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Private School Basics

Is private schooling right for your family?

Should you send your kids to private school? And how does the private system work in Canada and the provinces?

This guide covers the basics: the debate between private and public schools, the purported benefits of private education -- and the common criticisms -- and what it’s like inside a private school community as a student, parent, and alumni.

The Gap Year

At its simplest, a gap year is a non-academic year between high school graduation and enrollment at university. It’s becoming more common, and more structured, though the vast majority of Canadian parents didn’t take a gap year. Because of that lack of first-person experience, misconceptions abound. The fea... [Read More]

Must Read: Benefits of private schools

To teach their children the necessary skills for an ever-changing world, many parents are choosing private school education. With options ranging from boarding schools to alternative schoolsto preschools, there is almost certainly a school to suit each and every child. Here are the reasons why parents are choosing to g... [Read More]

Criticisms of private education

Myth or fact? Private schools are insular places only for the privileged. If that were true, U.S. President Barack Obama, his sister Maya Soetoro-Ng, and other notable alumni who won scholarships may not have had the opportunity to get a solid private school education. With help from education experts and industry lead... [Read More]

Why do parents consider private schooling?

“The common school ideal is the source of one of the oldest educational debates … The movement in favour of greater educational choice is the source of one of the most recent”

—Rob Reich[1]

Education in public schools remainsthe dominant form of education in Canada,though given the findings of a... [Read More]

Private vs. independent schools: what's the difference?

Though often confused, independent schools and private schools are two distinct alternatives to public education.

Both address the needs of students who desire something different than what public education offers. However, there is a key difference between what institutions are designated private or independent. This d... [Read More]

Accreditation of private schools in Canada

Accreditation is important but it is not a be-all and end-all concerning whether or not a school is a "good school." Below are some important accrediting bodies for private schools in Canada and a discussion of the issue of accreditation.In Canada, private schools are accredited by bodies such as the Canadian... [Read More]

Why Canadian parents send their kids to private school

"He's a totally different person. He's into his schoolwork. It's absolutely great to see." — Father of a Grade 8 student, wrapping up his first year in private school

Every family has a different reason for considering a private school education, but nearly all agree that private schools prov... [Read More]

The changing face of private education

Education in public schools remains the dominant form of education in Canada, though given the findings of a recent study, that's changing. “The data indicates," writes Deani van Pelt, "parents are increasingly looking to independent schools for more choice in how their children are educated.”... [Read More]

Famous alumni from Canada's top private schools

There are over 15,500 elementary and secondary schools in Canada. Yet a small handful of them churn out a startling number of Canada’s cultural, political, and economic leaders.

We'll put this phenomenon in context, and listthe mostinfluential people who came of age at Canadian private schools.The connection b... [Read More]

Home school or private school?

Many parents seeking an alternative to public education for their children consider the options of homeschooling and private schools. There are several important aspects to consider before selecting what is best for your child. Here's a look at homeschooling versus private schools, the pros and cons of each option.... [Read More]

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