more


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ask a question My child is diagnosed ADHD and has other learning difficulties. She has been homeschooled, but we know it's time for classroom style learning. Will private schools accept her?

get an answer Absolutely, private schools offer tailored individualized educational experiences to accommodate many different students and styles of learning, including schools that...

ask a question Do all private schools require students to wear uniforms?

get an answer Although uniforms have come to be somewhat of a "signature," or defining, aspect of private schools, not all schools choose...

ask a question Where to find a complete list of all private schools in/near Vancouver, BC that are girls-only? We are interested in beginning grade 4 or later for our daughter who is currently in grade 2.

get an answer There are a number of all girls schools in the Vancouver area including Crofton House, York House and Little Flower...