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Choosing a School

The best private school is the one that fits your child’s needs

Picking a school for your child involves juggling competing priorities and considerations. These can range from the practical (“Is this school on my way to work? Can we afford to pay the tuition? Is after-school care provided?”) to the lofty (“Does the school reflect my family’s values and perspectives on education and child development, and fit with my child’s unique learning needs? Will this school give my child a leg up?”).

This guide helps you identify, categorize, and prioritize these considerations, and helps you maximize your time spent researching and contacting prospective schools.

Video: Choosing a School

Stuart Grainger, Trinity College School

By Glen Herbert

Stuart Grainger has been the headmaster at Trinity College since 2004, one of a long line of impressive leaders. Where the earliest head masters were very much leaders of their time (the school’s first, Charles Badgley, took boys out to dig for fossils, per the Victorian craze for natural history)... [Read More]

Why your school needs Zebra Robotics

by Glen Herbert

In June 2020 coding was introduced into the Ontario math curriculum for the first time. For a range of reasons, it understandably caused more than a few ripples in the educational community. The new math curriculum was dropped in the midst of a pandemic, with teachers at that point still getting their he... [Read More]

Finding an academic home in the online world

By Glen Herbert

“He’s a great teacher,” says Lauren Enright of her chemistry instructor, Mr. Kearney. “He makes jokes to keep the class interested and engaged. A lot of the concepts in chemistry can be a little bit tricky to wrap your mind around. He does a really good job of explaining, and clea... [Read More]

Parents' step-by-step guide to choosing the right school

Many parents face the challenge of choosing a school that's right for their child.

With so many schools offering different environments, teaching styles and philosophies, the experience can feel overwhelming. For Barbi Benjamin Levitt and Michael Levitt, the decision to move their daughter, and later their son, out... [Read More]

Questions to ask private schools

Are you considering private school for your child? If so, you’ll want to take a close look at your options.

It’s important to visit many different schools and talk with school officials, such as directors, teachers, and other staff. You’ll want to ask them plenty of questions, to help you find the righ... [Read More]

Must Read: Five steps to choosing the perfect school

Searching for the right school is not a sprint; it’s a marathon, requiring committed preparation. Luckily, parents are not alone. Follow this guide, step by step. And if the road gets rocky, keep your eye on the finish line—your child’s future.While finding the right house is all about location, locat... [Read More]

Five tips to finding the right school

Many families in Canada are turning to private and independent education. With so many options to choosefrom, this decision can be overwhelming. Here we provide you with our core advice on finding the right school for your child, in the form of five tips.To learn more about choosing a school, read our expert advice gui... [Read More]

Choosing a school: expert insights

Choosing a school for your child is a big decision. On OurKids.net, we provide all the information you need on this decision. We also bring experts to you at our annual fall private school expos.If you've shortlisted and are calling/visiting schools now, be sure to read thesequestions to ask private schools.... [Read More]

Choosing a school: parent interviews

Choosing a school for your child is a big decision. On OurKids.net, we provide all the information you need on this decision. We also cover related topics such as private school expos and questions to ask private schools.... [Read More]

Private school expos

The private school expos are far and away the highlight of our year, a welcome opportunity to step away from the office and engage with the people—educators, parents, students—who make private schooling so compelling. We think we live in a connected world, and perhaps we do. Still, the expos are a reminder... [Read More]

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