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What curriculum do private and independent schools follow?
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Education is a provincial or territorial responsibility in Canada, and requirements are not consistent across the country and, in some regions, vary among grade levels.... read more
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College Prep International
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Trinity College School
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Kawartha Montessori School
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Dwight School Canada
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Lakefield College School
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Glenlyon Norfolk School
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Giles School
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St. Clement's School
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A+ Academy
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Holy Trinity School
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ask a question Looking for French Immersion High schools.
get an answer There's plenty of French Language schools for high school students, it all depends on the area where you live. In...
ask a question My son is a gifted child with difficulty of emotional control. Is it better for him to stay in public school to learn more of sociality and then transfer into gifted program of VSB? or go to private school this year (he is in G2 French Immersion).
get an answer Deciding when to send a child to private school is very important, but extremely personal. The same decision is not...
ask a question We are looking for a school for our daughter age 12 presently in Grade 7 who will be 14 for Grade 9. She is currently at Star Academy and has dyslexia. We are looking for a High School to accomodate her needs - in Toronto or Mississauga, Thanks Barbara Bastyr
get an answer A few schools that offer dyslexia support that you may wish to consider for your daughter include:
Chisholm Academy...
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