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ask a question Is there a specific listing of schools in the lower mainland that are focused on learning disabilities?

get an answer There are many schools available in most areas of British Columbia (indeed all of Canada). You can find a school by using the map... read more


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Blyth Academy Yorkville
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St. Michaels University School
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Chamberlain International School
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Westside Montessori School
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Wildwood Academy
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Robert Land Academy
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ask a question Looking for Spanish

get an answer To start, you may like to browse schools with Spanish instruction here: http://www.ourkids.net/spanish-programs.php - we recommend contacting the schools of...

ask a question I would like to send my son to a private High School, I have time to think about that since he is just 7 months old. But I like to plan in advance. I am originally from Montreal, and I'm fluent in French. I would like my son so speak French as well. I was considering sending him to French middle school then English HS, but I'm worried he would fall behind other kids in English. I'd like more information on bilingual schools if available.

get an answer Being bilingual is so important. If you currently live in an english speaking area (such as Toronto or Vancouver), then...

ask a question My son is 16 years old, I need your help.

get an answer

Some parents find themselves at a point one day when they have to admit that they "don't know" or...