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ask a question Montessori doesn't usually have report cards. How will my child's learning development be monitored?

get an answer They are also able to monitor and recognize the smallest of changes within a student's success. The Montessori teacher is very aware of her responsibility... read more


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ask a question What is the monthly fees of per child in primary school

get an answer The fees for any private school will vary on a few different factors such as location and what type of...

ask a question What is the Montessori CASA Program?

get an answer The CASA program refers to the second montessori age bracket of children between the ages of 2.5 to 6+ years....

ask a question Is SAT compulsory for admission in grade 8,9,12

get an answer Different schools will vary on whether or not they require the SSAT - a majority of them beyond Grade 5...