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REVIEW OF Aurora Preparatory Academy BY student, François LeFantôme

  • Date of Review
    November 06, 2018
  • Grades
    Gr. 6 - Gr. 7

(5) Student Experience

I absolutely love Aurora Prep! It is a bit small but it comes with plenty of charm and smiles. It has small classes so you'd get so much attention and help if you beed. I am a gifted student and love it because of the small classes. I came in Grade six after a very large move from the US and this school took me in with a smile and great attitude! The uniforms make me and my brothers look very professional. Also the teachers are great, they are kind nice and supportive of you no matter what. This school is part of the SSAF and have many sporting teams for athletes. I love this school so much, I went from a big city rough area, kid who hated school, to a smart, professional, and kid who loves waking up in the morning to go to school, thanks Aurora Preparatory Academy!

(4.5) School Leadership

Our two principals, Mrs. Vissers and Mr. Consentino are the greatest. They are strict but in a good way and have a perfect balance of fun and freedom. The teachers are great. One thing they are very good at is having an amazing relationship with the students here, we talk about personal matter without even realizing it, thats how close I am with my teachers. I adore that type of relationship and think it will benefit me in the future to help learn how to respect adults and elders.

(5) Teaching

I think the teachers are the greatest part about this school. When I moved to Canada I had one very special teacher called Mr. Page who made sure I felt welcome in every which way, still to this day every morning before homeroom I head over, for a couple of minutes, and chat with him. I know that he expects the most out of me and I know he is supporting me the whole way. All the teachers here expect a lot and know just what we can achieve and give us that push to go out there and get it. They give us many life lessons and talk about successful people and help us achieve more. Thank you Mr. Page for helping me achieve my goals, you support me, and help me in every way.

(4) Academics

I personally believe the work is easy, however there is an average amount. I think that in certain subject we will use it later in life, but other things not. I will say they have all the curriculums up to date and care a lot about our education. Honestly I enjoy the work, its fun and simple, also help is always available. Lessons are extensive and always have all the things that we need to succeed and complete the following lesson/worksheet. The projects and assignments we do are fun and are usually hand-on. They help me learn about my surroundings and community here.

(5) Extracurriculars

I do take part in many extracurricular activities here. I love being a part of the team because win or lose everyone is always cheering and being super supportive of one another. Think that everyone definitely has enough to do here- there are so many activities and teams. There are many after school clubs that are fun and a very own age ranges it is always fun to stay after school to have an club. Our coach, is also the best.

(4.5) Students

If I honestly had to describe this schools students it would be good and good. It feels like a town, mostly with everyone being friends, no bullies, no outsiders, however there is what i would call in-groups. Theres the popular 7/8 boys, then the cool 8-6 girls, then the nerds, then the younger kids. None if them are bullied actually we are all friends, but yes there still is a bit of contests. Of course we aren’t all that we also see how nice a person is how caring and compassionate they are too, but that’s basically our scale.

(4.5) School Life

When I am selected to take students on a tour, theres always one place I go, our lounge. Its nice, comfy, relaxing, and the centre of our APA community. If there’s a sporting event in the gym you can watch from the windows. If you’re staying after school and at work you can lay on the couch and relax while walking. If you want to grab a book we have many many books there too. Our lounge is the centre of our school and the centre of our amazing community. I love it there and think its an amazing addition to the school here. Its a fantastic place I love to go.

(5) Community

The school does feel like a home for me. From the teachers, the students, to the administrators at all, I love the nice family we have here we all treat each other like brothers and sisters and treat this place like a second home. We stick up for each other and have their back, the people we meet here are life long friends we will carry out through high school. We hold events and celebrate each others positive behaviour which i love. The Aurora Prep family is one of the strongest families I know.

(4) School Location

When you say stay on the campus throughout the day. But for breaks we tend to head out to the field very large and very nice I enjoyed going there. We sometimes go on walks, and various fun and entertaining field trips. For our clubs we usually head to a park or field, but other than that we tend to stay on our school campus all day.

(4) Admissions

I barely recall my admission experience, I do know how nice our principles were. They greeted us with a smile, and enjoyed every minute of our company. They cracked a lot of jokes, and made the process very easy and fun. Told me many facts about themselves and details about our school. I absolutely loved the process, it only took about a day or two which was great.


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