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REVIEW OF Merrick Preparatory School BY parent, Seem Pharaon

  • Date of Review
    August 17, 2021
  • Grades
    Gr. 11 - Gr. 12

(5) Student Experience

Joining Merrick Preparatory School changed my son into a responsible young man. Academically he improved so much with the small number of students it felt like one-to-one teaching. My son is so happy at MPS it’s like a 2nd family to him. He made friends with different age groups and multinational students had fun and played different sports from ice hockey to rafting...etc He worked on developing himself by listening to teachers and headmaster on ways to improve himself academically and personally. He became a more confident caring, responsible, discipline, honest, independent and mature person. MPS is a safe caring environment with strong core values supporting students all the way to university. A balanced life between fun, sports and achieving good grades and challenges. MPS was the best opportunity my son could ever get.

(5) School Leadership

The headmaster plays an excellent role in leading the school and mentoring the students towards their best achievements. He listens to both parent and student, deals with issues and problems in an effective, positive, fair way. Follow up with students and teachers, encourage students and provide guidance. it is a positive environment to learn and succeed. Both discipline and fun are achieved at MPS thanks to their leadership. At MPS they are like a big happy family. Both discipline and fun are achieved at MPS thanks to their leadership. At MPS they are like a big happy family.

(5) Teaching

Teachers at MPS are all knowledgeable, passionate, friendly, experienced and have the techniques to provide teaching in a very effective, unique and excellent way. They follow up with students and guide them to achieve their best. They provide an excellent learning experience my son has enjoyed learning and improved in all subjects they even prepare them to universities. My son writing skills, searching and presenting skills are all excelling thanks to their support and ongoing monitoring. They support my son and encourage him to reach out for help and ask questions for a better understanding and knowledge. Teachers provide a challenging friendly environment for students to do their best. I am so happy about the quality of education my son is getting at MPS. Thanks to all the teachers for their amazing job!!

(5) Academics

The school is so strong academically and professional; they prepare the students for life ahead. My son has so much improved at all skills. They prepare them through assignments, presentations, experiments, researches quizzes and exams. The students don’t need extra help from outside you can rely completely on the school teachers to achieve the best. They challenge them, guide them and push them to do their best and achieve higher scores. Still, they care a lot about their students it’s the best atmosphere for students to gain confidence and learn. It wasn’t an easy program for my son but he did his best and learned from his mistakes and in the end he achieved what he was hoping for and got accepted to the university he wished for.

(5) Extracurriculars

In education, they always relate to real-life experiences. My son had the opportunity to participate in the Model United Nations in Toronto it was an amazing experience to him. He had the opportunity to do volunteer hours. There is a good balance between learning and fun games and activities and sports. All these helped my son to develop and mature.

(5) Students

What I like in MPS is the class size is small the teaching becomes more like one-to-one teaching and the students are like brothers and sisters. Students from different countries and different cultures become United at MPS. No bullying or hate just love and respect for one another. They develop a strong bond between each other and teachers and the headmaster like a big family. It is a challenging, healthy and fun environment. My son has developed good socializing skills with discipline and respect for others. Even during the pandemic Students kept in contact with each other in a group online call laughing and having fun after school hours. Now my son has friends from different parts of the world sharing different experiences and cultures.

(5) School Life

My son loved going to MPS before the pandemic he had fun and made friends, played games and sports and still with an excellent education. Each student had a roommate, my son shared his room with a younger student he felt he was like a mentor to him or his bigger brother and he made him lose his fear and feel at home. My son has an allergy to all dairy products they made sure to cook what is suitable for him. They had a nice game and TV room to hang out on breaks. They try to teach students time management so they can study and have fun too. The experience he got is priceless, he got wiser, more confident, dependent and ready for his next step to university.

(5) Community

The school keeps communication with parents on a weekly basis for updates on students' progress. They also discuss concerns and work with parents towards solving them before evolving into a more serious matter. After the pandemic, the online learning was excellent my son had quality synchronous learning. In small classes, all students are forced to engage and participate in classes and live online class teaching if my son was late or absent I would be directly informed by email. The class is video recorded. The students can re-watch lessons if they need some more time to process. And during office hours they can ask for teacher support if needed. At MPS you get international education with students from around the globe and gain entry into world-ranked universities.

(5) School Location

It’s a safe, quiet and small neighborhood not far away from Ottawa, with beautiful scenery it’s just perfect. The school overlooks the scenic Rideau Canal. It’s the safest, caring community you can ever think of. As a boarding school, my son feels at home with the support of all teachers and administrators. It’s just an amazing school.

(5) Admissions

We got a smooth easy admission process both parents and student were interviewed online and my son had an evaluation test he had to complete then he had a long friendly conversation with the headmaster . After our meeting I felt it was the right choice for my son and I had the recommendation of other parents to the school. the students are selected to a specific criteria and that is to ensure it’s all up to standard , at the end both parents and school will work as a team towards the benefit and support of the students. I don’t think I would change anything about the admission process I was happy about it and all was explained very well during our meeting with the headmaster.

(5) University placement and counselling

The school provides a good counselor that understands exactly the procedures and provides excellent advice and support towards choosing a university and program and apply successfully to it. My son was not sure of what program of study he wants to study at the university but he had all the support to reach a decision he is happy about. They provide all the guidance the student needs to choose a path and work towards it. The school Counsellor helped my son to apply early to a couple of universities and follow up with them on answering their requirements and he received many offers from top universities in Canada, one of them is the university he dreamed of, thanks to the amazing Counsellor and her support all the way.


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