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REVIEW OF Aurora Preparatory Academy BY parent, Tunde Nyarfadi

  • Date of Review
    February 21, 2019
  • Grades
    Gr. 4 - Gr. 4

(5) Student Experience

Aurora Preparatory Academy is a happy place. Making this change for my son was one of the best decisions we made. The principals and the teachers created a joyful and safe environment for the children. All the staff is very welcoming. My son is excited and looking forward to each and every day at school. His fellow students and friends are kind, caring individuals, which makes his days at APA great. He is not worried about going to school, he never complains about the children, they are all happy together. He likes wearing his uniform but he loves the monthly casual dress days. My son loves the fact that they are actually learning at this school and taking academics seriously, weather it is art, music, language or science. He himself noticed his improvements in many little ways that made a huge difference in his confidence that shows through his work, marks, and mood. There is no stress or anxiety, only encouraging conversations, that stimulate curiosity and sparks the imagination. My son loves everything the school offers.

(5) School Leadership

Great school leaders know they have to work as a team. At APA the principals empower teachers. They encourage and motivate. They all work together. They respond to problems timely and appropriately, fostering a positive school environment. Rules and expectations of students and staff are clear. The school communicates effectively and clearly with students and parents in any matter, and fairly. Everyone is cooperative, respectful, and helpful towards teachers, peers and parents. We can not be happier how well everone is treated.

(5) Teaching

The teachers are passionate at APA and have a contagious energy that reflects in students' performances. The teachers are knowledgeable, and they work on individual levels with the students if it is necessary. Every student learning skills are evaluated and they all get the appropriate help. They encourage risk-taking while creating a supportive environment that rewards not just successful ideas or initiatives but effort as well, no matter the outcome. Constructive feedback is always provided. My son's report card was well-written, it almost felt like a letter telling us about his school life. It felt very personal compared to the cookie cutter report card of the public system. We were taken aback the way my son's teacher composed the feedback. I feel my child receives appropriate and required academic challenges and support from the school.

(5) Academics

The school is academically challenging for my son in a positive way. We see his confidence soaring, he is gaining knowledge in every subject. There are appropriate and balanced learning activities inside and outside of the classroom. We can easily follow the curriculum through my son's everyday work that he brings home from school and his test. We have discussions everyday about what he is learning, what he is working on. I am ecstatic to see how motivated and keen he is to learn, not just what is in the curriculum, but about what goes on around the World. They are not only focusing on the academics, but schools is also giving special importance to making sure that the children learn to become caring, kind humans beings through charity initiatives that APA supports.

(5) Extracurriculars

Aurora Preparatory Academy provides in each term of the academic year many different extracurricular opportunities, after school clubs for all students. For instance, chess, quite study, dodgeball, creative stem minds club, recycled art club, basketball, soccer just to name a few. My son really enjoys the after school clubs, where he also get to socialize and learn to work together in a fun atmosphere. APA is a member of the SSAF (Small School’s Athletic Federation), providing the students with many opportunities to compete with similarly-sized schools in a variety of team games, including: volleyball, basketball, soccer, ball hockey, track and field, cross-country, softball and golf. We're new to the school this year. My son was on the U10 Basketball team and it was a fantastic experience for him and all the team members. APA helps the students to become well rounded people through sports, extracurricular activities as well as academically. APA encourages and supports students in every aspect.

(5) Students

Aurora Prep is not a big school but this is what we love about it. My son knows almost all the students, whether they are in kindergarten or grade 8. All the students have their recesses together. Young and older students all play together, they do not get segregated which teaches them to be kind, patient, supportive, and empathetic towards each other. My son never interacted with the lower grade students at his previous school at recess, therefore it was not cool to be seen with the little ones. At APA he was shown it is ok and expected to be with everyone through learning and play. The entire school feels like a big family, it is a great community. The atmosphere of the student body is joyful, fearless, humble and honest.

(5) School Life

My son absolutely loves Aurora Preparatory Academy, and he would not change to a different school. He enjoys spending time with his new friends, and to my surprise he really loves the academic learning experiences at APA. He mentions to me frequently: " Mom, we are actually learning things here." Having a child who loves to go to school to learn where he is surrounded by like-minded kind children and supportive staff means a lot to me as a parent. The schools has something fun planned for the students all the time. My son looks forward to going to school, instead of being nervous about it. I only have good things to say about Aurora Prep's school life so far. We hope the staff keeps up the amazing work they are doing.

(5) Community

My son joined Aurora Preparatory Academy this school year. Based on our experience the community is amazing. The school organizes breakfasts - the staff makes pancake breakfast a few times a year for the school community - assembly mornings, Christmas sales, concerts, family ski days, where the parents have the opportunity to get to know one and other. I already had the pleasure of meeting many amazing parents at these fun events, and through volunteering opportunities. A good number of parents volunteer on regular basis helping with events, or just assisting the students on their annual skating and swimming trips which is part of the curriculum, to the nearby community centre. Moms reach out to one another to help out, or just to get together for a coffee.

(5) School Location

For us, Aurora Preparatory Academy is very conveniently located. It is just a short walking distance form a community centre, where the students go to skate and swim as part of the curriculum. The school has a small fenced play area. I am not sure if they go to the near by public park when weather permits, but they definetly have the opportunity if they want to do so.


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