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Paying for School

Details on private school costs and advice on minimizing them

Sometimes thought of as a bastion for the elite, private schooling is actually a mainstream option for enterprising families. There is a wide range for tuition at Canadian schools, and at the higher end of the tuition spectrum, schools are putting larger amounts of money towards financial aid. This is making private education more accessible to average families open to exploring the possibilities. In fact, over one-fifth of private school students in Canada come from families with household incomes of $50,000 or less.

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Tuition costs range widely depending on two essential factors: where the school is located and what type of private school it is: and itmay surprise you, in some cases.

Quite a number of schools have tuition that starts under $4,000 per year for elementary levels, while many schools fall into a range of $6,000 to $12,0... [Read More]

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Over the years mainstream film and television have helped foster a misconception about private schools: they are for the elite and rich only. While this may have been true 50 years ago, private school accessibility has improved drastically in recent years as more and more students from middle and lower class families a... [Read More]

Scholarships and financial aid: a comprehensive guide

Financial aid and scholarships can bevaluabletools inhelpingreduce the overall costs ofprivate school. The numberof awards handed outis increasing rapidly -- as are the amounts being awarded -- soprocuring financial supporteither through needs-based or merit-based opportunities should be taken seriously.... [Read More]

The tie that binds: the financial challenges of a single parent

Karen McArthur is a single mother putting her three children through private school. This is her story on why she does it, the financial challenges, and why the outcome is worth the sacrifice.

A small nail sticks out of the white wall next to Karen McArthur’s fireplace. The paint is slightly faded from where a pie... [Read More]

Private schools with financial aid

Find Financial Aid, Scholarships and Awards

Parents of children attending a private school may require financial aid to fund their children's education. When you are paying at least $5,000 for tuition or up to $40,000 for boarding school, you should look into all your options. Banks are willing to offer personal loa... [Read More]

Private school scholarships

There are numerous scholarships available to students of private schools in Canada. Numerous schools offer internal awards of course, and Our Kids provides a list, below, of private schools with scholarships. These including boarding, Montessori, gifted, IB, AP, and faith-based schools (such as Christian and Catholic s... [Read More]

Are tax breaks available for private school tuition?

While there are no explicit private school tax deductions or tax credits, there are a number of ways that parents at private schools can indirectly reduce their taxes.

​Note that scholarships and bursaries offered by private schools are tax exempt. For more information on reducing your tuition expenses through financi... [Read More]

Financial planning strategies for private school families

Planning is the key to affording education - private education at the primary, elementary or secondary level as well as university. It's never too late or too early to start.

The best thing to do is to start putting money aside as soon as possible, says Carrie Tuck, director of marketing for Elliott & Page, a To... [Read More]

Paying for School: What's included in tuition

Many independent and private schools include many services and benefits in the cost of tuition that many families are already paying for their children. By factoring in these cost savings in the price of tuition, the real costs of independent and private school may not be far from reach.Find the scholarships and financ... [Read More]

Are there

Schools are generally quite upfront about what expenses parents should expect, so parents rarely complain about "hidden fees". But you should indeed be awareof potential additional costs -- costs theannual tuition may not include.Included hereare the major ones to consider. At some schools, some of these expe... [Read More]

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