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ask a question We are looking for a school for our daughter age 12 presently in Grade 7 who will be 14 for Grade 9. She is currently at Star Academy and has dyslexia. We are looking for a High School to accomodate her needs - in Toronto or Mississauga, Thanks Barbara Bastyr

get an answer A few schools that offer dyslexia support that you may wish to consider for your daughter include: Chisholm Academy in Oakville WillowWood School in Toronto You can... read more


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ask a question Regarding steps for english school eligibility (keeping grandfather rule)

get an answer We have some information on certificate of eligibility on our site here: http://www.ourkids.net/english-language-schools-montreal.php#cert as well as a list of English...

ask a question Transition from Eaton Arrowsmith School to a regular private school.

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ask a question What do the tuition fees cover? Will there be extra fees?

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