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REVIEW OF Merrick Preparatory School BY student, Suzan Aljasem

  • Date of Review
    November 27, 2023
  • Grades
    Gr. 10 - Gr. 11 (current)
  • Gender
  • Enrollment
    Boarding Student

(5) Student Experience

As a student at Merrick Prep for a year and almost a half, I do like it, and it kind of feels like home by now. Since it is an international school I got to know a lot about different cultures around the world, we respect each other's cultures beliefs, and ways of thinking which is what makes our school unique and diverse. I wish I took an ESL class at the very beginning. I don't think I want to make lots of changes in the school in general, just a little bit in the weekend activities which I joined the student council for and I think my friend Jenny will do a good job working together to come up with fun and enjoyable activities!

(5) School Leadership

Personally, I respect all teachers and the headmaster in addition to the staff and friends. The headmaster is one of the best I have met as last time I was in Lebanon and our headmaster was not the best. The teachers are the supporters and they help explain and make it easy to understand the language and the course, plus I really like the feedback they give which in my case was helpful to improve. Everyone in the school either a teacher staff or student they are the absolute best.

(4.5) Teaching

At some point we would have a lot to do for each class but also on some other days there is not much to do so I see some kind of balance but definitely not all the days. I can feel what teachers expect from me in each class as I am a hyper student in class and share my ideas most of the time to show my understanding. I think when teachers talk about success they will for sure imagine me to be successful as I care about school, homework, assignments, tests, and my grades because I have a goal that is waiting for me to achieve it! they can see that in my words and my reactions when I get a 'bad' mark on a test. I always think my teachers wish me to be successful and keep improving.

(4) Academics

As mentioned in the last answer sometimes we have a lot to do and sometimes not much so I think on a scale of ten the school work they give hard I will say 7 like not really easy and not really hard. The first year used to be really hard since my English was not that good and the program was new to me, like the Ontario curriculum, in general, was new and not easy but by now as I was in the school for a year and a half I think I am used to the program and the work the teachers give. Also, the relationship I make with teachers and friends is helpful if there is something challenging they all will be happy to help.

(4) Extracurriculars

I am not a person who really enjoys co-curriculars but I still think and believe they are good for us as boarding students mostly since after school we would be lying down and scrolling on our screens. I think the best co-curriculars in our school are useful and helpful for building skills in everyday life. because I don't have any ideas about what might we have as a fun and enjoyable cocurricular I wouldn't say anything about what the school should offer.

(4) Students

The students in our school are the best as everyone comes from a different country, different culture and have different ways of thinking. They are creative funny, heartwarming, nice, respectful, and always try their best to help if someone needs help. It feels like we are a family and always stand for each other as if we were siblings. I love all the students but there are some who are close to me and we hang out a lot together so I think students are my community in the school and I feel relaxed and comfortable being around them. I think everyone feels included since when we have new students coming we make sure to welcome them and try to teach them to settle and make them feel included and comfortable.

(5) School Life

If I had to take visitors on a tour of our school I would take them to the snack bar first as this is the place or the area we spend most of our time in, eating, having conversations, watching TV and making jokes. We meet there almost every day after school, after dinner, and after study hall, it is the place where everyone will feel comfortable not thinking about anything just talking to each other, having jokes and laughing. I also like how we always decorate the snack bar when we have different celebrations from different cultures, as an example in Ramadan 'the holly month in Islam' when we fast, they decorate and make it feel like home and when it is Christmas for Christian people we decorate a tree, as we always decorate together we enjoy these moments to learn something new about a different culture.

(4.5) Community

I really like my home where I celebrate and spend time with my family, and Merrick Prep started to feel like home since I was there for a long time. People are nice from the headmaster to teachers, staff and students, we treat each other nicely and are respectful to each other and we have some roles and red lines that we don't cross similar to the roles we have in my family. My roommate is one of the best, we spend a lot of time with each other and teach each other a lot of things, I am by her side and she is by my side when we need each other, when I miss my sisters she is always around. So yes it does feel like a home by now!

(4.5) School Location

Merrickville is a little quiet town with lots of heartwarming people so going out is something I should do more often. I do go sometimes to the library to get some books or go for a little walk to the beach and sometimes I just go out downtown to buy snacks, and some other times I invite my friends to eat ice cream as they also invite me to spend time outside, have fun, and eat something.

(4.5) Admissions

The admission process went smoothly and easily because people were nice and went with me through a few online interviews and the process was done fast. I would advise students who are planning on applying for admission to not be scared or nervous because it will go smoothly and fast as my experience with the applications went well. When I did the online interview the lady was nice and we talked about school and the program, she showed me pictures of the building and she tried as much as possible to speak slowly so I got what she meant because my English was not strong. It was kind of fun to apply and having conversations with people helped me understand where I am going and how it will go.


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