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REVIEW OF Academie Providence BY parent, Alba M Pascual

  • Date of Review
    March 27, 2024
  • Child 1
    Gr. 5 - Gr. 7 (Female, Current Day Student)
  • Child 2
    Gr. 3 - Gr. 5 (Female, Current Day Student)
  • Child 3
    Gr. 7 - Gr. 8 (Female, Day Student)

(5) Student Experience

Our children arrived during Covid, after a year of homeschooling. They were a bit behind but the teachers helped them get up to speed. The teachers and principal took a personal interest in helping our children catch up. One of them lost a year during Covid, and she was able to work really hard with the help of the school and teachers, and get back to the year that she was supposed to be in. They like the kids, the small classrooms, relationship with teachers and administration. They are disappointed the school does not go beyond Gr. 8. The child who has already graduated from Providence has kept in touch with most of her classmates. They still meet occasionally for special events when time permits.

(4.5) School Leadership

The administration works as a team. They deal with issues appropriately and quickly with positive solutions. They do not let issues linger. Communication with parents is effective and timely, always in English and French when sending written notes. They do not hesitate to phone parents whenever the need arises. Teachers are available to talk with the parents. When a parent wants to talk with a teacher, the teacher makes herself available. Discipline is well handled, but parents do not always follow through with the rules.

(4) Teaching

Teachers are well-formed with the French curriculum, which is very strong academically. It is very strong in English, French, Math and Science. I am very happy with the quality of instruction. Teachers do not let issues pass without addressing them with the parents. Communication with the administration is positive. Teachers are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects and go above and beyond to supplement with extracurricular activities and materials. They communicate effectively and in a timely manner with parents, looking for solutions to issues. I feel my children receive both the challenges and support that they require. Students work hard at school and at home. Students have homework that helps them deepen what they learned at school. Teachers make sure homework is done.

(4.5) Academics

The school follows the French program established by the Ministry of Education of France. The program is advanced and academic and much more advanced than the program in public schools. The academic culture fostered by the school is a culture of excellence and strength. Our child who is now in Gr. 9 was the only one in her class who had seen certain concepts of Math and Science before Gr. 9. She had done grades 7 and 8 at the Academie Providence. I feel that the academic program at Academie Providence will certainly prepare our children for life's next steps. They will be ready to go into STEM if they so wish. Their language skills improved greatly at the school. They are able to express themselves in English and in French fluently.

(5) Extracurriculars

We arrived during Covid, when there were no extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities have resumed this school year and we are happy with the extracurricular activities our children currently have at the school. The activities are rich culturally (visits to Embassies, museums,...), academically (Science Fair, spelling bee) and sportswise (sports tournaments with other schools). They also have the opportunity to have music lessons, and learn other languages such as Arabic and Spanish.

(4.5) Students

The student body and size is just right for us, not too big and not too small. Students know each other and their siblings. Students interact well and respect each other. Most students are Christian; Orthodox or Catholic. Many of the students began attending the school in Kindergarden, which means they know each other well, their parents know each other, and the school is an extension of their families. This has a positive effect on the ambiance and general atmosphere of the student body. As far as I know, there are no conflicts among students at Academie Providence. They get along well. Our kids look forward to going back to school to see their friends and teachers after long weekends and holidays. Everybody seems happy to see each other and catch up with the latest news.

(4.5) School Life

Each class is like a family. Class size varies but is generally smaller than in public schools. Students are encouraged to respect and help each other and practice virtues. The quality of student life is enhanced by the fact that it is also a Catholic school that fosters Catholic values. The school has grown so much that one thing that could improve the quality of life of its students is to increase the physical size of the school. A gymnasium would be great also. For the moment, the space that is being used for sports during the winter is also used for other activities. It would be ideal if the school could stay in the same location, but expand upwards by building more floors. Buying more houses around the main building would also help with the space.

(5) Community

Parents belong to different committees and WhatsApp groups. They interact a lot among themselves. The administration encourages parents to get involved in school life, whether it is volunteering in different activities such as outings, or reading to classes. Reading is very much a priority at the school, and parents are encouraged to participate with the students in activities involving reading. Parents are very involved in the organization of activities. There are different parent committees where parents provide feedback and organize events and activities. The administration and the parents meet online for different activities and committees. Because parents have to pick up their children at school (there are no school buses), they are familiar with other parents and many develop friendships, which has a very positive effect on the community.

(4.5) School Location

The school is more of an island. Students do not venture beyond the school grounds. We like this. The school is located in a residential area and is sorrounded by houses and a church on one side of the school. There is no interaction between the students and the neighbouring houses. Pastoral activities take place at the Catholic church next door.

(5) Admissions

Advice: brush up on your child's French. It is a very important skill to have at the school. We had an interview with the principal on Zoom and the girls had to go to the school to write an exam so that the administration could gauge their level. They found the exam difficult, and one of them had to repeat the year. She worked hard with her teachers over the year and the following summer to catch up and skip a year in order to get back to her year. I would not change anything about the admissions process.


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