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Reviews of Merrick Preparatory School

Merrickville, ON  |  Grades 9 - 12  |  Shortlist


Topic: Extracurriculars

Helen Phan - Student   (Mar 10, 2022)

It's nice. I love the place because of the love, spirit, and pride I feel when I'm in the building; it feels very "homey." The school treats the students as if they're family and they always strive better for their students as they focus on developing critical thinking, enhancing our creativity and making sure no one is left out. When I'm in the classroom, the classroom environment feels very supportive, the teachers make sure to engage us and that no one is left out on classroom activities; I feel very comfortable in the class and that has made my confidence grow, which has helped me in multiple aspects of life. The school environment is no different, it's positive. With students belonging to various cultures and coming from all around the world, the school has done a good job of promoting harmony and encouraging the students to understand and respect the values of other cultures. The school also has good facilities that help students to identify their skills and work on achieving their full potential, those ranging from the sports equipment to laboratories and the overall town MPS is located in as it has a library for one example within walking distance. If I could change one thing about the school though, I would like more students and a way for day students to have wifi after hours... because I don't know how I could ever last going to the school on the weekends or afternoons of Fridays with none.

Elisa Hopkins - Student   (Feb 14, 2022)

I was awarded a scholarship to Merrick Preparatory School for Grade 9 as a day student for 2021-2022. So far, my experience has been exceptional: the teachers are involved and always available, the facilities are lovely, and there is no shortage of school and community spirit. There are plenty of opportunities within the school and local town of Merrickville to get things like volunteer hours and feel involved in the community. I like how the days are structured, especially the tumbling schedule that was implemented in semester two. There are also schedules posted all around the school, just in case you forget what day it is and what class you have next! The hot meals we get every day are also something to look forward to! The kitchen staff are lovely, and their food is just as good.

John Hopkins - Parent   (Jan 31, 2022)

As our daughter hoped, she has found that the most rewarding aspect of being at Merrick Prep is the chance to meet and to learn with students from a variety of different backgrounds. She enjoys the sharing of different viewpoints and this is easily achieved in a school with such a student makeup. Furthermore she appreciates that learning occurs in more forms and ways than direct instruction and she knows that a school such as this allows for an enriching overall experience. Our daughter likes the quality feedback that she is given following the submission and return of assignments and she is able to use this feedback to help her to go to the next level. The difficulties brought about by COVID have meant that the classes are not quite as large as she would have hoped for and some of the students are having to join the class through the online learning medium that the school offers.

Seem Pharaon - Parent   (Aug 17, 2021)

Joining Merrick Preparatory School changed my son into a responsible young man. Academically he improved so much with the small number of students it felt like one-to-one teaching. My son is so happy at MPS it’s like a 2nd family to him. He made friends with different age groups and multinational students had fun and played different sports from ice hockey to rafting...etc He worked on developing himself by listening to teachers and headmaster on ways to improve himself academically and personally. He became a more confident caring, responsible, discipline, honest, independent and mature person. MPS is a safe caring environment with strong core values supporting students all the way to university. A balanced life between fun, sports and achieving good grades and challenges. MPS was the best opportunity my son could ever get.

Juan Carlos Uscanga - Student   (Aug 17, 2021)

As an international student first arriving to Ontario, the school helped me a lot in overcoming the culture shock that comes with being a foreigner. Due to the fact that the students in the school are mainly international, you truly live the experience of meeting people all around the world. Getting to know the staff and the students and to feel comfortable with them is a must for the school, and they achieve this by having school activities throughout the school year. Out-of-school life is pretty good as well, the facility is perfectly suited for all students, the dining area is big enough for everyone, the Wi-Fi works well, the school counts with recreation areas such as a basketball court, a gym, ping pong table, etc. So you won't get bored that easily. Overall, the school exceeds in ensuring a top academic level and great social life. It is worth mentioning that for the school, responsibility is important, so, the student has to be responsible for their times, the rules and overall for their life throughout the school year.

Mustafa Tabba - Parent   (May 27, 2021)

The staff and the teachers are simply amazing. The care given to my son is second to none. The quality of education and effort given to make sure he excels is truly equivalent to what we give our child as parents. They have truly uplifted my son from an average student to one who excels in everything he does. And what is most amazing about MPS, is that he now loves academia. He thrives on working hard, doing well and keeping his teachers happy, and he truly behaves as if MPS is his second family. He also has a much more elevated degree of commitment to performing his tasks, doing his homework and assignments. He has also committed himself to his desire to impress his teachers !

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