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ask a question Where to find a complete list of all private schools in/near Vancouver, BC that are girls-only? We are interested in beginning grade 4 or later for our daughter who is currently in grade 2.

get an answer There are a number of all girls schools in the Vancouver area including Crofton House, York House and Little Flower Academy. There are also some... read more


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Little Scholars Montessori - Fallowfield
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Walden International School
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Holy Trinity School
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St. Michael's College School
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Wildwood Academy
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Miss Edgar's & Miss Cramp's School
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ask a question We are looking into private school because my son has cognitive delays. Are private schools even the best place for him?

get an answer One of the great benefits of private school is individualized approaches to education. With a private school that has special...

ask a question What about scholarships, bursaries, etc? Are these available for middle to lower income families?

get an answer Scholarships are based on academic and other achievements. Bursaries are available to middle and lower income families on a case...

ask a question Looking for schools geared to children with ADHD/ODD and Learning Disabilities in Written Expression and Math.

get an answer There are a number of schools that support children with special needs including ADHD and learning disabilities - you may...