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ask a question Is there 1 school that offers Montessori from Grade 1 to 8 - or even to grade 12?

get an answer Many Montessori’s accept children beginning as young as nursery age and a few do have Montessori programs into high school level, but the actual age... read more


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Children's House Montessori - Lasalle
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TEAM School
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St. Michael's College School
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Clanmore Montessori School
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Forest Hill Montessori School
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Oxford Learning Academy (Private School)
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ask a question Are there any ADHD-recommended special schools?

get an answer

Sending a child with ADHD to a school that understands their learning methods can mean the difference between success and...

ask a question When do most private schools have March Break? Is it normally 2 weeks or 1 week?
Thanks! --Michelle

get an answer March Break for students varies by province, school board and individual schools. Most public schools have a 1 week March...

ask a question Apart from reading the profiles and interviewing all schools, is there a means of determining the degree to which candidate schools emphasize academics, comparing their admission criteria, and seeing their performance in standardized testing?

get an answer Comparing private and independent schools is a difficult task because you must do so against your personal criteria. What is...