YMCA Summer Camps

YMCA Camps

Summer camps from a trusted name

YMCA Camps can be found across Ontario and Quebec. YMCA is the trusted name in summer camps for your children, offering a balance of affordability, fun and care. Camps have been operating in Ontario and Canda since the early 1900's.If you want to find camps, search our listings of YMCA camps now.

Most YMCA camps include a wide variety of activities like swimming, arts and crafts, canoeing, archery, wall climbing, outdoor living centres, environmental awareness education, natural arts activities and many others. YMCA camps also include specializations such as soccer camps, basketball camps, computer camps and music camps.

What you'll find at YMCA Camps
YMCA camps typically offer one week sessions but there are also two week sessions and longer. Camps will have boys' cabins and girls' cabins with activities geared to coeducational involvement. Camps are staffed by caring counselors seeking to provide a positive influence on children.

YMCA Summer Camps

Selected YMCA camps offer leadership training programs targeted at older teens.

Particular benefits of YMCA Camps

YMCA Camps have built a reputation for caring for the individual. That reputation remains well deserved today as camps inculcate leadership skills in kids, encourage cooperation and foster growth in spirituality. Like other outdoor camps, YMCA camps foster a love for and appreciation of nature.

In addition, YMCA camps encourage children to develop themselves physically, socialise with other children, grow in understanding other cultures and nationalities and adjust to large group settings. As with so many other camps, your child's experience at a YMCA camp will be remembered for a lifetime as a rich learning experience.

We list many Ontario YMCA camps along with camps from throughout Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. Search our directory of YMCA camps right here at Our Kids Go to Camp.