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REVIEW OF Aurora Preparatory Academy BY parent, Sharron Robert

  • Date of Review
    March 19, 2019
  • Grades
    Gr. 6 - Gr. 8

(5) Student Experience

It is my sincere hope that other parents with a child that has had difficulties in school due to being diagnosed with an LD and having an IEP find that there is help. The help is APA! The school is small with the biggest heart. This is a school that really, really cares about their students (family) and it is just that amazing atmosphere that brought my daughter out of sadness, anxiety, withdrawal and failing grade 6 to flourishing in grade 7 and 8. When you see your child cry morning and night scared to go to school a parent can feel as I did...helpless! The public school next to us was not set up for my daughters LD and could not say for sure that she would pass the year because of her grades and IEP requirements. This is when I spoke with the Principals at APA and never felt more confident in my daughters education than after that meeting. It was a done deal after we had our “trial day”. I have to say as a single Mom it was the scariest thing I have ever done to pull her out of the school system and pay for Private School. But It was the BEST thing that I have done for my daughter and I would without a question of a doubt do it all over again after seeing who my daughter is today. It is without a question in my mind because of the dedication and commitment from EVERYONE at APA.

(5) School Leadership

My daughter before she joined APA was scared to play sports, enter talent shows, play an instrument. This all changed for her after she was in the right atmosphere of care, guidance and amazing dedicated teachers and Principals. My daughter learned to read music, was in the school band at APA, was part of the volleyball and basketball team as well as in the school play. Now this all after being too afraid to do any of these at the end of grade 6 when I moved her. She is now in the school of the arts with her confidence flying high because of the dedication of an amazing school like APA.

(4.5) Teaching

The teachers are above and beyond the call of duty in my experience. My daughter went from being terrified to go to school to in only two months loving school and wanting to learn. She actually wanted to do homework again! A private school was all new to her to make sure her uniform was in perfect order and the code was followed. This was a big change for her especially when she was already dealing with leaving all her friends at her old school. But my daughter embraced the uniform and was very proud to wear it out in public and her new school gave her a new appreciation of responsibility and a new found love of her academics. As a parent to see your child excel like this in only a few months is beyond words for me.

(4.5) Academics

I have to say that the academic program at APA is certainly one that has given my daughter her love of learning after it was so lost from her previous school. She started APA at the end of grade 6 and has “sky rocketed” since- to a child that loves to learn and is taking responsibility for her learning. APA gave my daughter that confidence. The only problem that the children and parents have is that APA only teaches to grade 8. Not one child OR parent wants to leave the school. What does that say in and of itself? My daughter was afraid of going to school until I enrolled her in APA and after I made the decision to put her in private school ....the change in my daughter was incredible! She has now become a child that loves school, loves her academics and has many friends and will accomplish her dream when she felt AND was told her dreams will not be possible for her. APA reassured her that her dreams are possible.

(4.5) Extracurriculars

In my heart I know that Aurora prep academy has given my daughter LIFE that she didn’t experience in the Catholic school system. My daughter never wanted to play sports, or try for the talent shows she would always come home feeling bad saying she is not good enough. THE extracurricular activities at APA are amazing and have really brought out the best in my daughter to spend time with her new friends and teachers.

(4.5) Students

The students were what has made my daughter feel so welcome. Of course the amazing teachers but the fact is that the teachers do a wonderful job with their students to make my daughter feel welcome from the very first day. After the first two days of removing my daughter from the catholic school system and enrolling her in APA she excelled AND her personality and love for academics was flourishing. My daughter has met her lifelong friends because of the dedication of APA and the showing and acknowledging each other’s strengths and special gifts. APA has made it clear that everyone fits in and they all support each other. The dedication to this very important part of a child’s learning is what separates APA miles away from any other school in my opinion.

(4.5) School Life

Without a question APA has helped my daughter not only grow leaps and bounds in academics but her social skills, participation and in sports has been astonishing from where she was in her old school. This is all in part from the Principals, the dedicated teachers, the sports coaches that give and give and keep giving the kids a chance to participate in the school tournaments. It is a lot of work for such a small school to be a part of these tournaments but they do it. And in doing that that give their students the best of the best foot forward, learn sportsmanship and experiencing being part of the team. My daughter experienced more at APA in two months than she did in 6 years in public school system.

(5) Community

From the moment my daughter started at APA we felt like we were part of one big family. I have never felt that way in any school my daughter was in. My daughter felt the same and this closeness really brought out the very best in her. Her confidence and grades really showed that this is exactly what she needed. She never felt out of place and was never again shy to ask questions for fear of being centered out. That just doesn't happen at APA! My daughter felt so safe and it showed in her grades. She is in Grade 9 now at a public school (school of the arts) and she was accepted into this school because of the dedication of APA that gave her the confidence to try sports, theatre, music, art. APA gave her the opportunity to try everything. This gave her the confidence to try out for Theatre school. My daughter loved being part of the amazing plays that Aurora Prep put on at the end of the year. They are truly something you must see. So much hard work go into putting on this world class performance and such a sense of accomplishment for the children. The school does this for the children. It is a lot of work but they pull it off with grace like there is nothing to it. Just another little bonus and something else to look forward to when you join APA.

(5) School Location

The kids are so busy each and every day from all the extracurricular activities that APA has for them. They have something for everyone for the after school activities. My daughter loved staying and playing guitar and dodge ball and making bracelets and even some quiet time to finish her homework She loved staying at the school after the day was done. That has to tell you something right there. The school was always planning wonderful outings for the kids and giving them a chance to experience going to Toronto for the day to see a theatre show to Wonderland to Vollyball Camp. The list goes on and on.

(5) Admissions

My experience was amazing with deciding on enrolling my daughter and I was also pretty emotional because the bad experience she had in her old school. APA gave both of us all the time we needed to make the move over and it was a difficult one for me. APA made is very easy through such an emotional time. My daughter was so happy after the trial day that I was in tears seeing how happy she was. She had no questions about leaving all of her friends at the old school who she would miss very much. She had her mind set that APA was the school for her. She begged me to let her stay. Well what could I do but let her stay and it was the best decision I ever made. My daughter is now flourishing in grade 9 and receiving amazing grades because APA made her ready for the challenges in high school. She was totally prepared thanks to APA.


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