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ask a question Transition from Eaton Arrowsmith School to a regular private school.

get an answer There are some key tips on transitioning schools in our article on the best age to send your child to private school here: http://www.ourkids.net/school/searching-for-a-golden-age Ultimately... read more


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Decide what interests grab you and follow them where they lead you. Live in a place where you can fill your spare time with a canoe trip on the local lake, grab some friends for a quick game of touch football or go downtown with your friends. That's the boarding experience! Check it out!

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Children's House Montessori - Lasalle
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ask a question I will be moving to Toronto in January, do you have schools who specialize in certain programs such as sports or music where the curriculum is centered on those activities?

get an answer Every private or independent school if different, and one of the strongest benefits of choosing a specialized school is that...

ask a question she is an visa student

get an answer To start, you may be interested in learning more about private education in Canada here: http://www.ourkids.net/canadian-private-schools.php with additional information on...

ask a question I am transferring our son from public to private school. Is there a waiting period before he can start playing sports?

get an answer At most schools, your son should be able to join sports right away. If the season has already started and...